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Monty Python Live (Mostly) ~ 1st - 20th July 2014

That time the Pythons reunited and conquered the O2, and ultimately the whole world.


Michael Palin (from 2012): There’s a guy called Charles Edwards who’s apparently in… I think he’s doing The King’s Speech on the stage and he was great as me, so I’m hoping he’ll trade and he can be me for the rest of my life.

Charles Edwards: I was doing [The King’s Speech] not long after and Michael and his wife [went to see it and then] took me out for a drink and dinner after and it was really nice.

Palin: I thought poor old Charles got sort of the thick end of it having to play Michael Palin!

Edwards (after meeting Palin): He was indeed the nicest man in the world.

Palin: Tis odd, I must say, seeing someone playing yourself, and being better at it than you are.

Edwards: I grew up with [Python] and they still make me laugh as much as they ever did. … I think Brian was my favourite thing that they did.

Tony Roche (writer of Holy Flying Circus): [Charles is] in real life also a phenomenally nice man, and it turned out that… I didn’t realise until after we finished shooting, he said he was a huge Michael Palin admirer.


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