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Ganz and Error requested by anon!!!

It’s such an honor to know that Golzy is also a Malaysian, I hope I can meet her someday qvq

As for CQ, I’m really happy to know her as she’s the first blog I ever know and follow, and she’s is one of the people that inspired me to start Tumblr too.

I’m just so glad I met these amazing artists qvq

Anyways, sorry for rambling. Hope you like it!

Ganz(GzTale Sans)belongs to @golzy
Error(Lucidia)belongs to @loverofpiggies

Soulmate AU Tropes #2

You only find out who your soulmate is after they die 

Your soulmate’s hair colour matches your eyes (eyes colour changes when they dye their hair) 

Soulmate tattoos, but only your soulmate can see them. (extra: one half is dead set on pretending they can’t see anything) 

Every time your soulmate has a new favourite song, you can hear it in your head (this can potentially get pretty embarrassing) 

Eye colour changes based on soulmates mood, ex: red eyes when they’re angry

Being able to see every colour…expect your soulmate’s eye colour, until you meet them. 

When you look into the mirror you see your soulmate’s reflection, not yours 

Only being able to see in your soulmate’s favourite colour (isn’t too bad if they like blue or something, but of course theres that one whose favourite colour is like…grey) 

“Dear sister
I nearly died, but I’ve met Varric Tethras, so it was worth it.
Oh and im safe with the Inquisition btw.
with love
Gerard Travelyan”

As requested by @thalia-freaking-grace: Lance as Josh Dun from Tøp