I really love the idea of humanizing the rogues of Gotham while not striping away what makes them terrifying to the public.

Like I would so read a comic about Riddler, Query and Echo going to the store, getting groceries. They’re in the checkout line, paying and everything. But some little kid starts running their big mouth about how lame Riddler is, so as they leave Ed hands the kid a Rubik’s cube and walks away. Well guess what. That cube’s a bomb and will go off if the kid can’t solve it in time. Well guess what. That kid couldn’t solve it in time.

This ain’t only limited to my nerd boy tho. Gimme some Ventriloquist and Scarface. Let’s have a mini comic of them trying to watch a new movie in the theater but this guy is being an ass. Telling Arnold he can’t use up two sets for him and Scarface, talking during the movie, using ARNOLD’S CUP HOLDER! They end up getting arrested because Scarface is shoving popcorn down that guy’s throat.

Music Meister enjoying a day at the park, all la dee da. but these idiots think they can sing off pitch all they want. Well hella no, he’s gonna– oh look, Ivy’s already there causing mayhem. Never mind.

mortalorder asked:

Can we have some brotherly love between Eddie and Music Meister?

Sure sure sure!

“You’ve got to take some rest Edward. You are not a machine, you…”

The musician stopped as soon as he saw the murderous glare his brother gave him, sending shivers down his spine, making him feel like he had done something very wrong and was about to be punished for it. Not that he feared his brother’s wrath though: Eddie could be temperamental, especially when he was overwhelmed with work and so tired that he could barely even stand on his feet, but still, Valentin didn’t like that spark of insanity in those exhausted, almost dull green eyes that once used to sparkle and shine like two fluorites. 

Sighing, he approached slowly from behind and wrapped his arms around his brother, kissing his cheek as he smiled and lulled him to sleep with a simple tune. As soon as the Riddler went limp in his arms, he carried him to his bed and tucked him in, sitting next to him, looking at his little brother as if he was a diamond lost in a pile of ashes.

When he was little, Valentin had always wished to have a brother, someone he could help and protect, someone he could adore and admire. And here he was, magnificent and authentic: Eddie Nigma, Riddler, you are perfect just the way you are. 

Clearing his voice, the Music Meister sang:

You the brother that I always wished I had,

Do you, do you only realize,

How much I needed you in my existence?

Life, when you waltz alone, is nothing but an awkward dance,

How I envied those who had the chance, 

To have a sibling they could love and care for…

Now that you’re here, I swear… I swore!

To protect you from the entire universe,

Even if I have to protect you from yourself,

My dear brother, you’ll forgive me, I know,

You’re smart enough to understand this vow. 

Brother, don’t fear no more,

Don’t cry no more,

I’m your knight in a colorful armor…

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I'm so sorry but I have to unfollow you unless you start tagging your ML. CNoir in costume is really triggering to me, and the show in general bothers me. Het ships are triggering and homophobic too, so if you can start tagging your ML and remember to tag pictures where Soul and Maka show up together I could feel better following you

I’m so sorry I’ll start tagging it from now on. You can unfollow me if you need to!

My tag for Soul and Maka is otp: scythe & meister if you need to blacklist it. I’ll start tagging ML as “Miraculous” if you wanted to blacklist that too. And eventually I’ll think of one, but if you want me to tag it as something specific please let me know.

Hey there soma <3 

Not sure why soul is pissed at maka while she looks all innocent, also too lazy to shade my drawing… oh well XD

Learn to take a close and critical look at photographs with our new free online course. “Seeing Through Photographs” uses works in MoMA’s collection and interviews with artists, curators, and scholars to explore what a photograph is and the many ways in which photography has been used throughout history and into the present day. Here, photographer Nicholas Nixon, best known for his series The Brown Sisters, photographs MoMA curator Sarah Meister with an antique camera.