So somebody made a Bee Movie ripoff and it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever witnessed. The movie’s in five parts on Youtube here’s the first part. Please watch you won’t regret it.


my mom is kicking me out I have no where to go besides my grandma’s and i cant go to her because she just lives down the street from us if there is anyone in or near las vegas nevada PLEASE PLEASE send me your phone number so i can call you im packing up my stuff help me please 

so i’m in an art block and it sucks so uh

reblog this and i’ll draw a monster based off your blog o:

You can specify f you want cute or creepy in the tags, but leave it blank and i’ll chose which I think is best! and you should also specify if you have any triggers in the tags like gore or body horror so i can skirt around it.

here are a couple of design examples (first one is really old but it gets my design style across):

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