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The Pharmercy height difference is so cute?? Like, I hc Angela thirsting for forehead kisses prior to missions and Fareeha getting chin (or lower jaw) kisses afterwords :')

you are so right tbh? i headcanon that angela is 5'7/170cm *with* her usual heels on (her height note on the model sheet makes most sense to me as her total in-game height–so with heels and all) and so i see their height difference sans shoes as like 7 inches. which opens up a host of possibilities like fareeha giving ange frequent forehead kisses, fareeha being able to pick her up with like 0.3% effort, angela getting chairs to stand on when she can’t reach for things and fareeha pitying her struggle and retrieving it for her with no effort, angela standing on her tip toes a little to kiss fareeha, angela admiring her tall strong beautiful gf, fareeha admiring her cute small beautiful gf


Cleaning out my Gremlin D.Va comics folder and found this unfinished mess!

Tracer babysits D.Va while the moms are out, ends the world in the process while trying to find a McDonald’s.

PANEL 01: D.Va ate all the Doritos. Dorito dust all over her hand

PANEL 02: Angry D.Va repeatedly saying “Mountain Dew” over and over

PANEL 03: Junkrat hallucinates drinking motor & cooking oil

PANEL 04: Doritos Alert at Overwatch HQ

PANEL 05: Soldier 76 being old

PANEL 06: Tracer repeatedly saying she must not run away

PANEL 07: Mercy sacrifices humanity, replaces them with McDonald’s chains

PANEL 08: Gremlin D.Va gets her fries in an ocean of ketchup, Tracer mourns the death of humanity

No more Gremlin comics. No more…