mein cosplays


And for the last day, “a real Japanese Princess!” ;)

It was really hot and I had following layers on my head: My hair (which is fucking long), short wig, (thin) hoodie, long wig. am I still alive.

The funniest thing was this woman I met on my way home, who didn’s speak German, yelled “Barbie!” and then excitedly wanted to take photos with me. So cute ^_^


Gestern und heute war echt toll, es hat super viel Spaß gemacht mit allen Undertale Leuten zu quatschen und Fotos zu schießen. Es war für mich mein erstes Cosplay und alle waren super nett und chillig B) Hätte nicht gedacht, dass so viele Undertale Cosplayer auf der LBM sein werden :D

I’m the tall Chara with the flowers btw :>


So this was my Castiel cosplay for Naka-kon 2013! I had a ton of fun with this one. I made some fantastic friends and genuinely enjoyed running around causing shenanigans.

These beautiful photos were taken by: harmonicsandcomas!

If you ever want cosplay shoots done, and you’re in the Midwest area, hit her up! She is not only a great photographer, but fun stuff!

Anyways, I had a lot of fun this year! Look out for me next year and at Motaku, as I will most likely be going as Gabriel. I would love to hug everyone again.


ALA 2015 DAY 1-2 ½. KARMA AKABANE from ASSASSINATION CLASSROOM [Ansatsu Kyoushitsu].

((I plan to cosplay him again for AX2015, so if there’s a gathering going on, please let me know. ^^))

Photographer: Simply-Michi


Another post from Heidi, titled: BUY THIS FUCKING DRESS GOD DAMMIT

Listen up, ya little wieners. I know Tumblr loves itself some Cosplay and Jrock. I am one of you, after all. And I’m trying damn hard to get rid of this dress. Though it may be a work of art, it’s a work of art someone else will get use out of.

Anyways, this dress is based of one of Hizaki’s from Versailles, and is so fucking pretty it makes my eyes hurt. It comes in two pieces: the skirt and top that buttons. Buyer will also receive the headpiece and choker. It’s built for a M/L frame (I’m 5'2’’ and it’s long on me). The dress is light weight and has only been worn by myself for a period of 2 hours. 

It was handmade by the lovely uniquecreator from!

Anyways, I’m not going to wear it again, so I’m hoping someone else will get some use out of it.

I’m selling for $400 but you can probably heckle me down. Shipping will be about $20 if you’re in the US.I will ship internationally though.