160928 Guro Art Valley Healing Concert

구로아트밸리 힐링콘서트 The Way U Are #최강창민 #심창민 #changmin #チャンミン #동방신기 #TVXQ #東方神起 #서울경찰홍보단

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calling all fan artists out there! sm entertainment has announced the launching of a new online plaform, fanbook, which will allow artists to set up their own portfolios to share and show off their personal works of fanart. the platform is still in the pre-launch phase but, to celebrate it’s actual launch, sm is calling on artists who are willing to show off their skills in a fanart contest. submissions may be submitted from august 9th - august 31st (kst) and those that are selected will be put on display at both the smtown coex atrium and sm’s communication center. the winners will also be given special unannounced prizes if chosen. those selected will be announced on september 7th (kst). all enteries are to be submitted here! (the site is in english!) for those who are not wanting to participate you can simply look at all of the already submitted pieces by clicking on the watch artworks button. good luck to those participating! (source)

I'm tired of yo shit

Older 👏 kpop 👏 groups 👏 set 👏 the 👏 foundation 👏 for 👏 newer 👏 kpop 👏 groups 👏 to 👏 get 👏 where 👏 they 👏 are 👏 today 👏

Newer kpop groups are easily riding the Hallyu Wave that has already been created. They’re not doing anything spectacular for kpop as a whole.

Y'all better know damn well that there would be no Exo or NCT without BoA (queen) practically saving SM from going bankrupt and getting into the Japan market. Shinwa (some holy figure), TVXQ (Gods), Super Junior (Legends), Big Bang (Kings).

Show them the respect they fucking deserve. I’m not telling you to like them, but without them, you wouldn’t be listening to your faves cause they wouldn’t exist and even to this day, when the older groups comeback, they still S L A Y.

Big Bang took three years to comeback and they conquered everybody. B Y E. Thank you loyal ass V.I.Ps. If you’re not a V.I.P be thankful that Big Bang doesn’t comeback every year cause then your faves wouldn’t have a chance to win any award. BB on to break more important records though.


(160615) smtown_sum: 먹기 아까울 정도로 알록달록 예쁜 #sumcafe #sm #아티스트픽케이크! 🍰 #보아 #동방신기 #슈퍼주니어 #소녀시대 #샤이니 #에프엑스 #엑소 #레드벨벳 그룹명과 아티스트 cd이미지 및 멤버별 #댄스패턴 이 #컵케이크 위에 예쁘게 꽂혀 나온답니다! 💕 멤버별 댄스패턴 이미지는 멤버 선택이 가능하다고 하니, 지금 #smtown 코엑스아티움 #sum #cafe 또는 #sm커뮤니케이션센터 sum cafe 에서 만나요! 🍭 #넘나예쁜것 #smtown_sum #boa #tvxq! #superjunior #girlsgeneration #shinee #fx #exo #redvelvet


Yunho and Changmin have been spotted at SM Cafe together today!!! Seems a manager was w them too~ [x][x]

160827 “When Yunho arrives, Changmin gave him a salute and a big warm hug. I’m not even cassiopea but the scene warms my heart.” [sc]