So to those wondering about the Mei animation… well, here’s a super tiny sample. Just one frame, really.

As many of you know animation takes forever, and particularly this month I had to prioritize commission because I need the income, so I haven’t had time to work on this much.

Just as a point of reference the Symmetra animation had 11 individual frames of animation, while just the initial part of this animation could conservatively have anywhere between 25 and 40, so yeah it might take a while. That’s just her sitting down, I haven’t even keyed the stripping.

I’m not making excuses, it’s just… it takes so much time :V
The more and more support I get on patreon, the more I can dedicate on this type of work, which I love to do, but I don’t expect that to happen anytime soon, so for now bear with me, because the boobs ain’t stoppin’ for a long time.

Headcanon: Upon returning to China after years of being frozen, Mei was dismayed by what happened to the Li River - what was once a small, quiet town along the river had become a huge metropolis, Lijiang Towers, ruining the natural scenery for which the area was so well-known. It hardened Mei’s resolve to restore the climate and the environment.

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theapatheticcreator  asked:

What are the character's favorite and least favorite foods?

Genji- his favorite is ramen of course! his least favorite would be shrimp.

McCree- his favorite food is actually jalapenos and his least favorite would be eggs.

Pharah- her favorite food is hummus her mother likes to make for her, and her least favorite would be pears

Reaper- his favorite would be chilaquiles and his least favorite would be anything from taco bell.

Soldier 76- his favorite food is anything with noodles and sauce and his least favorite would be oranges.

Tracer- her favorite would be peanut butter ( that’s why her and winston get along so well ) and her least favorite would be spicy chips.

Hanzo- his favorite food would have to be cheesecake, and his least favorite would be ramen for … reasons. 

Junkrat- he has not favorite and no least favorite, he will eat just about anything.

Mei- her favorite would be ice cream of course, and her least favorite would be peppers. 

Widowmaker- her favorite would be chocolate mousse, and her least favorite would be just about anything that’s sour.

Reinhardt- his favorite would be chicken, and his least favorite would be anything off of a grill. he just doesn’t like the grill-y taste.

D.Va- her favorite obviously is doritos, but also kimchi from her mother and her least favorite would be anything coffee flavored.

Roadhog- his favorite would be simple rice and beans, and his least favorite would be any type of pork product.

Zarya- her favorite would be any type of borscht, and her least would be cream cheese.

Lucio- his favorite would be the guava fruit, and his least favorite would be chicken.

Mercy- her favorite would be tiramisu! and her least favorite would be fish

Symmetra- her favorite food would be anything her family makes, and her least favorite would be burgers or any type of beef.

thank you for the request!!!

anonymous asked:

Oh! Oh! Genji, and Mei finding out that their s/o is a pyromaniac!~ Love your blog btw, everything you've written is great!~

thank u u u


  • The first time he sees you start a fire he thinks it’s an accident and quickly puts it out
  • He discovers you’re an pyromaniac when he walked into your room and sees you sitting there with smal campfire in the middle of your room
  • He doesn’t really like it and panics everytime the flames spread a bit further
  • He’s a but scared that you might hurt yourself


  • She has a fascination with ice and thinks it’s cool that you’ve got a fascination with fire
  • opposites attract
  • She would probably watch the fire with you or just watch you to make sure that you aren’t doing anything stupid
  • She will put the fires out if they spread to far

some-fuckwit  asked:

May I request SFW Tracer/Mei headcanons?



  • if she worked in an officer with a refrigerator, she’d be the person to eat bites of everyone’s lunch
  • in high school she went to a party and ate weed out of a grinder because she didn’t know what to do with it and panicked. And then she thought she got high but really it was just a placebo effect
  • Went to a furniture store with Lucio and Jamison to buy Soldier 76 a chair for father’s day. She fell asleep in one of the chairs and Lucio and Jamie left to get food and forgot about her. When they came back, she was still asleep and they bought the chair


  • kinda envies how close D.Va, Jamison, Lucio, and Lena are to Soldier 76 and kinda wishes she could be one of his “kids”
  • treats her drone Snowball just like a puppy. takes it for walks and baby talks it.
  • she likes nightcore, and thought it was super cool and when she mentioned it to Lucio he started laughing a bit and now she pretends she doesn’t like it but really her ipod is full of nightcored versions of other songs and that’s why no one is allowed to touch her ipod