Me In My Work Place

So I just started a new job which not only ALLOWS, but REQUIRES me to work from home full time. Having worked pretty consistently in an office or other institution fulltime for six years, this is a huge change. The most I have ever worked from home at one time was a week. 

The past couple days have been great. I am rediscovering and memorizing daytime TV (mad props TLC), not wearing pants without elastic, reviving life into my favorite t-shirts, and getting to know what happens around my apartment building during the day. Oh, also I get a hell of a lot more work done without anyone bothering me.

I’m not working for myself; I have people counting on me and trying to connect, which makes it a lot easier to stay focused and motivated.

Of course, this is only two days into the foreseeable future. I’m waiting for the day I start pressing me face against the window, praying for someone interesting to pass by on the street. Or the moment I decide ordering weird shit online is a good idea because at least the UPS man will come to the door, allowing me to remember what human interaction feels like. 

Ok, I’m probably exaggerating, but this is a huge lifestyle change. When will I have a reason to put on real pants? The weekend? That just seems counterintuitive!

In order to not let myself go into the abyss of extreme homebody comfort, these are the daily rules I am attempting to set up for myself:

  • brush teeth
  • wash face
  • put on clean clothes that I didn’t just sleep in
  • apply makeup
  • WEAR A BRA (important defining difference between working and hanging out)
  • don’t forget to drink water
  • avoid considering getting a dog to have a reason to leave
  • get out of the house once during the day
  • ignore the couch that’s 3 feet away from the desk
  • take a walk
  • don’t go completely crazy

I think I should be good, right? I’ll check back in a couple weeks to give an update.

**UPDATE** Sorry folks, I put on a t-shirt.