mei costumes

things i love the idea of: hatsume finding out that iida’s costume is 90% aesthetics and being Absolutely Fucking Furious. “what do you MEAN his boots don’t have extra rocket soles for when his leg engines overheat. what do you MEAN this part is functionally useless”

like remember how easily it got cut up during the stain arc? she is horrified and immediately redesigns his costume but builds in some questionable additions and things and iida is just standing there like “i appreciate this but please dont give me arm engines again”

(she gives him arm engines again and calls his brother up to tell him that “you need to advise your brother on how to use these to attain M A X I M U M F U N C T I O N A L I T Y”)


Sporty Tracer cosplay: @morganwant

Plum Mei cosplay and costumes by: @chiefyscreatables

A celebratory pick of one of my fav holidays using yo gurl, Gigit!

Gigit and her husband Rama are wearing sexy versions of the others job for holloween. Gigit is dressing up as a witch to mock Rama’s job, and hes gonna dress as a cop to make fun of Gigit.

Please let me know how you think she came out!

this is her costume for @whiteforesthalloween event!

shes totally not wearing this to make her ex’s jealous….i mean….shes not that petty…or is she???

thesnailcatpuppy  asked:

What is Mei's costume?

Mei’s costume is based on a Jiang Shi/Jiangshi, a Chinese hopping vampire. They’re reanimated corpses, and because of rigor mortis, can only move by hopping around. The vampire part comes from the fact that they kill living things to steal their life force.

I’m personally pumped because it reminds me of a character I really like from a fighting game series called Darkstalkers. I think the pink cheeks are actually a reference to the character (Hsien-Ko), as I can’t seem to find any other picture or references to Jiang Shi with big colorful cheeks.