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.゚☆(ノё∀ё)ノ☆゚ - Hello Instagram !


Hey everybirdie! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪

 i’m startin’ to share mah art on IG, i’m not a huge fan of the jpg lame quality but i’ll try to upload some exclusive stuff !

Also,if you see anywahn sharing mah art without crediting meh,plz tell meh,i rly don’t accept uncredited reposts!/roll roll//

Ah btw,last thing (´;д;`) im not used to insta’ at all, sorry if i miss ur comment,don’t reply or upload somethin’ in bad quality, i dun understand everythin’ yet !i apologize in advance //cries//

pyxthetrash  asked:

It's great to see you back on Tumblr again, I love seeing your art! I hope your having a great summer so far!

aaaaAA thANK U!!!!! ive been just super busy with work and mental health stuff but like im hanging in there!! so far my summer has been good!!! hope urs is going swell too, pal!!! ♥

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Let's break the fourth wall. Prussia, have you met the mun? What is, or was, your first impression of them?

The mun? Oh, yeah, I’ve met her. She’s a complete and utter mess, but she can be awesome sometimes.

((hnnn the colors got screwed up again ; u ;


So from my Knowledge it seems the Ciel Twin Theory has been confirmed. So this is my opinion, so don’t be upset by them. I’ve been following Kuroshitsuji for a long time, getting wrapped in all the adventures. And cute Lizzy and Ciel moments. But I had heard of the theory that Ciel had a twin that was really the real Ciel. I’ll tell you right now I hate that theory. Even though people showed me “proof” there wasn’t enough. It was all little things. Here’s the thing it doesn’t seem plausible and if it is true, it would feel forced (which it does) The thing is, why hasn’t any of the other characters mention this fact. We seen moments in other characters point of view, example Lizzy, and everyone brushed passed that he had a twin? Not one mention in a flashback that there is another one. It feels extremely forced, and unnatural. Honestly I really wanted for this theory to turn out false and to have a more well done idea about Ciel’s past. It just feels unsatisfying, and a little sloppy. And I guess I should touch on the part of the Green Witch arc, where we see two Ciel’s. Well, it was in Ciel’s mind so won’t it make more sense that (since he goes into a state of fear during this part) it’s his current and past self talking? A voice in his head? Something a long those lines. I’m just disappointed. These are my opinions and I know everyone else is happy about it. But it just feels boring and forced. After all these years it just makes me go “meh” Though on the other hand, where is Lizzy? Someone find the baby please QvQ. Don’t mind me just suffering alone-

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OK. So. I know I said I’d do it tomorrow but I just had to do it now! I hope you like this! I’m pretty proud seeing as it took only an hour to draw! Anyway. Enjoy this little fanart! I should really sleep now though. Cuz it’s 1 am. Goodnight! x3

Azy’s answer : Thank you so much, it’s so adorable ! I love it !! Thank you ><
Only an hour ? Geez, My drawing are taking me so much longer !
Aww, thank you again, dude ! <3
But yeah, again, go to sleep earlier >_>