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Little cute precious child shino~ The poet was made by raven just for fun and he gave it to shino cause it sound funny to her and the last sentence had been putted in by shino too~ And I pretty sure shino would be a very close person to BP when she come over Raven’s classroom , Shino: @blue-kohina Blue print: @pepper-mint Raven: @ask-the-gothfamily Naj: @coolca4t8

  • quietly, to myself: am I a furry or are the beasts always way hotter than the princes

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How do the boys feel about goth girls?


♥Shu: How I feel about them…? I guess I don’t care… But some of them sure know how to choose a nice outfit.

♥Reiji: Mmm… I guess I like the victorian-goth girls’s style. It’s classy. But I don’t like the ones that dress with fishnets, boots… It’s unladylike.

♥Ayato: Not my type! But I have to admit that some of them are sexy…

♥Kanato: I don’t like the normal goth style… I find it boring. I prefer pastel goth. The makeup they use is cute, more doll-like.

♥Laito: If it’s a style that involves the use of lace and chokers, I like it~

♥Subaru: I don’t like them very much… I prefer a girl with more colors in her clothing.


♥Ruki: Well, I’ve always preferred black clothes. Black colors tend to match with everything. But I don’t think goth-clothing is something I’d pick for my Livestock.

♥Kou: Mmm… I don’t know~ there are many goth girls who are really pretty. But I like other kind of girls! You already know I like lively colors, M Neko-chan.

♥Yuma: Meh, I don’t really care about them. I think is kinda silly when they want to give that “gloomy” look.

♥Azusa: Ah… I like that… Some of them even wear… Sharp and pointy accessories… Fufufu~


♥Carla: Goth is indeed a style I approve… But you shall not wear any clothes that show too much skin, woman.

♥Shin: I don’t really mind about something as mundane as that. But Nii-san has a lot of gothic clothing, heheh.



lol angel wings didn’t know what to make of this XD

getting him to stay still was challenging. tried putting birdseed on the plate but he wasn’t interested XD

he just looked at me. looked at the plate, looked at me and said “ tch I’m outta here! X>” and jumped on the back of the chair and bolted XD lol

the bed was harder since he didn’t feel like taking a nap lol XD

“no mommy! I don’t wanna nap unless your snuggling with meh! >v<”

silly ^^


EDIT: there is no mistake on his gender. ANGELWINGS IS A BOY! 

I know my own bird, there are specifics telling his gender. he doesn’t lay eggs, he has no aggressive tendencies. trust me, considering how long I’ve had him, it very obvious by now!


I know more about my own bird then you do. do not write anymore comments about this!

An crazy but strangely possible SU theory

So today I was texting @antis3pticeye chatting about Steven Universe when I mentioned Ronaldo Fryman’s strange habit of predicting plot points before they are revealed. He replied:

“Maybe his mom was a sapphire gem and granted some kind of “meh” version of future vision”

At first I thought this was a silly idea. If that were the case, why wouldn’t we have seen his gem until now? Why wouldn’t he have any of Sapphire’s physical features? But then I realized that perhaps one of the most annoying, ridiculous things he’s ever said could support this theory.

First, before applying it to Ronaldo, I wondered if this “meh” future vision is something we might see. Though we haven’t seen warped future vision exactly like Ronaldo’s, we have seen a different kind in the form of Padparadscha Sapphire, who only has insight into the immediate past. It is entirely possible that a Sapphire could have had a warped future vision that causes her predictions to be partially wrong in a way that made them seem outlandish, like conspiracy theories. If a Sapphire like this were on Pink Diamond’s court, it’s entirely possible she could have been on Earth and, perhaps, mingled with humanity.

Applying this to Ronaldo is the part where things go wonky, but I think there could be a connection. The immediate problem I had with this is that it is stated that Steven is the first half-gem half human. However, in Are You My Dad, when he asks gems if they are SURE about that, they respond with uncertainty, leading to the idea that perhaps there is or was another hybrid that the Crystal Gems have no knowledge of.

These two facts in themselves don’t point toward Ronaldo. At most they point to some unnamed, long dead hybrid. But then it hit me. In his attempt to become a crystal gem in the events of Rocknaldo, Ronaldo comes up with his gemsona “Bloodstone” which he says is “like one crushed up gem coursing through my blood.” It’s easy to write this off as a bad OC decision, but when you take into account all of Ronaldo’s confirmed theories, it could be closer to the truth than anyone knows.

Perhaps the Fryman are descended from a Sapphire with warped future vision, turning Ronaldo into the Cassandra-like oracle he is currently. As painful as it would be to see a sub par character get such an interesting backstory, it would be fascinating to learn that another gem human hybrid has been right under the Crystal Gems’ noses this whole time. Or maybe this is complete bullshit and the writers just use Ronaldo to fuck with us. What do you think? I’d love to see some more discussion about Ronaldo’s strange ability.

Coffee, Ink and Art


The ‘The Yellow Submarine’ was snug and high-end tattoo parlour, wooden floors and brick walls. The inside was elegant and sanitary, decorated with posters and multiple figurines. Three artist stations, three tattoo beds and a front desk stood proudly for all to see. At the very end a private section, behind heavy crimson drapes where another artist station and bed were situated.

That is where Trafalgar Law was hiding away from the world, music blaring in his headphones and hand working away on his newest art piece. As if on cue with the music he sat up straight.

“Coffee,” he muttered, he pushed himself away from his desk and stretched his long legs. He swaggered through his parlour, greeting his customers and giving Sachi criticism on shading.

He walked into his favourite coffee shop, ready to greet whoever was on duty and maybe even flirt with them. He rang the small bell on the counter as no one was there, waiting to order his Turkish coffee in a macchiato. A drink made just for him by the owner, a show of how often he was here.

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What is the best way to read the scp foundation stuff? Because whenever I look into it, it looks overwhelming and I say I'll look later but then don't.

Don’t look at it as something you’re planning to read in its entirety. Think of it more like Wikipedia. It’s got a bunch of pages. You’ll probably never read them all. You can click around and read them in whatever order you want. Some are more interesting than others If you’re reading one and it bores you, pick another. 

I’d suggest starting in Series I, just because those are older, there are a bunch of classics in there and they’re less likely to have references to other SCPs. You can just scroll down the list and click on whatever one has a title you find interesting. Some of them are very creepy. Some are silly. Some are just kind of meh. The variety is part of the appeal for some people (me.)

You can also check out the Top Rated Pages as a starting point. (Note that anything with a -J at the end is a non-cannon joke entry.)

Here’s a few of my personal favorites: