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What makeup did you use for your Awoken Queen cosplay? Thanks!

OMG. I’m so sorry for taking AGES to answer this… So for my Queen of the Reef makeup I actually use an airbrush. I’ve included the images of the compressor and the airbrush I got. I purchased mine as a kit from Chicago Air Brush Supply. They usually have great deals so check them out!

My compressor is an Iwata Ninja. It’s pretty small but really great. The Airbrush is the Iwata Neo Gravity Fed and the paint I use is the Mehron lux. To get the perfect color I mix a lot of white with a little of the dark blue and a dot of black. Then I use Ben Nye Final Seal and powder! Lasts allll day and doesn’t irritate my skin.

Whatever you do DO NOT USE PAX PAINT. PAX paint is meant for prosthetics NOT your skin. You will end up having to SCRUB it off and it will be very painful. I repeat.. DO NOT USE PAX PAINT. Special effects makeup artists will say that as well, so don’t do it.


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