meiji jingu


Godly light on the bows - 6 by Bernard Languillier

A closer look into my selection process.

I believe that seeing the contact print of a picture is always something extremely interesting, so I will share a few images allowing me at the same time to talk about my selection process. These images were taken in March 2010, at Meiji Jingu (Tokyo, Japan).

The series of images weren’t planned as the subjects came from behind me and simply walked by. Seeing the selection process, also allows an insight into the shooting process as well.

Frame #1 :

The viewer is crammed by the subject, which isn’t seen by the best angle, making the image look like it was somewhat unintended, which admitedly it was, since the miko-san had just entered my line of sight.

Frame #2 :

Better framing but the steps in the foreground and on the left side, as well as the roof are distracting. The direction the Miko are walking doesn’t give much depth and makes the lack of lead-room disturbing as well.

Frame #3 :

Good framing, the lead-room issue is not a problem anymore since their trajectory brings depth. Although the step is still a bit distracting and there is another subject in the background. Also, the movement of the shrine-maidens is taken at a bad moment ; in the middle of a step.

Frame #4 : the selected shot (processed)

Zoomed in to take out the person in the background and further decrease the presence of the step in the foreground. The lead-room is not as good as the previous one, but the movement was caught at the right time. The fabric, the length of the stride, the synchronicity between the two Miko-san is most aesthetically pleasing in this shot.

Frame #5 :

The feeling of solitude disappears as the frame is filled with other people. It would have been better without anyone else. Also, being at full zoom flattens perspectives, putting more distance between me and the subject, making it feel like I was afraid to come closer. This image tells something else, the window in which I could make a good picture was already closed.