mehron paradise paints


Here’s a similar idea to my painting-style makeup, but using slightly different techniques to try and make it look something like a charcoal drawing. Not sure if it worked but pfft

Mehron paradise paints (and watercolours on paper for the background)

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you can tell me where you got the purple make up for your lotor cosplay? Thank you!

eBay it’s mehron paradise water paint


I saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier the other day. It was a cool costume.

This was both my first time using my new Mehron paints (which I LOVE) and my first ever attempt at body painting. Turns out painting your own arm is REALLY hard.

Mehron Paradise paints

EDIT: have been getting questions about the clothes - they’re paint, not a costume :)

Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?

Frank’s bunny costume from Donnie Darko with Mehron paradise paints & Kryolan Supracolors (and hastily painted cardboard ears)


Game of Thrones: White Walker

Clumsily edited the eyes because I can’t afford sclera contacts :( 

Mehron Paradise paints 

I’m not a cosplayer but I’ve seen a lot of people cosplaying as dark elves from Skyrim with their faces just painted solid grey or black. I’ve been playing it recently and so I tried to get this a bit closer to how the characters look in the game. 

Excuse the blotchy red on my head, I’ve just dyed my hair!

Mehron Paradise paints

I saw Guardians of the Galaxy yesterday and Nebula was just the coolest.

Mehron Paradise paints and my first ever (clumsy) bald cap application


All four of the Queens of the Stone Age-inspired makeups I’ve done over the last couple of weeks! Here are the Boneface characters from I Appear Missing, If I Had A Tail, Kalopsia and Keep Your Eyes Peeled.

Mehron paradise paints 


This came out WAY better than the last attempt. Wanted to try out something I’d already done with new paints to see the difference. I suppose having had an extra month of painting practise will have helped too :)

Weeping Angel face & body paint

Mehron paradise paints


I realise there are hundreds of Mystique costumes out there but pffft I wasn’t feeling especially original today :)

Mehron Paradise paints