meh this is silly

I still can’t get over how adorable Jacob was with that magic ball of yarn (or whatever it was I can’t remember) in “And the horns of a dilemma” he just holds it up at Jenkins like a cat going ‘look at this cool plaything I have found’ someone protect this precious kitten

I’m sure this is a sort of Spoiler so I’m sorry but I tagged it.

I wanted to draw Pidge/Katie a bit more grown up :>

A side story where the crew wants to find out more about Haggar and the Druids so they find a planet that is basically a universal library for the universe however the planets inhabitants do not like children and have no children themselves so Pidge is forced to stay behind with the mice in the castle but she takes thing into her own hands and re-wires the cryo pods to increase her age but only for a short time like 3hr or something. the guys are completely caught off guard but Princess Allura is enjoying every minute of it. 

It’s silly and cliche but meh I do want I want.

The Tight Trousers Resolution
  • St. Bart's
  • Sherlock: *bursts into the lab* Molly, it has been brought to my attention that you... *looks around*...are not here.
  • Molly: *enters behind him* Hi, Sherlock. *walks around him, pulling her hair into a ponytail with her lab coat over her arm* Running a bit late today.
  • Sherlock: *stares at her, running his gaze over her yellow pencil skirt, and noting a particular item of clothing is missing from his pathologist*
  • Molly: *turns to face him* Is there something you needed?
  • Sherlock: Yes. *stalks over to her, wrapping his arm around her waist* You. *proceeds to snog her senseless*
  • Sherlock: *against her lips* I love you.
  • Molly: *pulls back, blushing prettily* Well, it took you long enough.
  • Sherlock: *realises and pouts* You knew all along. And you let me suffer.
  • Molly: Mmhmm. Turnabout is fair play. *smiles sweetly and kisses him* I love you, too.
  • Sherlock: *slides his hand down her back* I must say, the commando look is infinitely more appealing on you.
  • Molly: *beams and fiddles with the button on his shirt* So, shall I beg off for the day and we head to Baker Street to get rid of these trousers? *squeezes his bum* I don't like the rest of London getting a gander at something about to be exclusively mine.
  • Sherlock: *shifts uncomfortably in his tight trousers* I'm afraid I had Antonio take all my trousers in.
  • Molly: *takes him by the hand and starts walking toward the door with a wicked grin* Who said you were going to be wearing any trousers at all, Mr Holmes.
Started Watching Z Nation (Spoilers)

My friends turned me back on to Z Nation. When it first came out in 2014 I was a like meh this looks silly. Also these were most of the promo posters that I was seeing were like this.

I was not here for another zombie show/movie with White man leading the group of survivors, Rick Grimes was enough I stopped watching Falling Skies after season 2. So I was hesitant, but I watched the pilot episode to give it a chance and was like nah especially because in the first episode 2 Black men died real quick and I was like nope I am not doing this again so I was like Bye. 

Now that The Warrior Queen Goddess Abbie Mills was taken from us and her role in the entire show was diminished with just one line that she was there to push Crane to the next stage. 

Still being mad I was looking for another sci-fi/fantasy genre show where a Black woman was clearly the lead andother nothing was vague about it. Since Extant and Minority Report were cancelled I stumbled on Killjoys a Syfy show.

So my friend said “Besides Killjoys there is also Z Nation and before you say anything look at his poster.”

In the front and clearly the leader. The white man in the promo pics dies in Season 1 episode 6 for Roberta Warren’s arc. He died to help further her to push her forward to the next stage! This is just what I needed after Shitty Hollow finale.

Then I realized that Kellita Smith is the first name you see in the credits, she is top billed right from the start it was Bait and Switch. Z Nation is a weird and funny show just what you expect from Syfy I’m 8 episodes in and I am so into it. 

I wish Sleepy Hollow would’ve been on Syfy