meister of the scythe

HQ!! x Soul Eater HCs Part 1

Kageyama / Hinata
Meister: Kageyama
Weapon Type: Scythe

These two are usually at odds with each other - there isn’t a moment when they’re not arguing over something trivial. The two of them became partners by the pick out of a hat. The instructors thought pairing them up was the worst mistake they made. They were wrong.

Kageyama is able to match his soul wavelength with Hinata’s perfectly. As a weapon, Hinata strikes fast, landing multiple blows at a time. Kageyama has fast reflexes and excellent coordination so handling a scythe is easy for him. Hinata never holds back, always giving it his all in fights because he trusts Kageyama to do the same.

Tsukishima / Yamaguchi
Meister: Tsukishima
Weapon Type: Spear

As the wimpiest weapon in the class, no one wanted to take Yamaguchi on and because of this, he was always picked on by the other students. Tsukishima stood up for him once and after learning he was a meister without a weapon, Yamaguchi asked him to partner with him. Tsukishima took him on just so his instructors and brother would stop nagging him.

Tsukishima has a lazy sort of approach in a fight - show up late, surprise the enemy, and strike when they least expect it. This isn’t Yamaguchi’s style though, so they work together to a strategy that works. Tsukishima has an excellent sense of perception so he can easily read his opponent’s moves and predict their next attack. Yamaguchi lacks power but he makes it up with precision, which Tsukishima takes advantage of. Their fights don’t often last long so they have a lot of souls racked up - actually going out to collect them is another story.

Daichi / Suga
Meister: Daichi
Weapon Type: Revolver

These two have been partners for years as they grew up together and enrolled in DWMA once they were old enough. They’re at the top of the class and are known for their partnership and success rate. They were the youngest pair to obtain 99 souls but due to a mistake on Daichi’s part, they had to start over.

Daichi isn’t an expert in close combat but his precision is terrible so he had to master the art of moving stealthily in order to get close enough to aim and shoot. Suga’s bullets are muffled so their enemies never hear them coming and by the time they realize they’ve been shot, it’s too late. Their soul wavelengths are always in sync except in situations when Suga cracks under pressure, causing his shots to be off and weak. Daichi is able to snap him back to the present most of the time. When he’s successful, their Soul Resonance attack brings everything to an end quickly.

Ennoshita / Noya & Tanaka
Meister: Ennoshita
Weapon Type: Daggers

The only meister who could dual wield DWMA’s greatest troublemakers is Ennoshita, mostly because he’s able to match his soul wavelength with any weapon without much trouble. Noya and Tanaka are always in sync - they’re bros, after all. At the beginning, Ennoshita would wield them depending on the situation but after some time, he’s able to use them both in unison.

Ennoshita isn’t a strong fighter but with Tanaka, he’s able to pull off powerful blows. When he needs to switch to the defensive, Noya is able to parry any blow and deflect most attacks. He also acts as Ennoshita’s navigator in some way by telling him when to strike, defend, or watch for an incoming attack. He lacks power though so Tanaka is their main attacker.

Kiyoko / Yachi
Meister: Kiyoko
Weapon Type: Bow & Arrow

The most beautiful meister in DWMA had gone without a weapon for many years because none of them were able to work up the courage to ask her to be their partner. Yachi became her partner by sheer luck - it was her first day at the academy and Kiyoko offered to show her around. She happened to be a weaponless meister and Yachi was a weapon. It just happened and everyone was jealous and happy at the same time.

With speed, reflexes, and incredible athletic ability, Kiyoko is able to wield Yachi to her utmost best. Yachi struggles to keep up with Kiyoko at the beginning but she’s determined to get stronger to be the weapon Kiyoko deserves. Over time, her precision improves and Kiyoko is able to make accurate shots from kilometers away, but she tries to attack at a close range so soul-collecting wouldn’t require a hike. Kiyoko isn’t much of a fighter, preferring to attack from a distance and making traps. Her calm demeanor keeps Yachi focused most of the time.

Based on a cool Soul Eater meme floating around, something along the lines of “tell me whether I’m a Weapon or a Meister; and if Weapon, what type would I be?” I am taking this as an opportunity to apply this to my OTPs.

Meister: Gray
Weapon: Natsu
Weapon Type: scythe. Gray eventually masters the demon hunter with him through resonance and when Natsu is in this form, his blade is ON FIRE.

Meister: Lucy
Weapon: Juvia
Weapon Type: double ended spear. She’s also capable of spewing water attacks out of the spearheads.

Meister: Erza
Weapon: Jellal
Weapon Type: Sword! With multiple forms!!!
Bonus: Jellal shifts out of weapon form once to save Erza’s life. The kishin egg moves in to finish him and Erza discovers dormant weapon powers. She covers Jellal in steel armour, saving him, and her arm transforms into a cannon and she takes him the fuck out.

Meister: Levy
Weapon: Gajeel
Weapon Type: Mace. If Levy smashes his end against a hard surface, his iron spikes shoot out at all angles and impale their opponents.
Bonus: if a kishin hurts Levy to the point she is out of commission and her life is in danger, he will shift back into his human form, change his forearm into a chain and use it to choke the fucker out.

Meister: Laxus
Weapon: Freed
Weapon Type: LIGHTENING HAMMER. I may have gotten a little excited over that idea.

Meister: with them I feel they’re both weapons. All weapons can double as meisters.
Weapon type: pistols, both of them. The twIN PISTOLS. Whoops, got excited again. They match, but Sting’s gun is white and Rogue’s is black. Sting shoots shadows, Rogue shoots out light/white lasers because pistols shoot compressed wavelengths of their meister’s soul.

Meister: Chelia
Weapon: Wendy
Weapon Type: kusarigama, or chain sickle/scythe. Chelia can swing one side around by the chain and create strong winds capable of knocking the enemy off their feet.

Meister: Levi
Weapon: Eren
Weapon Type: either a huge sword or twin swords. I can’t decide which but I do lean towards twin blades.

Alternate to above: Ererijean
Meister: Levi
Weapons: Eren and Jean.
Weapon Types: matching swords and Levi can wield both at once. Their wavelengths all sync up. Don’t you dare fight me on this.

Meister: another pairing where I feel like they’d both be weapons. They meet, see how strong the other is and know they have to partner up.
Weapon types: for Mikasa, a ninja sword. For Annie, a halberd.

Meister: Katara
Weapon: Zuko
Weapon Type: he has multiple forms. One is dual broadswords. Another is his pearl-handled dagger. He is also a crossbow that shoots out either insanely hot flames or boiling water (wavelengths) in lieu of arrows.

I know in Soul Eater canonverse, you need two people to produce dual weapons (such as the dual swords/broadswords I’ve listed for both Eren and Zuko), but as I’ve said to myself many times… fuck canon.

Also, thinking about how protective the weapons would be over their meisters is killing my shipper heart. Bury me in the dumpster where I belong.

I have a Soul Eater x Fairy Tail crossover (gratsu centric, of course) AU in mind and when I learn to write fight scenes, I am writing some of these pairings in it!

Duel of duals (closed rp with asetoftwins)


Kilik stood at the ready, watching his opponent carefully and trying to make up a good attack plan for them. This was the first time he’s spared with these people. Both of them were weapons and they where fighting without a Meister. The only weapons he’s heard of doing that is death scythe Justin Law and the Thomson sisters.

“Weapon siblings?” He said with a smirk, “now this will be interesting. I’m all fired up.” He raised his hand up and got ready to charge his opponent, not using his weapon’s powers or their resonance abilities just yet. He wanted to see that they could do before he put his cards on the table. Though there’s a high chance they know what he could do. Seeing how he is one of the top Meisters of DWMA and a poster boy for the schools adverts.

Soul Eater Combat Analysis: Scythe Meisters

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate Maka’s fighting style and how difficult it’d be to use a scythe in combat? I’m really into martial arts and fighting and it’s my opinion that a scythe would be a difficult weapon to use practically for the average fighter. 

I mean let’s look at Soul or Spirit’s weapon forms and compare them against Tsugumi or Havar’s for a second. All four are considered pole arms for obvious reasons. Now generally the primary advantage of pole arms is their reach, allowing the wielder to keep their enemy at a distance while they poke them full of holes or cut them up like sushi. Scythes lose the effectiveness of that advantage. Granted, they can still have more reach than your average sword or similar weapon but not nearly as much as their counterparts. A scythe meister can strike their opponent with the shaft on either end, but the amount of damage inflicted is relatively minimal. Thanks to the orientation of the blade, it requires the meister to get closer to make an effective attack, usually putting them into the attack box of their opponent. 

On that note, one of the first things novices are taught about armed fighting is not completely dropping your defense when you make an attack, or as my master drilled into my head, “Always keep your defense in mind”. This is referred to as closing an enemy’s lines. There’s no point in landing a killing strike when you leave yourself open to a similar hit. For Tsugumi and Havar’s meisters, they can make direct, in-line attacks and maintain these closed lines with relative ease and keeps with the styles of the other common weapon styles. Scythe meisters on the other hand have to deal with the arching type attacks necessary due to the limitations of the weapon style, which requires circular attack and defense patterns. The meister needs to have a comprehensive understanding of how defensive movement works in order to maintain closure of their lines (if they even can do this while attacking at the same time, more on that later). 

An inexperienced fighter could easily hurt themselves on their own weapon in this style (much like morning stars and flails), once again because of the orientation of the blade. According to NOT, weapons are capable of assisting their meisters in movement so it is reasonable to think that is less likely in the SE universe but this is only if said pair have some practice in working together. A newbie scythe meister who has absolutely no previous training and are trying this for the first time would have a pretty steep learning curve. Taking into consideration the nature of the work that meisters and weapons do, failure in this learning curve would lead to a quick death for one or both of them.  

The meisters who use scythes themselves seem to need to have an element of recklessness to their personality. The only two we actually see in action, Stein and Maka, are shown to have a variation of this personality trait to them. Why? As I mentioned above keeping attack lines closed is important but often whenever they attack their form opens up at least a little. Their agility is often what saves Stein or Maka from a fatal injury. 

I’ll be coming back to this to expand on this subject later with visuals and more stuff. Basically though, Maka Albarn and other scythe meisters are actually really damn impressive. 

feather fall


The most famed of Meisters and Death Scythes historically have larger than average wings. It is assumed, therefore, that all Meisters and Weapons are graced with fortunate, easy, beloved lives, and this translates into either reverence or resentment.

This assumption is false, of course, and more than a little backwards. Meisters and Weapons, good Meisters and Weapons, have to understand their partners far too deeply for anything less than love, the purest and most soulful of love, to feed their wings.

When she enters the DWMA, Maka’s wings are average: not too big, but not too small. She hates her Papa for it, hates that she can’t have the same gloriously fluffy spread as Black☆Star, who claims godhood for his parents’ perfect love, while Papa can’t even love her or Mama, no matter how beautiful Mama’s wings are. It’s an insult every time she spies Papa through glass windows at another restaurant, another date, his wings as impressive and full as those of his partner of the day. (It takes her a long time to realize that her wings do not want for her Papa’s love.)

At meister-weapon mingle, Maka finds herself drawn to a white-haired boy with too sharp teeth and too small wings, frail feathers ruffling resentfully as he stands in the corner of the room. He’s a scythe, and she scythe-meister, and she hears in his music a passion which matches her own, so she shakes the hand of an underloved weapon and becomes his meister.

Days later, Maka accidentally knocks Ox Ford over the head with her wings, larger than she’s used to, and she would apologize if he weren’t so snippy about it, gosh, what’s his problem. (His problem is that his wings are only about half the size of Maka’s, while Kim Diehl’s are large enough to fold protectively around her, cape-like.) Weeks later, as Maka and Soul groom each other as part of post-mission cool down, she notices suddenly how pristine her partner’s feathers have become, how they flutter under her fingers, how the feathers cling more firmly to his wings. Months later, Soul remains Maka’s partner, and Maka remains Soul’s, and their wings have swollen beyond what either of them know how to deal with.

Black☆Star’s wings are larger than Maka’s, but only just, because while Spirit’s love does not quite make up for two parents’ worth, Maka is better at winning strangers’ admiration. It is Tsubaki’s offerings, the first of which takes the form of lonely applause, which make Black☆Star’s wings far greater than Maka’s, at least until the scythe meister finds her scythe.

Tsubaki’s wings swell, too, under Black☆Star’s unwavering support, though she molts, more than either of them expect, when Masamune dies. Black☆Star collects every fallen feather to create a shrine dedicated to the deceased Nakatsukasa.

They retreat from a defeated Mifune with all three pairs of wings that much heavier. Much, much later, Angela’s first hint at Mifune’s passing comes from her new guardians’ wings shedding a not insignificant number of feathers. These, too, are bundled and tied and kept.

At first, Liz and Patty keep one another’s wings brimming and intimidating.

The Thompson Angels terrorize New York City right up to the day Death the Kid finds them, his own shoulders unburdened with wings, though not for lack of love. They sneer and lord over the son of a god, disgusted by a boy they believe is human, and so unloved that his wings are not immediately visible, right up until the moment Liz gets behind him and screams in horror, because one so polished and yet so entirely unloved cannot possibly exist.

A Death God does not begin to earn his wings until he has connected his Lines of Sanzu.

Liz and Patty learn this, of course, as they are dragged to Death City, as they are put to work in a café, as they chase their warden and their customers out of their place of work, as their wings grow larger with Kid’s and Master’s and Tsugumi’s and the city’s affection.

When Lord Death passes, Liz and Patty are the ones who witness the proof of their love for their meister, glorious sable-feathered affairs which swath the new Lord Death like a cloak.

Crona’s wings are expansive but pitch. When the blood filters back into their body, it’s to reveal withered things, drooping and skeletal and fundamentally disturbing.

Maka is horrified. Soul is horrified. Everyone in Death City is horrified, really, but as Spartoi adopts the witch’s child, down sprouts carefully from neglect and decay until finally a few timid feathers begin to poke through freshly granted love.

Their wings only grow, even after they flee Death City and stain their new-granted feathers black and red with blood both theirs and not, and the idea that they are still loved only makes their betrayal cut deeper into their soul. Medusa’s “love” is the last straw: Crona thinks, among other things in their scrambled, tormented mind, that they would rather be wingless than have their mother’s wretched love.

isn’t she lovely?

partly for me because i was really anxious and needed something to do, and partly for earth-shines because she’s been working so hard lately and she deserves nice things in life. 


The baby has Spirit’s eyes.

It should be more revolting than it is, because Soul had spent a good deal of his adolescence dreading interaction with the elder scythe out of respect for his meister and the fear for the safety of his junk, but when big blue eyes stare up at him in wonder he feels nothing but a flooding warmth.

Blue eyes look good on her. Blue eyes are innocent and pure, expressive and beautiful, and Soul chokes up a little as he tugs her dress over her head.

She wiggles and blinks, stares at him and garbles nonsense.

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Happy birthday, @sciencefictioness! Here’s some meister!Gray and scythe!Natsu for your (Soul Eater crossover) Gratsu needs :)

*Edit: I got a message from someone saying they couldn’t load anything after “Read More”. Here’s a link to find it on Ao3:

“Meet me out back when you’re done?” Gray looked back over his shoulder, waiting on a response.

A smile curled the edges of Natsu’s mouth. He’d heard rumours of meisters who constantly ordered their weapons around. He was glad that Gray didn’t seem to want that kind of partnership.

“Yeah, I shouldn’t be more than a few minutes behind you.” Gray simply gave him a nod before walking out the door.

“Please just leave me alone,” a small voice cried.


“Not so tough without your horny weapon partner, are ya?” Another familiar voice snarled.

“Aren’t you tired of this yet, Zancrow?”

Gray’s brow tensed. He knew Rustyrose and his partner were shitheads the moment he laid eyes on them.

He ran around the corner to find Lucy backed against the wall with one of Zancrow’s arms on either side of her head.

“Oi! Leave her alone!” Red eyes narrowed as they regarded him and he pushed off of the wall and stomped over to where Gray stood.

“Or else what, pretty boy?”

Gray looked past him at the meister still shaking against the building. “You all right?” She simply nodded, throat too tight to respond. “Good. Get going, okay? I’ll handle this.”

He got a quiet thank you in return before Lucy ran back in the direction he had come from.

“Hey, you scared off my date!” Zancrow growled.

“You’re a real creep, you know that?”

“I tried to tell him…” Rustyrose began, shoulders lifting in a shrug. Zancrow shot his meister a dirty look. It was starting to feel like he never had his back.

Gray ignored the malicious tension he felt and turned stormy blue eyes on Rustyrose, “It doesn’t matter what you told him. You didn’t stop him. You aren’t much better than he is. You two are made for each other.”

“What did you just say?” Rustyrose growled, hand flexing. Zancrow’s body took on a luminescent glow, itching to shift into his demon lantern form.

“You heard me. You two are nothing but bullies, picking on Lucy when Loke’s at home sick. She just started here a week ago. She hardly knows anything about being a meister let alone defending herself without her weapon. You’re fucking cowards.”

“That’s it!” Rustyrose snapped. “Zancrow!" 

The weapon’s sharp teeth bared in a sadistic grin before a flash of white took his human form and left a black lantern with a red chain in it’s wake.

Gray heard the window above him fling open and crash against the wall, "What the hell do you think you’re doing, Rusty?!” Natsu bellowed.

Gray didn’t have to look at him to know there was a murderous glare on his face. He could feel the rage in Natsu’s soul wavelength. He could feel the protective nature in those waves all around him, encompassing him in a way that made him feel safer than he ever had.

“You’re too late, Dragneel!” Rustyrose cackled. “Your precious meister will be a pile of broken bones before you can get down here!”

The silver haired tech dropped the lantern from his grasp and began to swing it in circles by the chain, faster and faster, gaining momentum with each turn. “You’re gonna learn your lesson the hard way, Fullbuster.” Zancrow’s metallic voice threatened.

“It’s going to be a real pleasure teaching you, too!” Rustyrose chimed in.

The black lantern came up over his shoulder once more and Rustyrose let it fly forward, arcing over his head and coming straight for Gray.

Gray didn’t flinch. He knew he had nothing to fear. He could hear steel sailing through the air, coming right for him.

He reached his arm out and caught the black scythe, letting it rotate once around his hand before holding it steady in front of him.

The lantern crashed into the blade, and with a flick of his wrist and a grin on his face, Gray sent it hurling back at it’s wielder.

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