Extra Salt

HAPPY SUPER DUPER belated BIRTHDAY makapedia! Your snapchats are everything and I really feel like you get me and my spirit. You’re my fav sinnamon smol and I’m gonna serenade you like you deserve one of these days I swear it. Major thanks to ilarual for looking this over for me! Enjoy~

Ah. Movie night. A sacred and most respected ritual in the Eater-Albarn household. The meister-weapon pair had fallen into a sort of routine regarding their Friday night movie sessions. Maka would either pick a historical drama or a cheesy rom-com (mostly for shits and giggles) and Soul would either pick an action comedy or vintage horror (also for shits and giggles). However, on one movie night, Maka had broke this tradition.

“Really?” Soul asked incredulously. “Les Mis?”

“What?” The blonde asked innocently. “It’s a mixture of our favorite things! ”

“But…” Soul stared at the dvd case, the striking blue eyes of a young Cosette gazing right through him as a look of odd melancholy flashed in his wine colored eyes. “Really, Les Mis?”

“Oh, just shut up and enjoy the movie.” Maka retorted snarkily, popping the disc into the dvd player before plopping down next to Soul.

The white haired teen took a deep breath.

This was going to end in embarrassment and woe, and there was no way for him to stop it.

It was at Gavroche’s death scene that Maka noticed the popcorn tasted a lot more saltier than it had at the beginning of the movie.

The petite meister was enjoying the film, albeit a little annoyed at the amount of singing (yeah, it was a musical but was all of this singing needed?) and though she was moved by the performances, and her eyes might have been a little misty, she wasn’t crying.

Which could only mean…

Maka looked to her right and found a sniffling Soul shoving popcorn in his mouth.


“Shut up.” He responded, his voice unstable with emotion

Maka smiled smugly and cooed, “Awwww, Soul!” She reached over cradled Soul’s head in her arms. The tall young man sobbed quietly as he clutched his meister.

“This is so embarrassing.” Soul grumbled.

 Maka only ran her hands through his hair as a response.

“I hate this musical.”

“I know. ”

By the end of the movie, there wasn’t a dry eye in the apartment and the two partners drowned their sorrows in Soul’s “to die for brownies” and mint choco-chip ice cream.