SM groups as family members

TVXQ: the dad of the fam v cool every mom in the nursery has a crush on him

SUJU: the dotting uncle u have will embarrassed u in front of ur friends someone pls stop him

SNSD: sister who’s popular in school everyone wants to be friends w them is always late in family gathering and arrives looking lit af w starbucks on hand

SHINEE: ur brother forgotten by ur grandfather but is v cool with it. always the life of family gathering. ATE THE WHOLE CAKE ONCE ACCIDENTALLY

fx: ur cousin who’s popular in social networks. has 700 likes w one of her selca and does yt tutorial for aesthetic makeup

exo: popular younger brother but is a walking meme. will probably fight anyone who fights u. still dabs bcos millenial

red velvet: bby sister too pure for dis world but is secretly evil. gave u a cookie once which melted ur heart. It’s raisins.

nct: the youngest cousin and the baby of the whole fam. trying v hard and is confused w what he’s doing most of the time.

So the other day I was asked what i thought the sexiest MV was. I answered with the below MV and though it’s one of THE most famous MV’s in the entire world, a lot of my followers haven’t seen it. This song was literally BANNED for being too sexy. And I was originally slightly embarrassed saying that this was imo the Sexiest Music Video until I rewatched it and realised THEY’RE ALL MOSTLY SHIRTLESS SINGING EXPLICIT LYRICS AND THEN ALL THE FUCKING BONDAGE MY GOD. 

So no. I stand by it. This is from 2008 and it’s still sexy as fuck.


Have you SEEN this video?? Have you HEARD Baekho’s “Changmin mirotic highnote” ™ the funny thing is I’ve seen some really bad covers of this song, the fact that Baekho was jumping on a trampoline, wasn’t even taking the high note seriously, and STILL managed to pull it off (I haven’t heard one better than him in my opinion) is AMAZING. If he did it this good just while messing around imagine how good Baekho and NU’EST could pull off Mirotic on a legit live stage. (Plus Nu’est also has 5 members and their Korean nick name “Nu-dong” (dong = Korean word for “East”) ALWAYS reminded me of “Dong Bang Shin Ki” (DBSK aka TVXQ) ITS DESTINY THEY NEED TO COME MIROTIC SOMEDAY PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEE LET IT HAPPEN!!

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