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Yoosung breaking up with MC (angsty angst angst)


Random angst :)

Yoosung as a best friend

MC takes care of hungover Yoosung

Yoosung at a theme park

Yoosung, Zen, and Jumin helping you de-stress

Zen, Yoosung, and Jaehee react to nyan cat

RFA boys + MC on her period

The RFA boy’s reaction to realizing their MC stuttered when anxious

MC beating Yoosung and Seven at LOLOL *one of my faves*

POLY Seven x MC x Yoosung


Zen, Jumin, and 707 comforting you after a nightmare

The rest of the RFA at a theme park

Yoosung, Zen, and Jumin helping you de-stress

Zen, Yoosung, and Jaehee react to nyan cat

RFA boys + MC on her period

mini Zen cutting off his ponytail thingy ??

The RFA boy’s reaction to realizing their MC stuttered when anxious



The rest of the RFA at a theme park

Zen, Yoosung, and Jaehee react to nyan cat

Jumin, Jaehee, 707- Weapon or Meister? (from Soul Eater ♥)



MC defending Jumin after Zen teases him

Jumin’s accidental gay experience with Seven

Zen, Jumin, and 707 comforting you after a nightmare

The rest of the RFA at a theme park

Yoosung, Zen, and Jumin helping you de-stress

Jumin and 707 react to nyan cat

Jumin & marriage *one of my faves*

Jumin, Jaehee, 707- Weapon or Meister? (from Soul Eater ♥)

Showing Jumin cat videos *one of my faves*

RFA boys + MC on her period

The RFA boy’s reaction to realizing their MC stuttered when anxious

The RFA boy’s reaction to realizing their MC stuttered when anxious

Random Jumin HC


MC CAN HACK?? *one of my faves*

Zen, Jumin, and 707 comforting you after a nightmare

The rest of the RFA at a theme park

Jumin and 707 react to nyan cat

Jumin, Jaehee, 707- Weapon or Meister? (from Soul Eater ♥)


RFA boys + MC on her period

The RFA boy’s reaction to realizing their MC stuttered when anxious

MC and 707 dressing up in pretty dresses

MC singing in Arabic ♥

MC beating Yoosung and Seven at LOLOL *one of my faves*

POLY Seven x MC x Yoosung


The best gift for each of the RFA members, Saeran and V

Pocky game & RFA

The best gift for each of the RFA members, Saeran and V

RFA & V react to being in a big argument with MC BUT out of nowhere she starts swearing in Spanish


MC gives Saeran a hug *one of my faves*

FIRST KISS ♥ *one of my faves*

Saeran + being home alone

Random headcanons for my angsty child

The best gift for each of the RFA members, Saeran and V

Pocky game & RFA

The best gift for each of the RFA members, Saeran and V


MC WITHOUT ANY PANTS *one of my faves*

RFA’s children going through a rebellious phase

MC stealing all of the covers *one of my faves*

RFA + smells

HONEYMOON!!!!!!!! with the RFA ;)

RFA and seven minutes in Heaven

MC & RFA on a rainy day

Movies the RFA would take MC to see

RFA in school

Paintball with the RFA *one of my faves*

RFA members favorite (non-anime) shows

MC’s funeral (with extra angst you’re welcome)

RFAyeee Macarena (the RFA dancing to the Macarena)

RFA after breaking up w/ MC

Suicidal MC (very angsty)

RFA CUDDLES (in gif form)

Karaoke with the RFA

MC self conscious about acne

Coffee order + RFA

RFA first dates :) 

Disney kisses (and gifs) with the RFA

(girl) MC is gay?? whaaa?? (RFA finding out)

RFA reaction to getting told MC committed suicide

How the RFA would act AFTER MC committed suicide

MC & mental illness *one of my faves*

RFA comforting MC during a panic attack *one of my faves*

RFA’s reaction to MC in a swimsuit *one of my faves*

RFA and MC in a haunted house

MC IS RICH!?!??! RFA reactions

RFA and MC working in an office together

RFA pranking MC and making her cry

RFA getting flu shots

Things that turn the RFA on

RFA reacts to MC fangirling over anime

MC breaks a bone


RFA zodiac signs

RFA and babies !!!

MC has an asthma attack triggered by RFA members

MC + revealing clothes + RFA

RFA HALLOWEEN *one of my faves*

Phobias & RFA

RFA Christmas gifts!!

MC taking the RFA shopping

MC catching a cold + RFA caretakers

RFA reacts to MC wearing their clothes


Painting the RFA’s nails

MC has a tummy ache & RFA takes care of them

RFA + running into your ex *one of my faves*

marriage + RFA *one of my faves*

Sexy halloween costume + RFA reaction

Assertive MC + RFA *one of my faves*

MC gets sent to jail

RFA comforting MC when she throws up

RFA reacts to MC cutting her hair short

RFA + short MC

RFA + tall MC

MC telling RFA she’s a virgin

Pocky game & RFA

MC in the hospital!!

Road trip + stargazing + RFA

RFA coming out as transgender guy

MC allergies *one of my faves*

RFA with a little chubs RFA

RFA comforting MC

RFA eskimo kisses


MC coming out as asexual

leg surgery for MC!!!

MC is a really talented artist + telling the RFA *one of my faves*

the RFA helping MC study

celebrating MC’s bday!!!

RFA finding a stain bum bum bUUUMMM

RFA being left alone with their child

Does this make me look fat?

RFA members find out MC has a lovely singing voice *one of my faves*

MC coming the the RFA’s house in the middle of the night crying

RFA members + winter

MC cooks RFA’s favorite meal

MC being claustrophobic and stuck with all the RFA members

RFA  playing Neko Atsume

MC sending surprise selfies !!!

Shopping with the RFA

RFA members react to MC already having a boyfriend

RFA reacting to MC getting a miscarriage

RFA babes getting comforted by their MC  

MC with an eating disorder

RFA members drunk outta their mindsss

MM characters react to MC becoming a werewolf

The RFA comforting MC during a storm

RFA members reacting to MC having a cat that absolutely has to come with her when she moves in

The reaction to MC purposely annoying the RFA

Disney World date with the RFA

RFA’s reaction to MC in a cat maid costume

The RFA members reacting to MC  being a famous dancer

The best gift for each of the RFA members, Saeran and V

RFA members reacting to MC coming back home from a month long trip

RFA & V react to being in a big argument with MC BUT out of nowhere she starts swearing in Spanish


The RFA getting sexually frustrated by MC eating food *one of my faves*

POLY Seven x MC x Yoosung

sexting Yoosung

calling the RFA daddy/mommy *one of my faves*

what the boys are like in bed

being seductive on camera while hacker boy watches


bed kinks (unknown included)

RFA + favorite place to have sex

RFA (including Unknown) reacts to MC’s navel piercing/belly bar?

RFA, V and Unknown react to MC admitting that she would like them to dominate her



Watching a horror film with Jumin

Yoosung changes his hair

Jumin & Zen prank you & accidentally make you cry

Telling the RFA you have cancer *one of my faves*

Seven and Yoosung stuck in an elevator

MC almost gets kidnapped by unknown, but gets interrupted by daddy Jumin

The RFA boys reacting when MC is acting overally emotional because they don’t feel loved

Jumin’s bday

RFA finds out that MC has really curly hair but has been straightening it constantly because they’re self conscious about it 

Mini Fics

Please come home

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

update: I forgot about this series so it looks like I have some writing to do :)

Jumin cheating lol not a very clever title

Part 1

Part 2 *one of my faves*

The Other Girl

Part 1

Part 2 

I feel like we don’t talk up the weapons enough. I mean, no offense to the meisters– they’re brave and badass and awesome as hell, but I feel like we don’t talk about how equally amazing the weapons are?

From first glance, it may not seem that the weapons do much at all except lay stagnant in the hands of their Meister but dude?? They’re out there. They’re on the front lines. The Meister may be soft and squishy but the weapon is the one who takes the blow. They protect and they guard and they are selfless to the point of giving me cold sweats.

Also, resonance? Yeah, they amplify and help stream it and that is a huuuuuge thing. That is super cool and amazing and they do such a great job. Good work guys.

And I think the weapons may also have some sort of sway on accuracy and precision, judging by the practicing Soul and Maka did, and how Spirit’s actions seemed to have consequences on Stein and Shinigami-sama’s battles (“Senpai, don’t move”/ spirit screaming as they attack Asura) and think how VIGILANT. How much CONCENTRATION that must take. One mistake and your partner’s life could be at risk. God, what a monumental job.

The Meisters are awesome but I feel like they kinda get most of the glory– let’s give it up for the weapons.

Calling All Soul Eater Fans; Artists & Writers Alike!

Welcome! Yet another new fanzine has surfaced, except this time we’re doing things a little differently.

We’re all familiar with our weapons and meisters, yeah? So what if they were reversed

Soul Eater: Weapon Inversion

This zine will focus mainly on the wonderful characters from the DWMA & all weapon|meister pairs alike! Except: their roles with be reversed! -kind of like soul & maka above.

This zine will be SFW, but we understand we are working with weapons after all; we will accept mild bloodsuggested violence (mainly towards writers).

This is a fun project we wanted to create for a long time favorite anime/manga; think of this as a Soul Eater Fandom revival project! Things are still under construction, as us mods are finishing up current projects & such. Stay tuned for the schedule, announcements and more information about the zine!

Asks are open, so feel free to send us any questions you have on both Tumblr & Twitter

Applications are leaning towards opening August 28, so keep an eye out!

Tumblr | Twitter | FAQs 

Okay but how haven’t we talked about how much grander the weapon and meister concept in Soul Eater could have been

-A brother/sister weapon/meister pair (one parent is a meister, one is a weapon; clearing up confusion) who ended up with each other because their souls couldn’t resonate with anyone else and since they had familial ties, the DWMA put them as a pair

-A young meister who wants to marry his weapon partner but can’t because his parent is racist against weapons

-A half weapon, half meister child whose parents enrolled them at the DWMA but the school doesn’t exactly know what to do with them because they aren’t showing signs of being either a weapon or a meister; they’re just a frozen, caught-in-the-middle squib and the kid doesn’t know what to do

-A young weapon, who’s family is known for being Halberd-like weapons, grows to find out that her weapon form is sword-like and she feels terrible because she feels like the screw up of her lineage

-A meister in training works to find a weapon partner only to learn that he’s burning each trial partner with his soul wavelength before finding a spunky, fire-based weapon partner and resonating perfectly with her because hey, fight fire with fire, right? She’d told him

-A weapon who comes from a poor family enrolls in the DWMA to make money from killing kishins to send back to them, ends up resonating with a meister from a rather rich family, and after learning of their situation sends the family money because it’s the least he can do since their kid is helping him make the world a better place

More will be added if i think of more

Hamilton A.U. 3: SOUL EATER

Alexander Hamilton is the top student is the meister of Thomas Jefferson and Gilbert de Lafayette . He is a swords man.

Thomas Jefferson is a lazy know it all who is a rapier. A long thin sword with a beautiful designed handle.

Lafayette is a shield designed to be used as a throwing disk that can slice through things, his sharp blue like edges make him hard to very deadly. He’s also a gentle giant who is friends with almost everyone.

John Laurens is a meister who is overly energetic and gets in to a lot of fights. He’s a great marksman ins class however and gets average grades.

Aaron burr is another top student in class and is the weapon for John laurens. He is a crossbow that’s shoots energy blasts. He helps John study so he passes his classes.

Hercules Mulligan is a big guy who is very loud and yet likes to be in the sewing club. He is very physical strong and loves acting. He is the meister of james.

James Madison, a war hammer that teamed up with hercules. He is usury sick yet when he is in weapon form he is usury not as sickly.

George Washington is a teacher at the Academy as well as the meister of a death weapon.

George King is Washington shot gun, and is a flamboyant teacher as well at the Academy.

okay okay okay

so I reread soul eater over the last week because I love that manga a whole lot and of course a bnha crossover idea popped into my head. because I have too many things already in the works to actually, yknow, write it, here’s my basic outline:

-midoriya izuku wants to be the world’s greatest meister, just like all might-a meister who can wield any weapon- but his dreams are crushed when a doctor tells him that his soul wavelength is unusually weak and that he’ll likely never be able to resonate with anyone

-hes still childhood friends with bakugou btw and ofc that boy has been able to transform into a weapon since he was like four…he and izuku cant resonate at all, despite trying…bakugou has trouble resonating with p much anyone (a point we will return to LATER!)

-but ANYWAY! Izuku still meets up with all might when he’s in middle school and all might p much tells him his soul is too weak for him to a meister…until bakugou is attacked by a kishin and, despite the fact that it burns is hands horribly, izuku does his best to wield him and ends up beating the kishin

-all might finds him again and agrees to help him become strong enough to attend UA (Japan’s version of the DWMA)…it’s pretty much the same physical and mental training as in bnha canon (because a sound soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body)

-so after a year of that izuku gets into UA and starts considering potential partners (and here is where we meet our lovely weapons and their equally as lovely meisters)

-kaminari is a shortsword that can electrify people…his meister ends up being jirou who is adept at reading and sensing souls through sound

-bakugou is a bazooka that sends out fairly strong shockwaves when firing…his meister kirishima is one of the few people who can withstand them because he’s physically strong and has a v dense soul

-todoroki is a set of gauntlets attached by a chain that are hot and cold…he was created by his meister father to be an ultimate weapon, but he refuses to resonate with anyone…he tries to fight on his own, but during a fight with the villain alliance midoriya ends up wielding him and their souls resonate…they form a tentative partnership

-iida is the latest in a long line of tenyas who have fought without a wielder…idk what his full weapon form would be yet…maybe a chainsaw? but that doesn’t seem quite right for iida…hmmm. i’ll think on it

-hagakure is a multiform weapon (think tsubaki from original soul eater) who is invisible in her human form thanks to an encounter with a witch when she was young…ojiro is her meister and they resonate together very well

-uraraka, yayoruzu and asui all attend UA, but study in the general classes and (spoiler alert) all three are actually witches interested both on spying on UA and on improving witch/meister relations

-I don’t have the rest quite figured out, but I know I want sero to be a tape-gun, for ayoyama to be a laser belt and for mineta not to fucking exist

-but anyway! Those are the children (such good kids I love them)

-so the antagonist here would be the villain alliance, but instead of being villains, they’re weapons who feel slighted by the system…I have less specifics figured out here, but I know that theyre all weapons who take turns wielding each other and hate the idea that weapons always need to be prepared to die for their meisters, ect. ect.

-stain is a separate thing…he’s a kind of pre-kishin who uses madness a paralytic…those with bad soul perception (like Deku) wouldn’t be as impacted by people like Jirou who do have strong perception

-and beyond that the sky’s the limit, I guess! I think the plot would be mainly about the societal tensions between meisters, weapons, witches and ordinary humans…eventually the witches at UA would be found out and class 1-A would have to decide if they’re gonna stand with their friends or the school, that kinda thing

-I dunno! it’s something that I might write someday, but for now its just an idea…let me know if you want to hear more! 

moonheart1313  asked:

Craig, how did you and Tweek choose each other to be the other's weapon and meister?

Craig: I decided being a meister would be cool after getting my ass handed to me by those shits. Tweek saved me then- and he didn’t have a meister soooo… That’s pretty much how it went down.

Tweek: It was scary too!! It was when I had just discovered yesterday I was a weapon when my finger kinda turned i-into a blade and stabbed my toast?? Hngh… B-but I was fortunate to meet Craig y’know? I feel a lot more confident about being a weapon now!!

Voltron Au's/ Fanfic I want and Need

-Phantom Of The Opera (Keith as Raoul, Lotor as Phantom, Lance as Christine
-Rent (Keith as Roger, Lance as Mimi)
-Tinkerbell au with Lance as a water fairy and Keith as an animal fairy
-Fairy Tail au with Keith as a fire dragon slayer and Lance as a water mage
-The lions turning into ACTUAL CATS
-viner Lance and youtuber Keith
-The Little Mermaid (Keith as Eric and Lance as Ariel)
-Wicked (Lance as Glinda and Galra!Keith as Elphaba)
-SOUL EATER (Keith as the weapon and meister Lance)
-Percy Jackson (Lance son of Aphrodite but blessed by Poseidon Keith son of Hephaestus)
-Grease (Lance as Sandy Keith as Danny)
-Pidge sets Keith and Lance up on a blind date
-M I D D L E S C H O O L P I N I N G K E I T H
-lance with an ao3 account
-Keith reading moth man x reader fic with jealous Lance
-hair salon/ nail salon with Lance doing Keith’s pedicure or trimming his mullet

That’s all I have for now. If anyone knows if these exist, please tell me!