Jonna underrated Adlerteg (SWE) UB EF @ Cottbus World Cup 2015

D: 6.3

maristine asked:

Ok, so, Soul Eater AU. I got three things: 1. About the whole who's Medusa, who's Stein, etc, I think it would be a better idea to focus on their positions instead, since, lets face it, the haikyuu characters just don't match up to the characters in Soul Eater. Ex: Instead of who's Stein, let's say who's a teacher (or crazy teacher or something like that), and instead of who's Medusa, then who's the antagonist? (This isn't to say you can't fill in roles. Bokuto as Black Star is great) (part 1/3)

2. If we need antagonists, then what about this: Ushijima is a witch that’s (maybe because of some madness?) is convinced that the witches only will get peace when every meister and weapon is dead. Yaku is his right hand man with Lev as his familiar. Lev, however, befriends Hinata and doesn’t want to be a part of this “kill all meisters and weapons” thing. He then slowly manages to convice Yaku betray Ushijima and they become allies of Hinata and the rest :-D (part 2/3)
3. This is about the whole Yamaguchi dilemma. What about this scenario: Yama isn’t very good at soul resonance, while Tsukki surprisingly is. Akiteru hasn’t been able to find a meister because he also sucks at soul ressonance. Now, Tsukki and Aki can be used alone but they become a lot stronger together. Yama is working really hard on his soul resonance to be better at using Tsukki, but since Aki’s and Tsukki’s relationship has been repairing, he’s been working to be able to use both of them 3/3


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tbh, the controls for this game were pretty CRUMBY and the developers may seem rather low-BREAD because of it, but there’s no KNEAD to be RYE and SOUR, DOUGH. It could be BUTTER, but there’s really no need to get your PRETZELS in a TWIST about it. =u=

Also, i couldn’t wait a WHOLE WHEAT to post these markidoodles. i hope my followers won’t be LEAVEN me because of the puns, though …. i mean, not to blow my own CRUMPET or anything, but these puns are really great! i know they might give some people a miGRAIN though. eh. c’est la vie. no matter how you SLICE it, i still have grade a humor.