Aw yea, now we’re feelin’ it. Warmed up, gettin’ in a groove. 

700 followers, guys! Thank you, every one of you, so much for the likes, the questions, the follows, the fan mail and for sharing your awesome art with me as well! Art is a difficult path to follow as I’m sure many of you can relate. When frustration and low points hit you guys are always there to pick me up, offer support, and most importantly, inspire. 

Showing no signs of stopping, meisterMASH is going to continue to be the place to check regularly for cool new fan art, flashy illustrations, fun silly animation and just as much general awesomeness that I can muster.

Spread the word! The more the merrier. If you’re enjoying what you’ve seen so far recommend the blog to one friend. I won’t let you down! 

- Eric

Happy Birthday to ME?! …well, the blog. My birthday is at the end of the month. I expect you all to remember that! 

Thanks for the card and reminder Tumblr, though I replaced your cupcake with my own…  it’s shinier.

1 Year, and guess what? I have about 2 followers for every day of that year… Almost! I want to beat that this year. You guys, I promise you another year of awesome, weird drawings!  I’m not slowing down and I think I’m getting better at this, so if you guys like what you’ve seen so far, tell a friend.  The more people who follow this blog, the more opportunities I have as an artist to make bigger and better things. Thanks for all your support and keep drawing.