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Ladies night at the Overwatch main base. (ft. rekt Jack & Reinhardt)
Widow & Symmetra are probably rolling their eyes somewhere.

People are actually attacking Michael Chu on here and Twitter because he mentioned he liked Genji and Mercy, that he ships them. He’s never said anything official and Tumblr has lost their minds by saying he’s ignoring the LGBT community.

These people need to reread what he’s said. He’s not answering ANY questions with a clear answer because he can’t. I follow the guy and there are people pushing ships on him from all angles. The guy can’t say one way or the other how the game is going to go. He can only say what he likes on a personal level. Blizzard employees’ Twitter accounts can’t contain game information unless it’s already public knowledge or they’re told they can reveal something. Of course, it’s convenient that the Tumblr community forgets that other Blizzard employees reblog art and pairings all the time because someone reblogged Genji x Mercy, or Junkrat x Mei, or whatever.

People need to put down the pitchforks and leave others alone. Attacking someone because they might not be I to what you’re into is just a sad sad state of affairs… It’s especially worse when they start calling a Blizzard employee a homophobe for liking a straight couple when he himself is straight.

I’m really getting tired of seeing the bloodlust on this website because of the sexuality of characters. I genuinely am. Going after each other will NEVER make the bitterness go away or change someone’s mind on how they write their characters. STOP trying to force someone’s hand by guilt tripping them. If you want change, do it yourself. Get a job in the industry, make a game with characters that fit your standards, but do not get upset that someone else’s game doesn’t go the way you like it….


They decide to play the Sims together on a rainy day where the diamond is too muddy to practice in. Sawamura snorts because Mei has no problem diving face-first into dirt during official games, but gets anal about getting his hands dirty during practice.

“That’s different,” Mei explains simply. “I play to win, that’s all. I’m strategic about getting dirty.”

And Sawamura has to kiss the smirk off of Mei’s lips. “Whatever you say, princess!”


“I’m pretty sure I said it right the first time, princess.

It takes them longer than it should to get settled down, but they finally manage to open the game up. “We should make each other,” Sawamura suggests. “We can make a family together with cute babies and a cute dog!”

Mei raises an eyebrow at his boyfriend. “I bet I’ll make you better than you can make me.”

“Oh, you’re so going down, Narumiya Mei.”

“I’ll go down on you right after I win this contest, Sawamura Eijun.”

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you can headcanon mei with whatever bodytype you feel like but using the early concept art of her and claim that it makes her canonically skinny is just dumb. did you know that, in their early concept, genji and hanzo were literally the same character?

i don’t see people pulling this shit up and claiming they’re actually secretly the same person who just changes clothes very fast.

early concepts are just that: early concepts prone to change. you can’t just rely on it to decide what’s canon in its final concept and what isnt. maybe mei isn’t canonically fat, but early designs aren’t valid proof that she’s canonically skinny.