meh this turned out bad

Undyne attacks!

Damn I put way too much effort and time into this, but it turned out pretty well so I guess it’s ok! For todays @undyne-appreciation prompt thingie :D

Day three: Big fishy smile

Undynes smile is something I can never get enough of, I srs love it and it’s always so much fun to draw it! she was actually supposed to be all happy but for some reason something went wrong and she ended up slightly pissed instead <: had too much fun with this, love how the colours on her armour turned out~

Also you guys holding the Undyne appreciation week, thank you for the wonderful comments you gave on my other two drawings!! They made me extremely happy!! <3

That moment when your boyfriend friend thinks that he’s allowed to be taller than you and you have to assert your dominance by making him crouch down to hug you. Not because you want to cuddle. Nope.