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Ladies night at the Overwatch main base. (ft. rekt Jack & Reinhardt)
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Behind The Scenes 3 (7/???)

Author’s note: So this post is a bit different that I’m including all the scenes for Taipei because each of them are too short to be put out on there own. A slight head up: this post and the next post have alot of important details so just keep an eye out for all that. Sorry for any errors and sorry for any cultural/environmental inaccuracies.

Genre: Fluff-ish/Angst/ Fake fluff/ Drama over all i guess

Word Count: 2906

City: Taipei, Taiwan (All the days)

Summary: It is time for Jhope’s girl, Meihui, to come into the picture and maybe you were closer to the maknaes than you thought. 

 Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.


The plane ride from Hong Kong to Taipei wasn’t very long. It was only two hours, but the process of it all was still tiring. Upon arrival, the same plan went down in Taiwan as it did when you first got to China. You, the boys, and the manager went in one vehicle while Minho and Chuntao found their own rides.

This van was as large as the other ones in a China and you were all cramped in the van. Rap monster being Rap monster was the only member that had his own space as he sat in the passenger seat. “Ok so the plan.” Rap monster began. “Chuntao is going to show up to the hotel and she’s gonna “go” to the stadium in a different car as she thinks she’s gonna be brought back stage to wait with y/n.  And Hoseok, get Mei-whatever her name is-“

“Her name is Mei-hui.” Jhope corrected.

“Whatever, just get her to meet you backstage tonight after the concert. The earlier you meet her the better. Tell her that a backstage pass is waiting for her at the ticket booth. The room that’s “meant” for Jin and Chuntao is going to you and Mei-whatever after the concert.”

Of course, things went as ordered and you all weren’t at the hotel long before having to go to the stadium.


Backstage was as boring as usual. What made it worse was that you weren’t able to nap because you had fallen asleep on the plane. You just lay on the couch, practically forced to watch the guys performing from the TV in the room.

After what felt like eternity, you heard someone open the door. Suga staggered in drenched in sweat and obviously exhausted. He made his way to you and dropped himself in the middle of the couch. He laid back, not caring about practically sitting on top of you.

“Eww! Yoongi-“

“I’m- fucking- tired.” He huffed between breathes

“Yoongi! You’re all sweaty! Get off!”

He settled himself more on the couch. “Sssshhhh… I’m busy- sweating.”

“Yoongi!” you tried to get up, but he lazily pinned you down. “You’re so gross!”

“Me? Gross? I’m not- gross.” He used one hand to wipe his sweat off. “Now this- this is- gross.” He smiled, flicking a few drops of sweat on you.

All the disgust gave you the strength to squirm away from under his thin frame. “Where is everyone else?” you asked in annoyance.

“Should- be here- any second.” He said with his eyes closed, still trying to catch his breath.

You got up and grabbed a bottle of water and a hand towel for him.

“You’re- too good- to me! I don’t- deserve you!” he said grabbing the stuff from you. He chugged the bottle and threw the towel over his face

“Tell me about it.” You said as you plopped down next to him.

Soon, the rest of the guys bust in, just as exhausted as Suga. They all went around, doing the usual routine of resting and getting ready to go back to the hotel.

Just as the guys were don’t changing and Rap monster was about to interrogated Jhope over Mei-hui, there was a knock at the door and the manager poked his head in. “Hoseok, Meihui is here.”

“Really?” Jhope asked excitedly. He quickly made his way up to the door.

When Jungkook heard “Meihui”, he quickly went over to you and you jumped into character, wrapping your arm around his. The rest of the guys lined up in preparation to greet Meihui.

You could see Jhope’s smile grow as his eyes fell upon Meihui. She was a very adorable looking girl. She was dressed in a cute pink blouse and a white skirt. Her hair was up in two pig tails, tied with pink bows. Her cheeks blushed as he hid her face behind her tiny hands also beyond excited to meet Jhope.

The second she was in the room, he screeched. “Meihui~!” and ran over to her, picked her up and spun her around. “You’re so much cuter in person!”

She had the biggest smile on her face. She looked like she wanted to say something, but was too excited for anything to come out.

“Guys! This is Meihui!” He beamed. Jhope held her out proudly for all of you to see her.

It was hard to think she could get anymore shy, but she proved you wrong by silently staring at the other six members with a smile glued to her face and no words being able out come out of her mouth.

From behind her, Jhope grabbed her hand and waved for her. He even said, “Hi! My name is Meihui!” for her, trying and failing to mimic a girl’s voice. The whole act of it all only made Meihui blush.

“Hi Meihui.” You all smiled.

She politely bowed and you all bowed back at her.


Meihui didn’t get to stay backstage for very long. Jhope told her to go back home, get her things and meet him back at the hotel.

At the hotel, Chuntao was already gone. According to Jin, her stuff was gone too, giving Jhope the green light to use the room.


That night you weren’t able to sleep. Jhope kept popping into your head. Obviously for months you knew that almost each of the guys had to find a girl to use for Rap monster’s plan, but the fact that Jhope was actually getting it done had just hit you. The realization slapped you in the face when you saw Meihui. Of all the girls so far, she looked the most innocent and that’s probably why it hit you harder. It was so weird, so scary, that Jhope, your friend, was going through with everything. The more you thought about it the more hurt you felt. Jhope has been nothing but angel to you and the fact that he would be so selfish as to do this to Meihui disgusted you. “Maybe I didn’t really know him after all…”


You were locked back stage with Meihui for the second concert in Taipei. She was a very quiet person. Her quietness reminded you of Chuntao, except you could tell that she was just genuinely shy. In the beginning of your four hours together, when you asked a question, she would always blush and speak softly.

It took a while, but eventually, she opened up to you and was actually really funny. You saw how she and Jhope could have been able to get along, they both had the same sense of humor. For the last few hours, you told her some embarrassing stories about the guys and about how the tour had gone so far, making sure to keep the bad details out. It did come across your mind to tell her the truth about everything or to ask her for her phone, but you knew that wouldn’t be right. You would get into deep trouble if you did either of those things. Even if you told her what was going to happen to her, it would only make the inevitable happen sooner.

You had gotten good at coming off as “normal” despite the thoughts that were running through your head. You were too good and it scared you. As you spoke to her, you were keen on coming up with believable lies for the questions she threw at you. “Am I becoming like the guys?” you constantly asked yourself.


With V gone at a deal with Rap monster, you all were a bit bored without him. The entire day was basically a usual last day. You and Jimin were on his bed watching yet another Netflix movie on Jungkook’s laptop. There was nothing good to watch, so you both made a game of watching foreign movies without subtitles or even reading the summary of the movie and trying to figure out what was going on. At the moment, you were watching some French film and neither of you could figure out what the genre of it was.

“Do you know what is going on yet?” you asked

“Nah, you?”


Jungkook came in from the other side of the room and looked at himself in the standing mirror by the door. “Ah! I need to workout!”

“You look fine me!” Jimin commented. “Fine as fuck.” He whispered, making you laugh.

“That’s it! I’m going to the gym!” Jungkook declared.

“I’ll go too!” Jimin said, jumping off the bed. “C’mon y/n, let’s go.”

“I don’t wanna go though.” You whined

“You have to. You can’t be alone. We’d leave you here, but we don’t want to risk Namjoon finding out.”

“It’s two against one. All you gotta do is sit and enjoy the show!” Jungkook grunted as he began doing outrageous body builder poses.

You all changed into workout clothes and made the short journey to the elevator. However, you all stopped when Suga’s voice called out to you all. “Hey guys! Where are you all going?”

“The gym.” Jimin answered. “Where are you going?”

“Um, well, I was going to you guys’ room…”

“Just come with us then!… You looked dressed to go anyway.”

“Eeehhh…” Suga shrugged.

Jungkook was rather impatient and grabbed your hand. “Well, you stay behind then. We are heading to the gym before more people get there.” He said as he began to lead you down the hall.

“I guess I’ll tag along then!” Suga said soon catching up to you.

At the gym, there was more than a few people doing their thing. They all definitely took notice of the four of you as you all walked in. From the corner of your eye you could see them stopping their workout to try and sneak pictures of you guys as you made your way over to the other side of the gym.

Jungkook pulled you closer to him. “There are a few people around, do you wanna give them a little show or something?”

“It’d be smart if we did.” you whispered back to him.

Jimin went straight to the weights and Suga took a seat at the empty chairs along the wall. You and Jungkook went over to an open area.

Jungkook lay on the floor on his back. “Ok baby, I need you to count for me.” He said cutely, but loud enough that the other guest could hear him.

‘No problem!” you said, keeping ahold of his legs.

After having practically no personal space from him since the tour started and having pretended for so long, his face coming so close to yours didn’t bother you anymore. In fact, you could consider him as an acquaintance, occasionally having decent small talk here and there and having an inside joke from time to time. This moment was the perfect opportunity to playfully mess with him a bit.

Jungkook noticed the sudden smile in your face. “What’s- so-funny?” He asked between each sit up.

You didn’t answer him. Instead, you broke out into the ugliest face you could get yourself to make and proceeded to make different stupid faces each time he sat back up.

Jungkook fell back down in a fit of laughter. “You were supposed to keep count!” He laughed. “How many did I have?”

“… I wasn’t paying attention!” you smiled innocently. “Start again!”

“Aish! What am I going to do with you?”

“Love me! Don’t be so grumpy, all that laughing I made you do probably gave you a better six pack!”

“And not all those sit ups I just did?”

“Of course not!” you smiled.

“Am I going to win this little dispute?” there was still a remanence of a smile on his face.

“Of course not!” you repeated in the same cheerful tone.

Jungkook repositioned himself and did a complete sit up again, this time placing a kiss on your forehead.

“One.” You smiled.

He proceeded with his set of sit ups until deciding to stop at 100. Then he moved to work on his arms along side Jimin. They both had their music in their ears and were in the zone. You still didn’t feel like being active in any way so you got up from the floor and took a seat next to Suga.

“You’re not gonna workout?” He asked

“I have no intention of doing such a thing. I’m only here cuz they dragged me along. But why did you come?”

“That horse of yours is with Meihui and I was stuck in the room with Jin who has been video chatting Jinjin for hours. I was going to your room to go annoy you.”

“You really like doing that, don’t you?”

He smiled that cute gummy smile of his. “It’s a good way to pass the time…” Sadly, his smile quickly disappeared. “Hey… Hiro hasn’t given you any trouble, right?” He asked in a whisper.

“Nope, not at all. Thanks.”

“Good… Listen… I just wanna warn you about something… I don’t know what day I’ll meet her, but when I’m with Aiko, uh, I’ll probably be acting a bit different.

You swallowed a lump that formed in your throat at just the sound of her name. “Different how?”

“Just, um, maybe not being able to talk to you as much…”

You looked away from him and moved your gaze to Jimin and Jungkook. “Well, then things won’t be too different then.” You said with surprising amount of attitude.

“What do you mean?”

You didn’t answer him right away. Instead you noticed that Jimin and Jungkook were now doing different exercises. Jimin was doing different style of pull ups on the arm bar and Jungkook was over on the weight bench. “…Why don’t you go spot Jungkook?” you suggested as a way to change the subject

“What? That’s not what I was asking.”

“Just go spot him noodleman.” You said jokingly. “It’s not smart for anyone to bench by themselves. Go help him.”

Suga did as you told him, but not without looking back at you in utter confusion.

As Suga left, Jimin came up to you and asked you to help him with sit ups too. You played with him the same way you did Jungkook. He was a bunch of laughs, constantly getting after you for throwing him off. After he finished his set, he went back to doing other exercises.

You sat back down and Suga was still spotting Jungkook, but he had left his phone behind. The phone buzzed and the screen turned on to show a new message from none other than Aiko. Just seeing her name on his phone twisted your insides. You only felt worse when you saw what she had sent him. You didn’t know Japanese, but you understood heart emojis.

You looked up and saw Suga making his way back to his seat. You quickly turned away from his phone and acted like you didn’t see anything. When he sat back down, he looked at his phone and quickly pulled out his head phones that Jackson gave him, cutting himself off from the rest of the world.

Thirty minutes of silence went by before Jimin finished his workout and came and sat next to you.

“Why’d you finish so quickly?” you asked.

“I just couldn’t get into the workout.” He shrugged.

You noticed that he wasn’t looking at you though. He was staring longingly at Jungkook who was yet again working out with the dumbbells.

“You’re so lucky.” He mumbled. “Well, not lucky… but um-“

You laughed. “Don’t worry I think I get what you mean. I don’t blame you for being a bit jealous sometimes.” You in a hushed voice.

“Is it that obvious?” he whispered.

“A bit, but that’s only cuz I know.”

He covered his face with his hands out of embarrassment, but then he looked around to see if there were people around. When the coast was clear he spoke again. “But just look at him though! He’s just so… Damn!”

“What exactly do you like about him?” you whispered. You had always been curious as to why Jimin had such strong feeling for Jungkook. Even though you knew Jungkook a bit more, you still couldn’t see what Jimin saw in him.

“Need I remind you that he’s hot as fuck?” he asked, making you both laugh. “…But aside from that, he’s just amazing. Like yeah, he can a little shit at times, but underneath it all he’s super sweet and considerate… He’s perfect. I’m just- I’m like so drawn to him. No matter how much I tell myself that there is point to these feelings, I can’t stop them…”

You were surprised Jimin was telling you this, and in a gym, no less. Maybe after everything that went down between the two of you, you guys were actually friends now.

“…Jimin, do you still get jealous of me and him to the point that it hurts the way it did before?”

“Honestly?… Yeah a tiny bit… but I don’t know. It’s not that I’m mad at you anymore or anything. It’s just… I just wish it was me…”

You gave him a half smile. “Don’t worry Jimin, it’s all fake. I don’t like him like that.”  you reassured. “but I think I know how you feel now.” You said under your breath as you look a glimpse at Suga.

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‘you like this, don’t you? i remember you saying that.’ they should watch bill nye together tbh

                    different ways to say i love you.

                    oh how brightly she illuminated with such glee.  eyes catching sight of the television screen, setup  &&  awaiting the interaction of new pair of eyes. eyes so hungry for the adventure of fantasy and science. such a familiar name flashed on the screen ; bill nye. she squealed, a happy noise, followed by the impulsive decision to bounce up  &&  down. she then made the second impulsive decision, rather abruptly wrapping her arms tight around him. a hug.  ❛ oh my gosh–––  i do, i do!! ❜  she flushed, embarrassed, excited.  ❛ have you watched him before??  his science is incredible and it`s super entertaining!! 

                    then ; she caught herself. the rush of reality caught back up with her and she realized just what she had done. quickly removing her arms from around him,  ( she accidentally invaded his space and probably wasn`t meant to, )  her blush darkened. a wine color splashed against the white tapestry.  ❛ i-i`m sorry..  i-i get.. uhm.. a bit too excited over this show.  it`s my favorite.

People are actually attacking Michael Chu on here and Twitter because he mentioned he liked Genji and Mercy, that he ships them. He’s never said anything official and Tumblr has lost their minds by saying he’s ignoring the LGBT community.

These people need to reread what he’s said. He’s not answering ANY questions with a clear answer because he can’t. I follow the guy and there are people pushing ships on him from all angles. The guy can’t say one way or the other how the game is going to go. He can only say what he likes on a personal level. Blizzard employees’ Twitter accounts can’t contain game information unless it’s already public knowledge or they’re told they can reveal something. Of course, it’s convenient that the Tumblr community forgets that other Blizzard employees reblog art and pairings all the time because someone reblogged Genji x Mercy, or Junkrat x Mei, or whatever.

People need to put down the pitchforks and leave others alone. Attacking someone because they might not be I to what you’re into is just a sad sad state of affairs… It’s especially worse when they start calling a Blizzard employee a homophobe for liking a straight couple when he himself is straight.

I’m really getting tired of seeing the bloodlust on this website because of the sexuality of characters. I genuinely am. Going after each other will NEVER make the bitterness go away or change someone’s mind on how they write their characters. STOP trying to force someone’s hand by guilt tripping them. If you want change, do it yourself. Get a job in the industry, make a game with characters that fit your standards, but do not get upset that someone else’s game doesn’t go the way you like it….


So I’m actually making this a series - ‘Theories’ - which is me throwing theories about SVT/BTS/A line/unit (hyung line, vocal unit)/Members of either out there. For example cuddling, making out or kinks. You get the gist.Hopefully. I’m really bad at explaining things. Feel free to send some in ^^



Would someone make sexy jin gifs pls thx XD

  • Romance and slow,sensual love making is his thing
  • For special occasions and stuff he goes all out
  • You know like
  • Rose petals, candles, the whole deal
  • Not all too kinky at all
  • But he has a few hidden ones
  • Like
  • He has a food sex kink
  • Basic strawberries and cream are a must a lot of the time
  • But he does go all out with chocolate and shit sometimes
  • You see how much this boy eats?
  • He’s so good at oral
  • Good at finding your sweet spots too
  • First time or two he may be shy but he can be surprising at times ;)


Originally posted by vthesecretoilet

Too many sexy gifs for him I’m dead

  • Look at his hands and try to tell me he isn’t good at fingering
  • You can’t
  • Magic
  • Like Woozi, I see him wanting you to take care of him when he’s stressed or tired or whatever
  • However when you’re in a bad mood
  • Or he’s rlly horny or in a good mood or whatever
  • He’d be the dominant one
  • He can be rough 
  • But the first few times, unless you specified otherwise, would be gentler bc he wouldn’t just fuck anyone
  • He waits a while in a relationship you know
  • Anyway
  • He loves you riding him and sucking him off 
  • V impressive
  • Not necessarily long but t h i c k
  • Maybe has a daddy kink
  • I’m getting carried away aren’t I I’m sorry he’s my bias aaaah XD
  • He can be sweet or kinky it depends how you both feel


Originally posted by btsumari

  • Sweet, gentle and loving or rough
  • No in between
  • Dry humping and thigh riding
  • Right up his alley
  • And omg have you seen his thighs 
  • Y’all too busy thirsting over Jimin’s but holy shit look at his thighs XD
  • One of the best overall like
  • He’s a dancer
  • Y e s
  • If you wanted to get more adventurous and stuff 
  • He wouldn’t mind
  • Thinks more about you and your pleasure

Rap Monster

Originally posted by simondismydaddy

  • Kinkiest one wow
  • May have a daddy kink (if Twitter users didn’t ruin everything lmao)
  • Even so he calls you babydoll or baby girl a lot
  • Inc in public
  • (One of the) Biggest
  • Like
  • Wow
  • He ain’t just a rap monster know what I mean
  • Did I just say that
  • Whips, ties, cuffs, everything
  • One of the best at dirty talk with his deep voice
  • “Just dim the lights” “Just take it off” “I’m a master baby with your bra” “Imma beat the pussy-”
  • You get it XD 
  • But no seriously his dirty talk mmmm
  • Another one who’s best at fingering
  • Look at his fingers yes pls


Originally posted by bangtanbighit

I had to use that

  • He’s a mystery to me
  • Is really sweet and whatever at first
  • But he can be kinky af
  • Like
  • Tying you up and stuff?
  • Y e s
  • Uses different toys and stuff to keep variety
  • Different every time
  • So good at oral
  • And he loves performing it
  • Look at his tongue omfg
  • Willing to try different positions and whatever like I said - variety; he wants to keep it interesting
  • Also good at dirty talk 
  • He has a really deep voice you know
  • Omg help


Originally posted by imaginesbts

  • Another freaky one
  • Into BDSM and rough sex like
  • It’s never boring with him
  • He also does making love and stuff though like Jimin can do rough and he can do slow and sensual he has many different modes
  • If that makes sense
  • Wow
  • This cheeky little shit
  • Orgasm denial
  • Is a huge thing for him like he likes the control
  • Possibly a daddy kink idk
  • Have you seen his thighs
  • Thigh riding is a huge treat
  • But it gets him so worked up and like
  • More so than normal foreplay if that makes any sense at all
  • It’s a special treat for you as foreplay or whatever
  • He’s very impressive in size and length…
  • Really likes receiving oral like you’ll be innocently watching an movie or whatever and he’d just be all “Suck me off” and like how did that come to his mind whilst you watch a fucking Disney film
  • Damn


Originally posted by eatupbangtan

  • Into role play
  • He puts his amazing thighs to good use
  • Like
  • He likes you up against the wall with your legs around him
  • Calls you kitten
  • Has collars and stuff like he likes that stuff
  • Basic bondage you know?
  • Blindfolds and cuffs and like
  • He ain’t no kid no more
  • Quite big but not as big as Namjoon or Jimin
  • Really really good at oral like he got that shit down
  • Total dom
  • He just likes feeling in control
  • Can be very kinky but at times he can be surprisingly sweet and gentle and it’s like
  • Wow what an experience 
  • Help

D e a d

-Admin Belle

you can headcanon mei with whatever bodytype you feel like but using the early concept art of her and claim that it makes her canonically skinny is just dumb. did you know that, in their early concept, genji and hanzo were literally the same character?

i don’t see people pulling this shit up and claiming they’re actually secretly the same person who just changes clothes very fast.

early concepts are just that: early concepts prone to change. you can’t just rely on it to decide what’s canon in its final concept and what isnt. maybe mei isn’t canonically fat, but early designs aren’t valid proof that she’s canonically skinny.

I wrote this after hearing the Citrus PV and liking Yuzu’s voice. A lot.

“So… do you guys know how to.. uh…” Yuzu’s voice gradually wound down to an embarrassed whisper along with her posture, shrinking down in her seat. Her next words were nigh unintelligible, her face going red in a tell-tale sign that this was going to be somehow related to Mei. “How to talk dirty?”

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goodbye nikita. season one picspam (one cap per episode)