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hey guys! @vagueh & I wanted to do an awards together & came up with The Fruit Fusion awards because who doesn’t love fruits?! We thought it was too cute to pass up! So if you are interested keep reading!


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  • Orange - Best Posts
  • Apple - Best New Discovery
  • Mango - Meije’s Fave
  • Pineapple - Samantha’s Fave


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anonymous asked:

Hast du sprüche für die Situation wenn man abschied nehmen muss von seiner großen liebe. Ich und meij freund sind jz 2 jahre zsm und er muss nähmlich jetzt 3 jahre ina Gefängnis. Hast du dafür paar schöne sprüche.😔

“es tut weh sich von jemandem verabschieden zu müssen, den man gar nicht gehen lassen möchte.”

“Abschied von dir zu nehmen, war keine leichte Sache”

“Mein Herz ist betäubt, denn jeder Abschied tut weh.”

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How to Flirt in Alamarri

Alamarri is a very frank language. So someone who is well versed in common may be taken aback by how frank and direct it is. Innuendo is not something often done in Alamarri. Those speaking Alamarri say what they mean, and mean what they say.

Declaring Your Interest:

Ðu ÿz vacker. - You are beautiful / lovely / attractive / handsome

Hello, I think you are quite attractive.

Proper Responses:

Ik þankan ði. - Thank you.

Ðu ÿz vacker elswa. - You are attractive as well.

Gis, biut ðu ÿz ögrisk. - Yes, but you are ugly.

Done nad vertfÿllanun mi. - Do not compliment me / I do not wish to be complimented by you.

Ðu þankjas mi vacker? - You think me beautiful / lovely / attractive / handsome?

Hello, do you think I’m attractive?

Proper Responses:

Gis, ðu ÿz vacker. - Yes, you are attractive.

Ne, ðu ÿz ögrisk. - No, you are ugly.

Ðu ÿz ögrisk, biut Ik lihag ði. - You are ugly, but I like you anyway.

Ik wanag ði. - I want you.

Hello, I am interested in getting to know you better.

Proper Responses:

Ond Ik ði. - And I you.

Nad Ik lihag. - I’m not interested. (I do not like).

Dating and Sex:

Ik wanag su verförije ði. - I want to seduce you.

Hello, would you like to go on a date with me?

Proper Responses:

Ðu meij versokijas. - You may try. I will allow you to try to seduce me.

Ik wÿl bij verförijt. - I will be seduced. I will let you seduce me. 

Ne. - No.

Ðu ge cent verförijas ðin andu. - You couldn’t seduce your own hand.

Wit segn nü? - We have sex now?

Would you like to have sex with me?

Proper Responses:

Gis, aggis. - YES! LET’S HAVE SEX RIGHT NOW! Literally: yes, again yes.

Gis. - Yes. (usually implies a ‘yes but let me get ready first,’ or ‘yes, but let’s go somewhere more comfortable.’)

Ne. Meij bij. - No. Maybe another time. (this answer implies that you might be interested, just not at this time).

Ne. Latadim. - No, another time. (this answer implies that you ARE interested, just not in the mood at this time, or otherwise preoccupied).

Ne. - No. (this answer implies that you are NOT interested at this time, but leaves the possibility open. For example perhaps you don’t know them well enough for your liking, but you are aroused by them).

Ne agne. Very emphatic no. (This answer implies that are you NOT interested and never will be). Literally: no, again no.

Note that these answers are very much always spoken honestly. “Playing hard to get,” is not a thing in Alamarri. If you are interested, you say so. If you aren’t, you also say so. Given this, there are many questions that would be ‘weird’ in English that are perfectly normal in Alamarri. For example, it would not be considered rude to ask a woman you were attracted to to have sex with you, even if you barely know her. Additionally, given the absence of “normal” gender dynamics, it is just as normal and common for a woman to proposition a man as it is for a man to proposition a woman.