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Cleaning out my Gremlin D.Va comics folder and found this unfinished mess!

Tracer babysits D.Va while the moms are out, ends the world in the process while trying to find a McDonald’s.

PANEL 01: D.Va ate all the Doritos. Dorito dust all over her hand

PANEL 02: Angry D.Va repeatedly saying “Mountain Dew” over and over

PANEL 03: Junkrat hallucinates drinking motor & cooking oil

PANEL 04: Doritos Alert at Overwatch HQ

PANEL 05: Soldier 76 being old

PANEL 06: Tracer repeatedly saying she must not run away

PANEL 07: Mercy sacrifices humanity, replaces them with McDonald’s chains

PANEL 08: Gremlin D.Va gets her fries in an ocean of ketchup, Tracer mourns the death of humanity

No more Gremlin comics. No more…