Hamilton A.U. 3: SOUL EATER

Alexander Hamilton is the top student is the meister of Thomas Jefferson and Gilbert de Lafayette . He is a swords man.

Thomas Jefferson is a lazy know it all who is a rapier. A long thin sword with a beautiful designed handle.

Lafayette is a shield designed to be used as a throwing disk that can slice through things, his sharp blue like edges make him hard to very deadly. He’s also a gentle giant who is friends with almost everyone.

John Laurens is a meister who is overly energetic and gets in to a lot of fights. He’s a great marksman ins class however and gets average grades.

Aaron burr is another top student in class and is the weapon for John laurens. He is a crossbow that’s shoots energy blasts. He helps John study so he passes his classes.

Hercules Mulligan is a big guy who is very loud and yet likes to be in the sewing club. He is very physical strong and loves acting. He is the meister of james.

James Madison, a war hammer that teamed up with hercules. He is usury sick yet when he is in weapon form he is usury not as sickly.

George Washington is a teacher at the Academy as well as the meister of a death weapon.

George King is Washington shot gun, and is a flamboyant teacher as well at the Academy.