Everybody needs a family.

Because…it’s not fair, facing the world alone.  

I don’t care how tough you think you are - they should always be there for support…no matter what.

In the best of times, they will arm you with the tools to succeed.

And in the worst of times…

They will understand when things…

Don’t really go the way you planned.

Now, some people are lucky enough to be born into the perfect family.


They go out and make one on their own.

…You already know this.

Look…the people decided they were better off without us. 

They even called us criminals!

They tore our family apart…

But look around!

Someone has to do something!

We have to do something!

We can make a difference again!

The world needs us now, more than ever!

…Are you with me?


overwatch + damage


Garitha’s lucky Daria’s standards are just as high as hers haha! ; )

I wanted to do the crush song for a long time, but it never felt right for my boys! So I ended up doing a fem!au with ‘em. They are meant to look alike to their original versions, because I never saw the reason why they should look so different as gals. Hope you guys like! Thank you all so much for the amazing support! : )

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