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anonymous asked:

What made you decide to change the name you go by on here or what I spired you to do it? (No hate, just interested in potentially doing it and wanted to know the meaning of it to some people who have done it.)

Hi anon! I’ve been feeling very…disconnected from my name for a while. I’ve never really felt like it fit me, just like, in general. Also there are so many people named Sarah and I just…I don’t know, wanted something different. I’m also questioning gender identity, but that’s? kind of separate? but definitely ties in. 

And lately I’ve been connecting more to my Judaism, and so I wanted something Jewish. I really just went and scrolled through a website of Jewish names and picked out a few and kind of, played around with them for a bit? Like said them a few times and thought about them, and thought about the meanings of them. 

Meira is the one that stuck out the most, it means “Bringer of Light”, it’s the feminine version of “Meir”, which was part of the name of the nursing home my grandmother was in for probably over ten years before she passed away last year. I also like the spelling of it, it’s a spelling of “Mira” that I haven’t really seen before. 

Before I decided to change it on here, I’ve been using it in my group chat for maybe a month or so? Just kind of living with it, living with people calling me that and nothing else, just to get used to it. So I’m kind of rolling it out in stages, and testing out how it feels at each stage. 

Maybe I’ll eventually move to irl? I don’t hate “Sarah” as a name, but I’ve never really felt like it fit me. I’m not a princess. I definitely like going by Meira, and I’ll keep testing it out and just kind of see where it takes me! 

I wish you the best in figuring it out for yourself! It’s a process, one that I’m still in, and I’m not sure where I’ll end up, and I hope whatever you decide works out for you!