mei costumes

I really want Blizzard to release some summer fun costumes for Overwatch.

Not for the “fanservice” but for the absolute jokes every character would have.

Lifeguard Pharah.

Olympic swimmer with 5 gold medals Zarya.

Reaper with sunblock everywhere. His mask is still on.

Roadhog in a speedo.

Soldier 76 in one of those old timey striped one pieces.

McCree in a g-string with his chest hair in the shape of Texas.

It would also shut peeps up about the “MEI IS SKINNY DJDHDHAJ” bullshit.

Blizzard make it happen.

Halloween at Overwatch HQ
  • Overwatch intern: Dr. Zhou! I'd like you to meet my daughter, she wants to be a scientist when she grows up, just like you!
  • Child: [in costume as Mei] do you like my costume?
  • Mei: [fully sobbing, hugging child] I..... LOVE IT...........