Double Date

It’d been a long time coming, and Meidel knew he was in need of some .. Healing, if not advice, from a certain blueblood. Things were progressing wonderfully with Boogie.

And on a steady downhill roll with Ami. This troubled him more than anything, aware that the seadweller held more cards in his hands than he was aware of.

The itch of a memory–

He popped through the transportalizer in his expected glam of bells and whistles, hardly needing to keep his presence hidden. All the better if the pair was getting frisky– And my, oh my, did it seem as though they were..


“Arly?” he called, jumping from the sight upstairs in search for his friend. “Honey, you hive~” Curious…

Hive Pet

Meidel didn’t like the new accessory.

He was several days late for an appointment made countless times before; he had become a regular presence at Boogie’s hive, leaving only for his responsibilities, his second job… And the private torture it had been to leave his arms, now such a comfortable fixture around him. He was all but a ghost around Pontus. The manor had been lonely without him.

So he had said.

But he had said a fair share..

Yet there the blueblood was as he transportalized into Boogie’s shop, accompanied by a curious clink of chain fastened around his ankles. He hugged himself for a moment, trying to right the internal of his wrongs. 

You’re hideous. No. You’re filth. Stop.

He resisted the temptation to box his ears, to block out the phantoms; he pushed his hair from his face. Put on a smile, dear. You’re on candid camera. He searched mentally for Boogie, hands dropped to curl in his skirt. “Boo?”

Hive Visit

Meidel fingered the card of coordinates, hardly worth the waste in paper for someone who couldn't see. But orders were orders, and with this hefty price tag, he was almost sick with .. Curiosity.

What could this stranger possibly want that he’d pay so much?

But with the stolen sight of another, he punched in the coordinates nonetheless, practiced fingers dancing across the keypad. Heh, dancing. And dressed to clearly impressed, bells, whistles and body glitter included, he stepped back onto the transportalizer, praying it didn’t take him to another ice hive.

The last thing he needed was another ice hive. He could throw up he was so tired of ice hives. Or maybe the trolls who occupied them.

He was delightfully relieved when he didn’t come into a hive smothered in cold.

What's Dinner Between Friends?

A date.

Meidel slipped quietly from the manor, careful not to disturb unnecessary attention; Ami had noticed his recent fleet of absences - some work related, though not entirely to his - and had not been pleased. And his impatience, his jealousy, his rage to the missing funding had been–

He pushed it from his thoughts, returning to the transportalizer to see himself to Boogie’s. Dressed to impress the general public - what a streak, perhaps he was losing his touch - he came into the shop.

He was really playing with fire with this one. Teasing him like this…


Can't Convince the Willing

A few days he said.

After a particular searching talk with Arleth - and his all too persuasive, refusal to accept no as an answer - Meidel found himself at the transportalizer again. Ami was attending to business, leaving him free reign of the manor, and with some speculation.. He decided it time to see a certain seadweller once more.

Or see him as well as the blind could.

Dressed in another specialty of Ferdel, he came into the shop, pushing his mop of hair from his face. He was decorated in a prime selection of gold, smile bright across his lips as he waited for that snap of attention.

“Oh, honey~” he sang pleasantly, 

A Little Intel

It was wild how quietly the small troll could manage to move, despite his several hoops and bells.

Seeing himself into the familiar hive - not literally, more of a blind feel - he paused at the lip of the kitchen with the sudden wash of sight. But it wasn’t Arleth’s thoughts he was peeking into, but a stranger .. One presently absorbed with dinner, it would seem – And a certain blueblood he had pinned up against the couch. Grinning to himself, Meidel wandered, watching, straining until finally the sight jumped–

With an excited squeal, he dashed across the space and hopped onto Arleth’s back, throwing his arms around his shoulders with a orchestra of chimes. 

“Oooooh, you didn’t tell me you hired help~ Keeping secrets! That isn’t fair!” he crooned.

Meidel stood at the door of the (assumed) brothel for longer than likely necessarily, dressed to an unusual nines; lost was his normal garb, more conservative in his appearance as he favored Ferdel’s taste for the day. 

It covered the skin, masked the bruises, the bites, the clawmarks, leaving the husk of a wounded pride as he pushed his hair from his face. In a way, he knew Ferdel would be proud to see him wearing pantsfor a change.. But he felt naked outside his uniform, shuddering at the brush of fabric. 

But he was getting nowhere standing out here like this, frown soiling his expression before seeing himself inside. “Hello?” he called with confidence, tugging irritably at the hem of his vest. Perhaps sleeves would have been wise to shelter eyes from the fingerprints left on his skin… But any more clothing and he may have as well pulled on a habit.

He grimaced to the thought.

“I swear, this best be the right hive. I’m not looking for trouble~” Just a resource.