Yuki: "Apparently the person who is in the middle loses years of their lifespan."
Shun: "Yuta-kun's gonna die."
Yuki: "Yuta's not gonna die as long as we don't forget him"
Shun: "Fine! I'll sleep in the middle."
Yuki: "Taking on someone else's life is a heavy burden."
Yuta: "You're right."
Yuki: "All my courage has..."
Yuta: "I just thought we can live without anyone getting hurt."
Shun: "But I'm already hurt..."
Yuta: "Let's ask Kaname-kun to cover up."
Kaname: "Sleeping in the middle shortens your lifespan? Is that why you invited me over?"
Yuta: "If there's an even number of us, there isn't a middle. Now we can sleep at peace."