Y Peintiwr Coch - Meic Stevens

Meic Stevens: “Y Brawd Houdini”

My favorite song, possibly still my favorite song, was a song by a gentleman called Meic Stevens. It’s a song in the Welsh language. It came out the year I was born, and it stayed with me throughout my childhood. It’s very melodic, and I suppose it’s one of the catchiest songs ever written, which is great when you’re five. You can dance to it, which is also great when you’re five and full of energy. Meic Stevens was a bit of a rebel character, so it’s a kind of a drinking song. It’s about drinking in a coal mine, which I wouldn’t recommend. It’s a great three-minute pop song.

I still have the 7”, and it still has my sister’s name written on it, so it must have been my sister’s record. I was introduced to a lot of music by my older brother and sister. We grew up in a Welsh-speaking town, so we used to have Welsh-language radio, and that song would be on the radio all the time.

My parents used to take us to some folk festivals and things to see people like Alan Stivell, the guy who popularized the electric harp, and all kinds of interesting characters. It was quite inspiring. I got to see a lot of bands playing when I was about five years old.

—  Gruff Rhys, on his favorite music at age 5 (from Pitchfork’s 5-10-15-20)

Artist: Meic Stevens
Album: Outlander
Song: Yorric 
Year: 1970

Reverberation #58
Reverberation #58

Reverberation #58
1. Keith - Mr. Hyde
2. Meic Stevens - Dim Ond Heddiw Ddoe Ae Fory
3. Edgar Summertyme - I Would Do Anything
4. William C. Beeley - You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere
5. Ted Lucas - I’ll Find A Way To Carry It All
6. Woo - The Western
7. Sonny Bono - Laugh At Me
8. The Beau Brummels - You Tell Me Why
9. Nick Garrie - The Nightmare Of J.B. Stanislas
10. Jimmy Campbell - In My Room


Meic Stevens - Y Brawd Houdini (1969)

For the win!


I don’t understand Welsh but I FEEL this song, it is rlly beautiful, i’m looking forward to seeing Meic Stevens play at Green Man! 

Here are translated lyrics of the song  ‘môr o gariad’ or ‘Sea of Love’

Sitting here, lonely
All on my own
This evening I have no patience
For the turmoils of the World.
But the night is escaping
As the World turns.
Like the sea of love
That I gave to you.

There is nothing here this evening
But the echo of a great love.
And my empty drink glasses
On the floor.
And to finish the picture
In the bottle, dregs of wine.
The sea was the dregs of love
That I gave to you.

Oh, this was a great love.
This was a stupid love.
Oh, I was on fire.
Yes, there is nothing left.

The cold streets of the city
Streets that are so busy.
It will be memories of her,
Her lust and her skill.

Despite this, one must live
Join in with the fun of the group
The sea is dry of love
That I gave to you.
Yes, the sea is dry of love
That I gave to you.

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