my best friend asked me
if i knew what love is
i wasn’t sure what to say
did i know?
do i know?


i think to me
love is not about
someone’s eyes
or lips
or hands

i think to me
love is not about
another person
or their hair
or smile

i think to me
love is about
what we feel inside
what we are willing to do

i think to me
love is about
and patience
and loyalty

i think to me
love is about
not caring if
your love will be

i don’t know much
about love
but i know that
love is


The fact of the matter is people just don’t want to see Louis succeed. Louis has been demonized in this fandom for years to the point where even people who have taken it upon themselves to ~defend him can’t even stand him. And it’s gross because these tactics have actually worked; Louis is one of the most disliked members of the band, for various reasons that either have everything to do with his sexuality (houies/ex larries) or little to do with his sexuality (antis and their thoughts on his “treatment of his girlfriends”/his fatherhood”) Like he just can’t win. So when Larries are extra about Louis and how much we love him and how we can’t shut up about him and how we go hard in every single way for him, it’s because we come from a place of recognizing that Louis always (alwaysalways) gets the short end of the stick and he deserves better. 

i don’t know why but
every time i see you.
every time i think of you.
every time i dream of you.
every time i feel my heart about to jump out of it’s chest.
i can’t help but ponder on how beautiful you will be when I meet you. or how incredible we will love because you will be my whole world, a forever - an eternity of laughter and promises that ensure our love will never fade.
—  Love Him, Love Him, Love Him
Sometimes I just have this overwhelming feeling of hatred for the human race. This is how I know it is time to hermit.