Michelle set the book she was reading down, her thoughts so congested within her mind that reading technical terms and phrases became suddenly very difficult. She simply couldn’t concentrate. Between wondering how Custy was doing and thinking of some way to stop whatever it was the Doctor had been planning, it was simply impossible.

It had been a few days since her outing with Custy, and Tenth was hardly talking. She couldn’t tell if he was angry with her or too busy with that contraption. But what was that stupid thing!? What did it even do? It was never any help asking him directly, as he always managed to somehow steer the subject to something else.

She was in the library for a very specific reason. Not just to kill time, but to try and see if she could find something similar to the device in one of the books. So far, no luck. It was probably something of his own design, something she wouldn’t be able to find in a thousand books..

Michelle still avoided her room, and wondered if there’d ever come a time when she’d be able to go back in there with any amount of comfort… Probably not. How could she ever sleep in that room with a sound mind again? It just seemed completely improbable…

With a small sigh, she picked the book back up, and continued where she’d left off.

i hate when you say you’re lonely or want friends and people say “you have family”. yeah, i’m lucky enough to have family that cares, but sometimes you wanna have someone that you know that they care and stuck around because they care and want to, not because they feel like they have to because you’re blood. 


New Kamelot song. 

Basically generic power metal 101 in every way. It’s not bad, but Kamelot used to be able to put out music that was a little more creative than this. 

Secrets and Heartbreak||@fatasalutem

Noctis sat atop the clock tower, one leg hanging over the edge, one propped up with his arm resting on his knee.  Cobalt eyes stared out at the city.  The wind pulled at his hair and kept him cool, and the sun was just starting to set in the distance.  This was his favorite time of day, and his favorite place to spend it.  This was where he and Lightning had first met, and once they had revealed their feelings towards each other, had continued to meet in secret.  It had been the best time of his life.  This clock tower was where it all began.  And now, it just might be where it would all end.

He’d told her to meet him here at six.  He hadn’t planned on showing up three hours early.  He’d just been sitting here the whole time, thinking.  How was he going to tell her?  What would she say?  What would they do?  He didn’t want things to end, but did they have a choice?  He’d been sitting here for nearly three hours, and he still couldn’t come up with any solution that wouldn’t lead to trouble or pain.  Guess they’d have to decide together which would be best.

He pulled out his phone and blinked at the time.  He’d checked several times, and every time, he would either wish time wasn’t passing so quickly or curse at it for passing so slowly.  He wished Light would hurry up and get here, but at the same time, he was anxious about the whole thing.  No, not anxious.  Scared.  Just get here so I can get it over with and we can figure this out, he thought.