I’ll never understand the need for people to literally take the time out of their day to write something mean about something people enjoy and like and isn’t problematic and purposefully post it IN THAT TAG IN THAT THING PEOPLE LIKE. 

It’s upsetting that so many people seem to be offended if certain FICTIONAL characters are shipped in a homosexual way or heterosexual way. Like, let people enjoy what they wanna enjoy. It’s not a fair call to make a fictional character permanently seen or portrayed as gay or hetero just because HE/SHE PRAISES AND TALKS TO SWEETLY ONLY TO GUYS/GIRLS, 
like, what happened to bisexual too? Why can’t we accept that as a thing more often then needing it to be more black and white. There’s a whole spectrum of sexual preferences and yet these seem to be the two that everyone just assumes a character is. period.

I’m not sure if I’m making my point clear because I’m miffed about it all, and when I’m angry sometimes I come off too aggressive and rude too, but all I want everyone to understand is that human beings are different, everyone single one. Just because someone is into something you don’t like, doesn’t give you any permission to go off and say mean shit like a fucking child. Especially online because we all know none of you unnecessary meanies would say all the shit you say online to someone’s face, that’s a fucking fact.

So please, just, gah, everyone be nice to each other and polite and respectful and just

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