mei costumes


Sporty Tracer cosplay: @morganwant

Plum Mei cosplay and costumes by: @chiefyscreatables


I went to Sydney Supanva 2017 on Saturday and saw Overwatch cosplayers everywhere!

I have bought Overwatch but haven’t played it yet (I need a new computer waaah) but am enthusiastically tip toeing into the fandom thanks to @afterglowingassassin. So I managed to get some photos of cosplayers to share with her and everyone else.

Now I think one of my next cosplays is going to be Soldier 76. The mask is going to be fun to make…

I really want Blizzard to release some summer fun costumes for Overwatch.

Not for the “fanservice” but for the absolute jokes every character would have.

Lifeguard Pharah.

Olympic swimmer with 5 gold medals Zarya.

Reaper with sunblock everywhere. His mask is still on.

Roadhog in a speedo.

Soldier 76 in one of those old timey striped one pieces.

McCree in a g-string with his chest hair in the shape of Texas.

It would also shut peeps up about the “MEI IS SKINNY DJDHDHAJ” bullshit.

Blizzard make it happen.

anonymous asked:

People are literally complaining about Mei's costume? Like what? I'm Chinese and from most of what I know her skin looks pretty realistic and Zenyatta's, Winston's, Roadhog's, and Reinhardt's are based off of real Chinese mythology. If you ask me Blizzard seems to have done their homework. And personally I think they did a great job since their skins remind me of all the shows I've watched based off that mythology.

They’re complaining because she’s thin. But people are too dense to realize she’s normally dressed in a fucking PARKA so she just appears to be a little chubby.


Supanova was a lot of fun! Got Jennifer Hale’s signature and got to go as this adorable creature Mei! The costume is kinda a rush job since I wanted to wear it for Smash. Will definitely be making a lot of improvement on it, especially the boots and (missing) pouch. Evertyone was really friendly and I was overwhelmed by how many people like my props. It means a lot especially since it is my first time making one!!

Look forward to seeing any of you in Smash :)


Cosplayers That Never Cosplay Anything Racier Than A Swimsuit: drop dead gorgeous or absolutely adorable, generally nice people, excellent costumes and materials, a lot of time, attention to detail and care in their costumes. a lot of love and respect for the characters depicted. either a hobby, or maybe a side career if their professional career helps in making their costumes and/or materials. pays contractors for props and costumes in a timely manner. look and act evocative enough to make people’s imaginations run wild.

“Erotic” Cosplayers: their face looks like it’s melting. mean, nasty, passive aggressive, drama prone. shoddy cheap costumes or ones that they clearly stiffed someone with the bill for. their main line is always some weird pseudo sex work but never to the point of actual penetration. they don’t care about the costumes nor the characters. has no career prospects because if you google their real name you’ll see them in a mei swimsuit costume with they butthole out. never pay contractors for props and costumes and become notorious in the community for this. why do they think we want to see them naked again?