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How do the boys feel about goth girls?


♥Shu: How I feel about them…? I guess I don’t care… But some of them sure know how to choose a nice outfit.

♥Reiji: Mmm… I guess I like the victorian-goth girls’s style. It’s classy. But I don’t like the ones that dress with fishnets, boots… It’s unladylike.

♥Ayato: Not my type! But I have to admit that some of them are sexy…

♥Kanato: I don’t like the normal goth style… I find it boring. I prefer pastel goth. The makeup they use is cute, more doll-like.

♥Laito: If it’s a style that involves the use of lace and chokers, I like it~

♥Subaru: I don’t like them very much… I prefer a girl with more colors in her clothing.


♥Ruki: Well, I’ve always preferred black clothes. Black colors tend to match with everything. But I don’t think goth-clothing is something I’d pick for my Livestock.

♥Kou: Mmm… I don’t know~ there are many goth girls who are really pretty. But I like other kind of girls! You already know I like lively colors, M Neko-chan.

♥Yuma: Meh, I don’t really care about them. I think is kinda silly when they want to give that “gloomy” look.

♥Azusa: Ah… I like that… Some of them even wear… Sharp and pointy accessories… Fufufu~


♥Carla: Goth is indeed a style I approve… But you shall not wear any clothes that show too much skin, woman.

♥Shin: I don’t really mind about something as mundane as that. But Nii-san has a lot of gothic clothing, heheh.

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Supergirl S1 Appreciation Week - Day 6

Supergirl S1 Appreciation Week

Day Six - Best Arc

If this were asking about Season Two, I’d have to say Alex’s coming out, of course. It’s so beautifully crafted, it resonates, it rings true.

Honestly, I’m not 100% sure there’s anything like that in S1. I rewatched all of S1 back in the December hiatus, so I don’t really think I’m forgetting anything when I say that there wasn’t really a ton of arcs everywhere. I mean, there are a couple:

- Astra and Non and Myriad
- Alex killing Astra and J’onn taking the blame
- Hank revealing himself as J’onn
- James and Kara
- Kara’s career

But, honestly, a lot of it is kind of meh to me? I think the whole Myriad thing was silly. I think it was even sillier that Alex killing Astra either wasn’t stretched out more or was at all hidden. (I feel it hit a weird middle-ground and they should have committed to either the difficulty of Alex and Kara dealing with it right away or they should have dragged it out longer to make it matter more?)

For that matter, we found out about Hank/J’onn pretty quick, all things considered.

James and Kara started in episode 1 and ended in S2, but much of it was dealing with his relationship with Lucy and such that they didn’t spend much time together, which is a shame.

Kara’s career is possibly the most entertaining of what I listed. I liked how she began as an assistant and ended up a reporter, but I also liked how Cat did try to help her out and encourage her (while being simultaneously awful to her at times). I especially liked when she called her Kara at the end of the season.

But probably the best arc I can really think of is Kara’s overall growth, as a person and as a superhero. She went from being this person who was trying to fit in and hide who she was to being this person that had a rough start while trying to help people. She eventually won over the population of National City, only to lose their trust again due to the Red Kryptonite… and then regained it. And then, was prepared to give up everything, everyone, to get Fort Rozz off of Earth.

Kara Danvers was who we met in the start, but Kara Zor-El is the person we were left with at the season’s end.

See you tomorrow for the last day of Supergirl Season 1 Appreciation Week!