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Highlights from Michael Chu’s AMA
  • Fareeha ‘Pharah’ Amari is a classic rock fan (’I am the Rocket Queen!’)

  • About the family Reaper was looking at in Reflections, Chu states that ‘it’s not a random family’.

  • Not every hero will get a short. But all of them will get new interactions

  • Someday they’ll actually do the birthdays of the heroes, “but probably not soon just to make sure we don’t accidentally make some date mistakes in continuity" - Chu

  • Chu states that he would also love to explore more of Hanzo’s story, both before the fight with Genji, and after Dragons, to see what his reaction to confronting his brother again is

  • Genji’s father gave him the nickname of Sparrow, and Sparrow was actually the nickname the devs used for him while Genji was in development

  • It’s still up in the air who answers Overwatch’s recall, and who doesn’t

  • The omnic language is not easily translatable to English. It’s not intended to be a language that humans (who haven’t been augmented) could read easily

  • The Hero short takes place right around the time of the Recall

  • Tracer is apparently, a fan of Diego Costa (and maybe even Chelsea?)

  • There is, apparently, a lot of lore that has been worked out but not
    revealed to the public

  • Examples of this include when they create a new hero/map/story, there is a lot of backstory behind it that they don’t reveal, and will reveal over time

  • Mei and Efi are the best ‘doodlers’ (drawers) in the game
  • Mei loves beef noodle soup
  • Apparently, Torbjörn has a pretty interesting cat that may or may not have a jetpack on it

  • Lúcio gets intense whenever Brazil plays Argentina. (Maybe he’s just tired of hearing Decime qué se siente so much.)

  • Chu also says that moving forward, some of the characters who have been underdeveloped will see some attention, and there will be a focus on Talon as well

  • There will also be further exploration of Widowmaker, and her tragic backstory

  • The Human Hating Gorillas on the moon, like the moon more than they do the earth. So they don’t want to come back down here

  • Revisiting the subject about who knows Reaper’s identity in the current timeline of Overwatch: “To clarify about the Reaper/Reyes thing, yes it is because they have not met in the ‘current day’ of Overwatch. The interactions in the game are meant to be what ifs. I do think that McCree would known that Reaper was Reyes if he encountered him.”

  • And finally, the answer to the most important question of all was never answered:

The world may never know.

The full AMA is right here if you’re interested in reading it.

I was playing overwatch and a mei ran into where all the enemies were and froze herself then once everyone gathered around ready to murder this defenseless mei a reaper literally walked in and activated his death blossom and killed all of them and it was the most evil display of teamwork ive ever seen…

Overwatch Ladies as Gays Ive Met
  • D.Va: Sleep deprived hoodie gay, encouraging af, texts long ass i love you messages to gf at 3am because shes wants her girl to smile
  • Mei: COZY blankets drawn over shoulders, hot cocoa and cuddle gay, softly reads books out loud to gf as she plays with her hair
  • Mercy: Wants everyone to chill gay, doesnt give af, wears gfs clothes cause cute, cleans when anxious, lowkey kinky af heckin tease to her poor gf
  • Pharah: Could kill you hot gay, gives best massages, at bar suave as heck but trips 2 secs later, the tank top gay
  • Sombra: No pants at home, loves to order food an request the cute delivery girl, the gay that girls experimented with in college that got her feelings devastated, softie
  • Symmetra: The gay you see on the when your growing up that makes you realize how gay you are, the hides feelings gay that pins gf to wall, heckin powerful with stare
  • Tracer: Beanie wearing, flannel, guitar playing at 2am in the quad outside gay, once cried over a puppy that was small as heck, the funny gay who everyone wants to play beer pong with, The GAY (tm)
  • Widowmaker: Had a scene phase, cant be bothered to care gay, will smirk to make others nervous, fairytale kind of sensual gay in reader fics
  • Zarya: Found true love on first round gay, gym gay who wheezed first time she saw a pretty girl, nearly set fire to her house for trying to bake, the gay who is confident and hot af for it

(I know, its not all of them. but hey! heres what i got! take it!)

Black Bombshell - Reaper x Junkrat
Boombox - Lucio and Junkrat
Cybergoth - Reaper and Genji
Hanzo76 – Hanzo and S76
McHanzo – McCree and Hanzo
Meihem - Mei x Junkrat
Mercyhog – Mercy and Roadhog
MercyKill - Reaper x Mercy
Mercymaker – Mercy and Widowmaker
Mercyrat – Mercy and Junkrat
Pharmercy - Phara x Mercy
Reaper76 – S76 and Reaper
Roadrat - Roadhog and Junkrat
Rocket Angel - Also Phara x Mercy
Russian Winter - Zarya and Mei (IT SHOULD BE)
Speedy Recovery - Mercy x Tracer
Symmercy – Symmetra and Mercy
Timebomb - Junkrat x Tracer
Zarcy – Zarya and Mercy
Zenji or Genyatta- Genji and Zenyatta