Detective Conan Countdown to Heaven Manga [English Typeset Translation]
  • Ripping from Sunday Webry: Me (Yunnie)
  • Translation: Me (Yunnie)
  • Typesetting&Editing: The Watchful Gent (aka my DC translation partner and good pal)
  • Cleaning: Kumanzzz 
  • Redrawing: Goki408

Surprise! We are releasing typeset version =) It was Gent’s suggestion and he did his best! 

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[SRTP] Kudo Shinichi and Ran-chan that became small

This one has a lot of cute text-less fanart, so I recommend to watch the source link wholly =)



  • R: P-put me down, Shinichi!
  • S: No way <3
  • S: And I’ll drop you if you’ll struggle~
  • R: !!!
  • S: Cute…


  • S: A. Ran.
  • R: Treating me like a child?
  • S: Ba…

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In which Ran catches Shinichi slip into Conan-kun mode unintentionally.

Which is very often.

And she teases him for it.


They had curry for dinner anyway.

(read from right to left)

[SRTP] Shinichi//Conan/Ran Pixiv Compilation 6 [megro]

Got some free time for a translation batch. SRTP continues~ 

NEW translations included!



  • R: W… What should I do?
  • C: ? What happened, Ran-nee-chan?
  • R: You see, Sonoko said…

  • Sonoko: Shinichi-kun doesn’t understand them, right? Ran’s feelings.
  • Sonoko: Don’t you think that he confessed thinking he has no chances for success?

  • R: What should I do…

  • C: E-err…
  • C: Ba-ro! It’s not like I even thought about such things at that time!

  • R: This is what’s called ‘long-distance relationship’, right?
  • C: Yeah…
  • C: In reality it’s reeeally short-distance relationship though…

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Two different HD versions of the promo cover for Detective Conan Episode One: The Shrunken Detective, a 2-hour special, retelling the first chapter of Detective Conan, with new animation and some new scenes never seen before.

The production is undert complete supervision of Gosho Aoyama himself.

No airing date yet but a preview teaser is due to air on September 17th.