Does your wall crave original art?

From today until April 3rd, if you send me a self-addressed, stamped envelope up to 8.5x11 inches, I will send back an original work that is arguably art.

The quality of what you’ll get is entirely dependent on what you send me: If you send me a dumb magazine, I’ll likely just scribble on and sign a page from it. If you send me art supplies or some money, I’ll send you something nicer. If you send me something wonderful, or the kind of money that could help me quit my day job, were everyone to send as much, I’ll send a really nice piece, or maybe let you choose from available pieces.

Most of my work ranges from 3x5 inches to 8x10 and is on flat, found paper, ready for framing.

Send your SASE to: Marc-Anthony Macon P.O. Box 907 Urbana, IL 61803 USA

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Finally got to test out my underwater housing for my camera and it was a success! Somebody asked about information on it so it’s a Meikon housing for the 550D/600D/650D, they are specific to model and mine is for the Canon t3i. This is the site I bought it from. It’s actually a knock off I believe of the one that Polaroid makes but like I said it seems to work well (except the on/off control ,I have to look into that). It’s probably the cheapest decent quality housing you’ll find that isn’t just a waterproof bag or that doesn’t cost a couple thousand.