A Night of Sedatives and Good Friends

A/N: A Daredevil fic set sometime in the unplanned future where both Karen and Foggy know about Matt’s powers because everyone can be a big happy family goddamnit. 

We need all the tickle fic in this fandom because it’s amazing. Go write some. 

When Matt became aware of himself, the world was dark. If the fire was there it was far away. He could hear. He could smell. Everything came at him very slowly. His skin entered the bubble of his awareness. The pillow under his cheek smelled faintly of cinnamon. Something was brushing his head in steady, even strokes. He was on a sofa. His? No. This was suede, not leather. His spine flexed, but he couldn’t move. He couldn’t see. He really couldn’t see. There were people nearby, but he couldn’t sense them. 

He tried to breath slowly and quell the rising panic. He tried to speak, but his mouth was bone dry. His lips felt very far from his brain. The pleasant stroking in his hair stopped, and he immediately missed it, pushing his head upward until it encountered a warm object. He nudged it gently, and a familiar chuckle sounded above his head. 

“Matt?” Karen. He tried to make a sound again, struggling when he couldn’t. Karen’s hand (yes, it was Karen’s hand, small and soft with calloused fingertips) returned to his crown, carding gently through thick brown hair. Matt relaxed, sinking a little deeper into the dark water surrounding his mind. 

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