• Inspector Megure: *arrive at a crime scene, see a dead body and start looking around* So where is he?
  • Random police officer: Where is who?
  • Inspector Megure: Edogawa Conan. If there is a dead body, he is bound to be around here somewhere.
  • Random police officer: Is this Conan person a potential suspect?
  • Inspector Megure: No. He is a 6 year old kid.
  • Random police officer: Why would a 6 year old kid be at a crime scene?
  • Inspector Megure: You'd be surprised. I'm working under the theory he is either an actual angel of death in human form sent to punish me for some pass transgression. Or the most prolific serial killer Japan has ever seen.
  • Random police officer: Inspector?
  • Megure: *sigh* Nevermind. What do you have?
  • Suddenly from just off scene: Arere?
  • Me: *talks about Fandom A for hours*
  • Other Person: Can we talk about something different?
  • Me: Ok. *starts talking about Fandom B*

Finally finished these! :D I’m very proud of this omg,, I hope you guys like it! 
This would be for the wings!AU I came to love and as much as I’d love to write something for it I’m not very confident with my writing ): I’d be sure to draw lots for this AU though! 

Instead of Kaito getting wings + cape, I decided to change to change it to a wing-like cape because well —a cape could be a real problem when it comes to flight LOL. 

(please DO NOT repost/edit/trace/use/etc. my art without permission, thank you!)