haven’t made one of these in a while omg sigh this is so bad and idek what happened to the quality of it omg???? if anybody would like to donate some photoshop skills to the foreverlouis charity feel free!!! basically omg these blogs are fab and so funny and just all round great hehe



great blogs

mehlurk zouisgasm liloism niamheaven niallssmile adore1d niallslaugh joshdevines ahoyodair tomlinsound loganly malikmalik liamjpayne

i know i’ve forgotten people but these are people i remembered/were online at the time.

So this is basically a long index of blogs you should follow, otherwise known as my wolfpack or angry bird team.

I recommend you follow them because they are mahogany.

The names and order of the categories mean nothing, I just thought it was cool. I had to double it up because there weren’t enough birds.

The birds that drop eggs:

mehlurk, everlarc, louistomlinson-owns-my-ovaries, peetasbutt, breadinhotchocolate, acciothehungergames, keverdeen, lecresta, shutupandeatyoursugarcubes, overgustins

The birds that blow up:

annieofdistrictfour,  hoedair, cflickermans, callofthemockingjay, finnickay, hijacked-peeta, mockingfire, littlemissfuhrman, peetabrollark, snapesbutt

The birds that split into three: 

sherlocs, fireinthehob, theboywhopaints, avoxinazkaban, fabraes, mynightmaresareaboutlosingyou, foxfaced, odairssugarcubes, mutedlikesunset, littlepeetarabbit

The birds that are yellow and fast:

upyougocatnip, lupined, cr3sta, hawthorny, chroniclesofpanem, peetapainter, warblite, teacupinastorm, crownofflowers, lovegoods, originalmilf, iamsenecacrane, theperksofbeingjoshhutcherson.

The orange bird that puffs up:

katnips, girlwhowasonfire, pretty-incredible, greatesthungergamesfans, bloody-mental, thisasian, have-a-nightlock, littlelupin, deadly-career, peetamuhlark, candicetrevinos, sarfatisbutt, capitolgoods, quaidillas

The classic red bird: 

springdandelion, finnicksbutt, odair, peetapockets, buttercupeverdeen, istoleatardisand, iknewiwasagoner, everdeenly, grantgustin-s, f1nn1ck, stuckinsideanemptydream, galeismineiamhis, teamjyler, avoxbox

The big eagle that fucks shit up:

capitolwifi, groovymuttations, eversdeens, piercelopezs, peetamagic, badlydrawnhungergames, a-child-of-fire, maysile, peenisseverlark, allofthisiswrong, lawtcherson, jensboobs, jawrences, candicefuckingaccola

The bigger, fatter red bird: 

asktheanderbros, katnss, catnus, asimplemuggle, fauxface, peetalipsareturningblue, peetations, neverstoptheviolence, perfecttouchofrebellion, whatsthemotta, odairbear, hotpeetapocket

That dragon bird: 

abernathies, nikola-nickart, acciothecapitol, rosie-tard, golfingwithfassbender, blowloverboyakiss, brutalbloodycareers, muhlarks, sebtana, senecaspig, that-table-is-mahogany, deddirectionersandtributes

Hello! I’ve seen people make Follow Fridays before and I thought I’d try one. I love all of your blogs so much! The ones in bold are blogs I’ve been following for a long time.

  • a; asheathes
  • b; breadinhotchocolate
  • c; clarissawayland
  • d; dakoolaid, ducktaile
  • e; e-verdeen, everthorns
  • f; foxfaced, foxingfaces
  • g; gaywolf
  • h; hijacked-peeta
  • j; josheeta
  • k; katnips, katnup
  • m; mehlurk, mockingfire, mutedlikesunset, mynightmaresareaboutlosingyou
  • o; odairbear
  • p; peetababy, primisthebomb
  • r; ron-weasley
  • t; teacupinastormtheinfernaldevices
emily and i are discussing playing tris and marlene in divergent which isn't going to happen because there is an ocean

can someone english please write an english bestselling trilogy about a group of girls who meet on tumblr and are called eleanor and emily and lily and zara and tasi and are british and can it be made into a movie in britain that we can be in starring ourselves because i have given up on auditioning for catching fire and divergent


mezjennifer / mez mez mez is probably one of the biggest jily shippers i know. she is super sweet and makes amazing jily things that make me ship jily so hard, even though i’m not really a jily shipper (oh what you do to me mez!) she also is a great person to talk to and i wish i could talk to her more! :)) 

mehlurk / emily is the queen of sloths and so amazingly sweet. she’s gorgeous and amazing to talk to. i just want to hug her and tell her she is amazing she needs to stop her perfectness! i love you emily, don’t ever change!

symboloftherebellion / emily is just gr9 and sweet okay. she is an amazing actress, despite the fact i’ve never seen her acting, i’m just sure she is amazing. she’s super sweet and funny and always makes me smile. i don’t talk to her much, but when i do it’s just superb. she’s just sweet sweet sweet. :)) i love you emily!

psychadelias / kelly you are the sweetest and most perfect girl ever! you’re an amazing person to talk to and i can really talk to you about things i can’t talk to with no one else. you’re also queen of photoshop of course. your colourings are amazing and so are your manips and i’m a 100% sure you don’t have any flaws. i love you and stay amazing. :)) 

These people are the best if you’re on here I love you even if i forget to talk to you, a lot, thank you for making this year the best. ♡


These are the blogs that make my dash gorgeous.

mockingfire / mehlurk / meliaponde / ironsing / sunset-orange-peeta / everlawd / runningnakeddownmadisonavenue / josh-hutcherson-just / lanoshea / oswinthe-soufflegirl / jenniferlawrencedaily / odairsmyfannie / crazycato / echosfading / primisthebomb / peetalikestoast / ladyflickerman