meiji jinju

honeymooning with michael would include:

- “baby i can’t WAIT for you to finally see japan”

- him acting like an actual little boy and practically dragging you through the airport after the plane ride so that you could see his fave country

- him actually taking a moment when he steps outside to breathe in the “fresh and holy japanese air

- “i wanted to do something like #selfiesunday but with honeymoon but no day of the week starts with h WAIT I CAN DO HASHTAG HONEYMOON HURSDAY LET’S TAKE A SELFIE”

- going in to kiss michael’s cheek for the picture but he turns his head last minute to catch your lips with his own

- “ha you just got punk’d” “we’re married michael”

- not even taking a honeymoon moment in the hotel if ya know what i mean because michael is more excited about japan

- after touring tokyo and acting as touristy as you possibly could, going to meiji jinju (a shrine and garden)

- holding hands as you walk through the gardens and all of a sudden michael sighs and laughs a little bit

- “what’s up mikey?” “i dunno, it’s just that i took you here because on some website people said it was peaceful and serene and a nice distraction from the hectic city and life and i just realized that this place makes you feel like you make me feel and that’s why so many people love it”

- making out in the middle of a japanese garden and michael smirking down at you and suggesting you went back to the hotel because that wasn’t the place for that

- “well then we better hurry up” “you’ve always been so eager babe i love it” “oh shush you said something romantic”

- “hey y/n did you only marry me for my rugged good looks and hot bod” “i take it back” “take what back” “my vows” “too late”

- mikey literally BEAMING the whole entire trip

- going to tokyo disneyland for a day and mikey crying a little bit when he met elsa and anna

- “i’m a huge fan of your work elsa that ice castle was the shit… wait shit you can’t swear in disneyland i’m sorry your highness”

- having to drag him away from them so the little kids could have a turn 

- “aw babe are you jealous i swear i love you more than elsa and anna i mean i did listen to beyonce and put a ring on it”