mei liveblogs dbz

YES, PLEASE!!  More movies?  ;v;!!

Well, that’s all of DBZ.  I’m kind of sad it’s over!  :(  I started liveblogging Dragonball 8 months ago and it’s hard to believe this blog has gone through 444 combined episodes of Dragonball and DragonballZ, 4 DB movies, 14 DBZ movies, and 2 specials.  I’ve NEVER watched so many episodes of a single show before.  I truly fell in love with these characters.  

There’s still Episode of Bardock, that OVA that came from a video game (Plan to Eradicate The Super Saiyans?), and GT, but the end of DBZ marks what I consider to be the end of what is hard canon.  I’d like to spend less time on screencapping from now on because I’d like my life back (sometime down the road, I ended up spending too much time on this blog every day).  ^^;;

Thank you so much, everyone, for going on this journey with me!  Everyone’s comments, opinions, headcanons, discussions, knowledge, and ability to fangirl/boy with me made the experience SO much fun!  I hope we can have fun with GT *kinda scared*.

Whaaa??  WHY IS IT CANCELLED?  D:  They could have just disqualified Goku and Uub and gotten on with the other matches?

It looks like once most people have already left the stands, Pan and Goten go at it!

Poor Chi-Chi!  D:


Nothing says ultimate defeat like getting beaten up by a 4-year old.

Vegeta’s being happy for his bro Kakarrot!  Also, he won’t see him for a few years and that might make him happy, too lol.