mein mayo

Isn’t he waiting for you at the estate?

Sad sketching with a fanmix of Anders for background music.

Rain has always been a weather I wanted to see and experience in Kirkwall.

I’ve always imagined Anders walking out the Hawke estate aimlessly whenever it rains–most especially just after the second act.  Whenever he doesn’t have any patients to worry about, his thoughts about the rebellion grows uncontrollably, and he starts wandering the secluded parts of Kirkwall where templars seldom walk around.  As if though.  And this happens somewhere during the first year he and Hawke got together (it’s my canon for my Hawke) and he still has doubts about his relationship with Hawke, like he thinks he doesn’t deserve anyone so kind and giving.

And maybe sometimes, Fenris catches a glimpse of Anders’ soppy figure walking around–and gets suspicious or something.