mehron paradise paints

Leviathan from Supernatural (which I don’t watch, so sorry if this is inaccurate!). Idea borrowed from Fancyfacemakeup, her original post is here [x] :)

Wasn’t especially happy with how this came out but it’s been a while since I posted anything. This can count as practise for the next big-scary-mouth-makeup I’m planning (a similar monster from Cabin in the Woods) :)

anonymous asked:

Hello, your cosplay of Opal is gorgeous!!!!!! I was wondering if you would be willing to tell me where you got it or if you made it the materials you used? Thank you so much and I'm sorry to bother you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you! i made all of it myself. i don’t know if i can really cover all materials involved, but here’s a breakdown of the main parts:
• wig: jasmine and ororo wigs in white from @ardawigs
• gems: resin with iridescent cellophane for opalescence
• body paint: mehron paradise paint (mix of light blue, purple, and white) for my face and chest, with a glove shirt made of tights from welovecolors
• bodice: taffeta and satin with beads and trim
• skirt: some kinda pretty fabrics from joanns i dunno… and lots of trim and beading
• pants: a stretchy, glittery knit from joanns with trim
• boot covers: some kind of metallic spandex from yaya han’s joanns collection. gave me a hard time to work with, probably not the best fabric for my first time making boot covers. i also sewed tights fabric to the top of them to help keep them up (it reaches to my knees, but is hidden by the pants)


Here’s a similar idea to my painting-style makeup, but using slightly different techniques to try and make it look something like a charcoal drawing. Not sure if it worked but pfft

Mehron paradise paints (and watercolours on paper for the background)