deity and d/aedra Comparative

earthshaker: akatosh

flamecaller: zenithar

windsinger: kynareth

tidelord: hermaeus mora

stormcatcher: mehrunes dagon

icewarden: julianos

lightweaver: azura

shadowbinder: nocturnal

gladekeeper: y’ffre

plaguebringer: peryite (or malacath, which i chose originally because peryite is like…the lowest prince. sorry buddy.)

(keeper/bringer can also be dual aspects of arkay, God of the Cycle of Life and Death [malacath is sometimes merged w/ arkay as well]???)

arcanist: lorkhan (alternatively magnus)

(i made this kind of fast but this is fun to discuss. i am Very Open To Discussion on this, Right Here, On This Post)

I had a very weird and slightly surreal dream about Mehrunes Dagon collecting rings in a moist and earthy environment with someone. He reached through some of the earth and there were many many worms. He noted that there were a lot of worms while watching them squirm about in the dirt. 

Then I woke up, kind of, but fell back asleep again. Then he was also laying down, somewhere inside. Things got weird. Sanguine was there. There was a cutaway to cherries, too.