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Here’s a neat little comparison chart of the highest viewed shows on kids TV this year (so far) versus last year. The trend is obvious that viewership on all 3 channels have fallen from 2016 to 2017, to no surprise. All TV has fallen in viewership in general. Read through this little analysis if you want:


Nick comes first since it is the easiest to talk about. Its ratings have been fairly stable despite the decline and its highest viewed list can still be pulled up with the return of new Spongebob and Henry Danger later this September. I still have faith in Nick’s ability to grab viewership because of the numbers below this chart, MANY premieres have hit close to 2 million, especially Spongebob and Loud House. Paw Patrol, its highest pre-school show has the capacity to grab big numbers and its live action shows does amazingly well despite the cringey efforts. So far, I say it would probably be the most stable network here.


Disney Channel this year has been kinda meh in terms of special programming (premiere events heavily advertised to bring in viewers). Only one DCOM has aired this year and it is unknown if another one will arrive. 2016 had 2 movie premieres, Adventures in Babysitting and Frozen (not technically a DCOM, but a movie nonetheless) which got huge numbers, fuelling the shows around them. 2017 had Descendants 2, a highly anticipated DCOM that was a sequel to a previously highly successful DCOM, so there was no surprise that it would do extremely well. Because of that, the premiere of Raven’s Home came in a clear 2nd. Other than the movie, there has not been much from Disney Channel so far, and judging from its 2016 list, 9 out of 10 of its highest premieres were in their first half of the year, so I do hope that they have something big in plan for the next 3 months.


Just a side note to talk about this small channel. Ratings have gone down on Disney XD since popular shows like Gravity Falls and Phineas and Ferb left the network. The channel can improve though, and it has with the new D:XP block and Star vs and Star Wars Rebels doing pretty well.


Let’s face it, Cartoon Network has kind of fallen from its prime. That prime was between 2010 and 2014. 2015 was decent and 2016 was okay. But so far, 2017 isn’t okay. 2016 was a surprising year for Cartoon Network, especially during the summer. The TTG/PPG crossover in June topped the whole year with extremely high ratings. Then came the Summer of Steven. The week of August 1st was Cartoon Network’s week. Teen Titans Go’s Island Adventures special and Steven’s most intense week of SOS was underway and brought bliss to the network, especially on Thursday when Steven topped all of cable with its P 18-49 rating (a report I will always go back to just to be proud of SU getting those numbers) and scored over 2 million viewers. But after the magic that was SOS, Cartoon Network’s ratings began to plummet. At that time, TTG began to pollute the network’s schedule and less viewers were tuning in for new episodes of shows. Many shows hit their series lows at the end of 2016. 

Then came 2017. Many shows hit their series lows yet again this year. Steven and TTG, the highest ranking shows on the network, hit below a million viewers in March, and many shows began airing in “burn-out” periods of a new episode every day for a month, which caused many premieres of episodes to do terribly. We Bare Bears and Gumball aired over 20 episodes in a month, and then went for several months with limited reruns. Even the network’s king TTG was starting to fall flat. New series like Ben 10 and Cloudy were not living up to expectations and performed mediocrely in viewership. Cartoon Network is now at the point that it needs a special event or a federal holiday for shows to receive a stable viewership of over a million viewers. Teen Titans Go’s Night Begins to Shine special did wonders on the network with OK KO on its back and Steven did wonderfully on Memorial Day with its Wanted special. But that was it. The other hundreds of premieres could not meet or even compete with what the other networks had to offer, even if they were superior in quality. So all in all, Cartoon Network is in a hard place now. It had been catching up with other networks but now it’s starting to fall again. 

However, there is hope for Cartoon Network. They’re beginning to advertise shows in weekly slots again, with something more than just a Teen Titans Go at 6 ad. The 4 night TTG special in August shows that Cartoon Network can still possibly win big. The old Teen Titans reran to spruce up the schedule and there are new specials like Adventure Time and Powerpuff Girls coming up this month alone. And Steven should return soon. So Cartoon Network better step up their game and do their 25 years of history proud.

As you can tell I watch Cartoon Network VERY closely, and well I hope you enjoyed reading this, and tell me what you think I guess?

First Impressions Pt.3

First Impressions Pt. 3


On previous chapters:  On a normal day, Amy found Shadow hurt in the woods after battling some robots that were under Lyric’s command. They soon after became good friends and both having an emerald each, decided to embarked on a mission to find the last remaining of the Chaos Emerald and stop Lyric’s evil plan.  Will this mission cause love to bloom between them?

A/N:This chapter contains a bit more of SonAmy, but of course this is Shadamy!

“Was that really necessary?”- Sticks said as she tiredly walked along with Knuckles, Tails and Sonic. It was already dark  they knew that it must of being sometime already in the morning, but at the moment they didn’t seem to care. They lost count of how many times they got lost in the woods.

“I didn’t think Dave was capable of doing that with the Meh Burger’s chairs”- Tails was already falling asleep and really didn’t have time to figure out how in the world he was able to put propellants in their sits.

“Glad Amy made it out of this”- Sonic said and notice that they were already in the village.

“It’s already late, I am going to sleep”-  Said Knuckles  while looking at the Village’s main clock that indicated 5:32 AM,and with that Knuckles went off to his home.

“Yeah same”

“Me too, you wanna crash for today at my house Sonic?”-Tails asked, looking at the blue fur.

“Yeah sure”- After that being said, everyone parted their own ways.

While Sonic was sleeping on the hammock and Tails in the bed close to it, they both tried to get some sleep,which Tails could easily get. However he notices that his best-friend was still looking up to the ceiling, thinking. Even for Tails, this was a weird sight to be looking at.

“hey Sonic, are you alright?”


“Are you hungry?”


“Did you break anything?”


“…is it because of Amy’s student?”

“I mean, she was obviously lying! that ‘student’ of her it’s her boyfriend! What does he have that I don’t? Why is Amy dating him when she has me? am I not good enough? Why is she keeping it a secret? May be she is in danger and her boyfriend is actually evil and-”

“Sonic chill out!”- Tails almost screamed at the paranoid hedgehog.

“Sorry Tails, its just, I don’t know. Even is she does have a boyfriend, that’s not of my business. But I can’t really stop thinking about it”- Sonic said still looking up at the ceiling.

“… Sonic, have you ever thought that may be, in fact, you like Amy?”

“Amy is my childhood friend,I can’t”

“And why not?”


“There’s nothing wrong with liking her, she can be a bit intense, but that’s just how Amy is, she is a nice-hearted person. And I think that’s why you like her”

“ I am afraid Tails…”

“Of what?”

“Of not knowing my feelings and end up hurting her.”

“You know Sonic, I am not really good with relationship stuff, but I know that keeping your feelings to yourself is not good.”


“If you don’t say anything, its going to be too late and you will regret it. I really don’t want  to see my best-friend suffer that way.”

“…Tails… Thank you”- Sonic said as he stood up, he could see from the window that the sun began to show, and this somehow reminded him of a past memory.

“Where are you going?”- Tails was surprised by his sudden action.

“Come on Tails, a super genius like you can’t figure out where a simple hedgehog is going?”- Sonic smiled at him while heading for the door.

“Wait, are you serious? You are going? Right now?!”

“That’s right”- And with that, Sonic left running. By the distance he could hear Tails scream “Good luck” to him.

He wasn’t running at his normal speed, in a way he wanted to get it over with, but he also wanted sometime to himself to think about what he was about to do. For a moment, he could feel how everything was going faster than him. He began to think about Amy and how for many years he had left her behind. Of course this was when they were younger, and his attitude towards her had changed. He thought that the main reason why he left so many times was to save her from danger. But now that he thinks about it, in the back of his head, he knew that Amy would be there for him. He knew that no matter in what part of the Universe he was, Amy would always find a way to come to see him and he trusted her to do so.

As Sonic was passing through the village he could remember all the moments they shared, sometimes stupid, others embarrassing and others surprising, but at the end of the day, he will always cherish those moments. He knew that there will be a day when Amy would not longer be there, she would want to make a family of her own and he understood that. It was selfish for him to say, but in a way he just wanted Amy to stay by his side with the rest of the gang, always together. That’s was when he realized, his true feelings for Amy.

“Well it seems we are ready to go”- Shadow looked at Amy, who seemed a bit down.

“Its just that leaving a note without saying anything to my friends feels kinda wrong”-Amy was looking down at the floor while still sitting down on the sofa.

“You can still back up, Rose”

“Absolutely not, I am coming with you”- Amy stood up and went near by Shadow who was already on the door.

“Let’s go then”- Shadow opened up the door for Amy and she reluctantly made her way out of her house follow by Shadow.

Shadow and Amy just took a few steps out of her house and Amy was already wishing she could see one of her friends again.


She was even hearing Sonic’s voice already.


She was honestly getting scared now.


That’s when Amy turned around and she notice her blue fur coming towards her at his super sonic speed. Sonic finally got close enough to her, close enough to see her black companion.

“Amy, what are you doing with Shadow?”- Sonic said in such a soft voice, he didn’t look mad, he just felt like he was too late.  This sight hurt Amy and she knew she just couldn’t lie to him anymore.

“Shadow is my “student”- Amy smiled at him, giggling a bit. Shadow didn’t want to turn, he was listening of course and wonder why Amy said he was her “student”.However, he knew it wasn’t the time to be asking questions. He did not turn around in order to give them some privacy.

“So.. is he, your boyfriend?”- Sonic asked prepared for the worst.

“Oh no, no. Shadow and I are just friends… friends who are going together in a mission.”

“Rose… Your promise.”- Shadow really didn’t want to interrupt, but he didn’t also want a blue hedgehog going around and ruining their plan.

“Yeah, right…Sorry, Sonic. I made a promise to Shadow and I want to keep it.”- Amy said as she looked at Shadow to comfort him.

“It’s ok if you can’t tell me, I respect your decision, but…When are you coming back?” -Sonic asked.

“We don’t know.. But I promise to come back”

“You don’t need to promise me anything, I know you will be back”- Sonic smiled at her, and Amy knew that was all she needed.

“Take care Amy… and Shadow…”- Shadow turned around and looked at Sonic straight in the eyes.

“Please, protect her.”

“With my own life.”-

“Hey, I can take care of myself!”- Amy interrupted, pouting for a bit.

“I know Ames, but you can’t never be too careful.” Sonic said as she gave Amy a hug. Shadow pretended to be looking at them, for a strange reason he was bother by the scene.

Sonic still had his hands on Amy’s shoulders and just looked at her with loving eyes, something that Amy was not used to it.

“Its time to go Rose.”- Shadow said and he began to walk away.

“I’ll be back, take care of everyone for me.”- Amy said and she also began to walk away.

“I will.”- Sonic said as he watched Amy catching up to Shadow and began to walk together. In that moment Sonic thought… everything can go to hell.

Amy took one last glimpse of Sonic and so she felt how he was still looking at her. Amy and Shadow were already entering the woods when Amy heard him.


Amy suddenly stopped her tracks, even Shadow was surprised at the moment.


Amy turned around and indeed confirmed that it was Sonic who told her that he loves her. Amy was in shock, she couldn’t find the right words to say in the moment.

“You don’t have to say anything right now! Just come back safely, and we can talk later!”

Amy was so surprised, the only thing she could do was smile at him and nod her head enthusiastically, taking one final glimpse of Sonic, she finally made her way to the woods where Shadow was waiting for her.

It was already late and Amy and Shadow decided to call it a night and stay at a near by cave. They really haven’t said a word, Shadow turn on a bonfire and Amy pull put the snacks she made last night and gave one to Shadow. They both ate quietly, just looking at the fire, Amy still confused about her feelings.

“You can still go back, we are not too far away.”- Shadow said, interrupting Amy’s thoughts.

“I already said this Shadow, this emerald is my responsibility and I won’t leave you alone in this.”- Amy looked straight into Shadow’s eye. Never in his life, Shadow felt intimidated by someone’s eyes. Amy’s determination could really break anyone down.

“I thought that you would want to go back and be with your blue boyfriend now.”

“He is not my boyfriend”

“Don’t you feel something for him.”

“…I need time to think.”

Shadow kept looking at Amy and he moved closer to her. Amy noticed this and instead of looking at the bonfire, she decided to look at Shadow. He was really close and for a moment she was hypnotized by his crimson eyes. They were both getting closer and closer and in that moment Amy didn’t think about Sonic at all. Shadow began to caress her hair and slowly going down her cheek. As they were getting closer, they eyes closed as well, oh so close…

“If you still think about Sonic after this, then it must mean that you are in love, Amy.”- Shadow stop suddenly and he went back to his original position, leaving a very embarrassed Amy staying still on her place.

“I hope you make the right decision”

End of Pt.3

A/N: This was filled with a lot of SonAmy, but hey, I need to keep the drama going. Of course this a Shadamy fic lol. If there’s a good amount of support, I’ll upload Pt.4 this Wednesday!

TRAILER breakdown - My thoughts

I apologize if this contains typos, been up early, got an appointment at the nuthouse, but I’m not sure if I need it, not sure if I’m still crazy.

I’ll also spare you the details about spilling coffee over everything prior to the trailer dropping. Yes, I like my Reylo like I like my coffee…EVERYWHERE for people to see.

“La-la-la production is going well,” says Thornton about the cotton mill.

I mean, Guy of Gisborne.

I mean storybook prince getup.

Soo when Snoke starts talking, dunno if Snoke is talking to Kylo or Rey…we’ll see.

Oh look, so cute how gorillas do that in the wild.

This is Kylo’s cape-wearing-make-Grandpa-proud-stroll. Looks like the entrance of a volcano, even if it’s not.

Epic new cover for Daft Punk album.

For some reason this shot reminds Caps of a hammer. Kylo’s got lots of work to do. Gotta build that red-and-black deco dream house.

“The hills are alive with the sounds of a lightsaber!”

Music and voice over at this point, 0:33, remind me of a light hearted romance…can’t put my finger on it. Pride & Prejudice-y?

Ok, new Luke-is-disgusted meme. “Hey, weirdo, this fell along with my hand a long time ago! I want my hand back, too!”

Oh, look it’s one of the Two Towers! Just kidding, the perfect place to build a tree house!

Oh boy! Old new releases at the Jedi library! The Diary of Ben Kenobi is a classic! The Diary of Ben Solo has mixed reviews, love it or hate it.

Looky! She’s in a “ray” of light!

Hmm, ok, so there’s been a lot of talk about Rey having Kylo Ren-ish lightsaber moves, and before now I was just kinda “meh” about the whole idea cause a lightsaber is a lightsaber. But this in particular, the sort of lightsaber halt and hover (I’m sure it has a fancier term), DOES remind me of Kylo Ren. She’s all, “I’ll show him, next time I’ll freeze him and shove it in his face and make him faint and stuff. Mmmhm, and then learn more about his hopes and dreams and oceans.”

Next time on Dragonball Z, Rey becomes a Super Saiyan.

Also new Luke meme! I want this emoji on my phone asap. *shock face Lukey-Pooh*

“I’m the Queen of the world!”

Oh, Lukey-Pooh how bright and blue your eyes are!

Hey, it’s Vader’s funeral pyre

Ack, no it’s Terminator Luke!

Out of all the Disney princesses, I really wasn’t expecting Little Mermaid Rey

Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage…” – Smashing Pumpkins

Hey, I just love those scenes from The Force Doth Awaken. “To helmet or not to helmet?”

Soooo, where can I buy Kylo Ren bandaids?? Spam it, I wanted one with my flu shot!

Talk about smashing pumpkins…Han should have got that kid into baseball, what an arm!

Ren’s TIE takes a blast like nothin’

“No, TomTom, I’m not making a legal U-turn when possible.”

Ok, Ren, now you’re just showing off…

Mommy! Princess! General! <3 Tell the Baby Boy (what my mother-in-law still calls Caps at 30+) you love him via the Force!

Dude…you’re going to make me cry.

Crystal cave Millennium Falcon! Gotta stock up for all those new lil lightsabers the next Skywalker-Solo generation’s gonna need. Start trainin’ ‘em young folks. Probably info about the Gerber Growup Plan in there, too.

Interesting cause Kylo’s TIE is not in this scene. Friend of mine really wants Kylo to pilot the Falcon.

OMG, Chewie, buddy, we got to get you to a dentist. Or at least a doggie toothbrush.

I just love Chewie’s new car alarm.

Poe doesn’t want to miss the fireworks! He’s got a lighter to create sparks!

Do NOT mess with a lady after she has just spent all day polishing her armour. Just don’t.

Sooo, Finn took that guy’s Z6 riot control baton and has had it since TFA?

Ok, epic showdown!

Yes, BB, this trailer is shocking!

Feels very Disney Lion King Pride Rock-ish end scenes.

Hey, I want a plushie of one of those thingies, too.

I think I would actually enjoy a coat like that. Save me hunting for scarfs. I hope this becomes a real style. Carrie, I miss you and will think of your humor the rest of my life.

*Cue under the sea music* Oh, look, a sea critter..

It looks like she’s just caught him red-handed stealing something.

Is Finn marching undercover or marching as a prisoner??

Oh look it’s Star Wars Celebration!

Huh, Snoke..what bright and blue eyes you have…kinda reminds me of Lukey-Pooh?

Ok…so, in my mind Rey’s either stuck in Force freeze/hold and Snoke is draining energy/power and maybe there’s an air lock that’s opened? Painful to watch. This makes me mad.

At this point, I think the trailer is over, hahahahah.

“I need someone”!!!???? She’s got stars in her eyes! *Cue Georgie-Pooh-Harrison:*

“If I needed someone to love
You’re the one that I’d be thinking of
If I needed someone

If I had some more time to spend
Then I guess I’d be with you my friend
If I needed someone

Had you come some other day then
It might not have been like this
But you see now I’m too much in love

Carve your number on my wall and
Maybe you will get a call from me
If I needed someone” – If I Needed Someone

Ok, sooo, yeah, she’s probably saying this to Luke or the Caretakers in the beginning. Opening statements.

But I’m about 99% sure with how gentle, tender, and EVEN kind Kylo Ren looks, he’s looking at someone he has a great affection for…


Do I have to magnify the hearts in his eyes for Rey again??? I kinda stopped back March 2015 or something, the joke got oldish.

People at Disney want us to think Reylo…

AND, my dears, I LOVE the very slight tremble of Kylo Ren’s hand as he offers it. He’s *gush* nervous about the whole situation. So romantic. Even the crazy flames in the background look like shooting stars, fireworks, and/or floating lanterns people use at weddings.

I love you all, let’s take Kylo’s hand and let him usher us to our theater seats!

University!Joshua: Health Sciences
  • so ur in the library in a nice open room with lots of couches and a few tables to do work on and it’s a rlly nice quiet place and ur there to do some homework and study a bit
  • and like ur lucky enough to be there when there’s not a lot of ppl so u have a table all to urself and 20 minutes later u hear someone sitting down across from u and ur basically thinking wtf dude there’s like 2 other completely empty tables go sit there but then u look up and have a mini panic attack bc its like the prettiest guy uve ever seen
  • like joshua in all his doe eyed perfect gentleman’s upper lip glory u are heart eyes in the first 3 seconds
  • and ur all shit he’s not even looking at me he’s doing his own thing i shouldn’t disturb him so u go back to studying but u occasionally peek up at him once in a while just to like reassure urself that yes pretty boy is still there
  • but acTUALLY joshua totally sat across from u on purpose bc he was like “oh shit this person is hella cute” but he was too shy to actually say anything so he’s trying to be casual abt it but on the inside he’s freaking out
  • so the two of u are like sneaking peeks at each other but always at diff times so u dont catch each other in the action and both of u think the other is super busy but truthfully u can barely concentrate
  • so then the two of u finally accidentally look up at the same time and ur both super embarrassed but u dont want to be rude so u give him like one of those small polite smiles u give to strangers and even that is enough for joshua to be dyING
  • and eventually ur like jfc i’m not studying at all i can’t do this i have to leave pretty boy so u start to pack up and joshua’s just sitting there panicking bc what???ur leaving?? this wasn’t part of his plan what? don’t leave??!!
  • but u do and he’s utterly broken hearted and ur like aw man i wish i at least talked to the guy shit
  • so a few days pass and one of ur friends who’s taking psychology with u is like “hey a bunch of kids from diff faculties that are taking psych are meeting up at the library and we’re going to do the big online midterm quiz together wanna join??” and ur like meh why the hell not i’ll have ppl to help me figure out the answers rather than doing it alone
  • so u go and josHUA IS THERE TOO bc he’s a friend of a friend of a friend or some shit and he had the same idea as u, do it w a bunch of ppl
  • so both of u immediately get all blushy and embarrassed and ur friend sees and is like “??do u know him??” and ur like “nONONONO i dont lets do this ok”
  • so ur too embarrassed to even sit near him so u sit on the other side of the table
  • and u kinda forget about him for a bit when u start the quiz bc u need to concentrate this is like 10% of ur mark and everyone’s asking questions aloud and trying to help other ppl in the group figure out the right answer
  • and u get majorly stuck on question 13 and ur like frantically flipping thru ur notes and asking the question out loud two or three times but no one hears u bc they’re busy helping other ppl and ur like shIT I’M WASTING TIME I ONLY HAVE 40 MINUTES TO COMPLETE THIS QUIZ
  • but then someone moves a chair over and sits next to u and its joshua and he gives u this lil calm, shy smile and is like “it’s ok i’ll figure it out for u go on to the next one”
  • and so the two of u end up working on the quiz together and since both of u are looking at ur laptop screen ur close together and sometimes his knees accidentally bump into yours and each time he blushes and mumbles sorry and ur like oHMY GOD CAN ANYONE BE ANY CUTER THAN THIS
  • finally ur both done the quiz and u turn to look at the others in the group but they totally forgot abt u two so joshua’s like “hey ummm do u wanna get a smoothie together to celebrate??” so u two ditch and u sit in a small cafe on campus and talk for like 2 hours and it’s great ur both a lil awkward but u hit it off straight away
  • and finally he’s like “umm sorry i gotta go i have to catch a bus home but maybe we can study for psych again together?? like for the final even tho the final is still like 2 months away…haha ha ….” and ur like jesus this boy is gonna be the death of me and ur like “yes yes lemme give u my number”
  • so the two of u end up meeting up at least once or twice a week to “””’study for the psych final’’”” and i mean u two actually do study but after each session u go out to get like a coffee or eat dinner together and ur like is this a date?? it feels like a date but u dont wanna say anything in case it’s just u getting these vibes but joshua is totally thinking the same thing
  • a few days before the official start of final exam season there’s always a lil festival on campus, and there’s like games and food and the school even spends a day or two beforehand to set up a couple of rides for ppl to go on and u two go together and ur having fun just like walking around the quad looking at all the rides and games and shit and eventually when it gets dark enough ur like oh man there’s a small ferris wheel here if i could go on w him it would be totally romantic
  • so u tell him u rlly wanna go on and of course gentleman joshua is like “heCK yeah lets wait in this ridiculously long line together in this mid-april chilly weather bc at least i’m waiting w u what haha hahaha”
  • so u wait for a looong ass time bc everyone under the fucking sun wants to go on the ferris wheel apparently and when the two of u finally get on its way too cold to even enjoy it and ur hands are freezing and ur shivering so hard ur teeth are chattering and ur like “uh shit sorry i don’t think this was worth the wait”
  • and he’s like “nonono this is great im having lots of fun u look cold tho” and then “’””casually”’” puts his arm around u and slides u a bit closer to him for “’waRMTh”’”
  • and when u hit the very top of the ride ur like it’s now or never and u say “listen…i’ve known u for a couple months now and i rlly like u…its cool if u dont tho”
  • and he lights uP and he’s like “omg u do?? u srsly do?? bc i rlly like u!!” and he’s just so relieved bc he wanted to confess to u too but u confessed first and made it so much easier for him ahhh joshua u chicken
  • and u kinda wanna do the anime thing where u kiss at the top of the ferris wheel and ur like hmmm maybe it’s too soon so u settle for holding his hand and he’s already a stuttering blushing mess so it’s a good thing u didnt kiss him out of the blue w/ no mental preparation this sweet summer child
  • in the end u two end up getting rlly high marks in the psych final bc of all the fucking study sessions u guys did all semester lololol and u scored a super cute bf in the end so BOOM!!
Gugudan Profile

Yesterday, after much anticipation, Jellyfish released their 1st girl group ever, Gugudan!  Their debut single is called “Wonderland,” based off a Little Mermaid concept.  I’ll do a more thorough review of their MV and single in a bit once I watch their debut stage to get a better sense of their performance quality.  There are nine members in the group with Produce 101/IOI members included.  Let’s show these girls some support, go watch their MV!

Let’s begin

Originally posted by mari-gx9

(Please note since they just debuted, there is still some missing info that would normally be included in their profile.  Giving you as much as I got!)


Real Name:  Shin Bora

DOB:  4/30/1993  (Taurus)



Position:  Leader, Lead Dancer, Vocalist, center

Position Explanation:  With just the teasers out, Hana was already dubbed the leader by Jellyfish.  Apparently, her charisma and stage presence got here to that position.  In “Wonderland”, she can definitely be qualified as the Center of the group - choreography lands in her in the front for choruses.  She proves to be a solid dancer, from what I can see thus far.  Her voice is cute and cheery, but so far not as outstanding as the others.

Interesting Facts:

-  She looks kinda like T-ara’s former member, Hwayoung!


Real Name:  Jung Mimi

DOB:  1/1/1993  (Capricorn - like meh!)

Height/Weight:  163cm (5′4)


Position:  Vocalist

Position Explanation:  Mimi is a bit of a mystery still to me.  She got the least amount of screen time and lines in the title song.  Hopefully, we will get to see more of her soon!

Interesting Facts:

- Former FNC Trainee


Real Name:  Han Haebin

DOB:  8/16/1993  (Leo)



Position:  Main Vocalist

Position Explanation:  Well, well, well.  It seems like Jellyfish really did catch themselves a little mermaid.  Girl has some pipes, belting out a range of ad-lib notes towards the end of “Wonderland.”  She proves to be a stable vocalist for sure.

Interesting Facts:


Real Name:  Kim Nayoung  

DOB:  11/23/95 (Sagittarius)

Height/Weight:  169cm/50kg (5′6/110lbs)

Training:  2+ years

Position:  Lead Vocalist

Position Explanation:  Nayoung’s vocal color is the most recognizable in the group; her voice is easy to pick out.  It has a bass to it, and a bit of an accent which is super cute.  She proved to us on Produce 101 how talented she is, and I expect to watch her grow notably.

Interesting Facts:

- Specialty in Jazz Vocals

- Attends Baekseok Arts University

- Eliminated Produce 101 contestant (ranked #14)


Real Name:  Kim Sejeong

DOB:  8/28/1996 (Virgo)

Height/Weight:  164cm/48kg (5′4/106lbs)

Training:  Nearly 2 years

Position:  Face of the Group, Main Vocalist

Position Explanation:  This girl’s popularity cannot be denied.  In Produce 101, she was ranked second in the final line-up.  She has appeared on variety shows by herself even.  However, just because she is popular and pretty doesn’t mean she’s talentless either.  Sejeong is a wonderful vocalist and is definitely one of the members in Gugudan who is in charge of ad-libs.  It’s nice that Sejeong has her own group now too.

Interesting Facts:

- Former Fitting Model

- Produce 101 winner (ranked #2), currently active in IOI as a Main Vocalist


Real Name:  Liu Xie Ning 

DOB:  10/23/1996 (Scorpio)



Position:  Vocalist, Lead Rapper (Potentially?)

Position Explanation:  Sally didn’t have many lines in Wonderland.  She had parts of the bridge, showing off a cute image.  In their showcase song “Good Boy,” Sally took on one of the two rapper roles.  Maybe if Gugudan’s producers continue to utilize raps for their songs, Sally will become a part of the Rap line.

Interesting Facts:

- Born in Guangdong, China 

- This makes her most likely a bilingual speaker, but I don’t want to assume!

- Kinda looks like Twice’s Sana


Real Name:  Jang Sojin

DOB:  11/21/1996 (Sagittarius)


Training:  5+ Years (Probably one of the longest amongst the members)

Position:  Lead Vocalist

Position Explanation:  I like Soyee’s voice a lot.  It’s very clear and stable, which she shows in the group.  It’s not quite as powerful as Sejeong or Haebin, but it definitely has a uniqueness to it.  I look forward to hearing more from her.

Interesting Facts:

- Former Plan A Entertainment Trainee

- Was set to debut with A Pink!


Real Name:  Kang Mina  

DOB:  12/4/1999 (Sagittarius)

Height/Weight:  162cm/48kg (5′3/106lbs)

Training:  1+ Year

Position:  Main Dancer, Main Rapper, vocalist

Position Explanation:  Since Produce 101, Mina’s dance skills have been complimented and noted by some famous trainers and excited fans.  As I said before, I had a feeling she’d be her own groups Main Dancer.  In the showcase, Mina took on the major rapping portion of their song “Good Boy,” making her a part of a potential rap line within the group.

Interesting Facts:

- Specializes in Waking (type of Dance Genre)

- Winner of Produce 101 (ranked #9), currently active in IOI as Lead Dancer and sub-vocalist


Real Name:  Cho Hyeyeon

DOB:  8/5/2000 (Leo)



Position:  Makane, Vocalist

Position Explanation:  Hyeyeon’s voice is a stable one.  Like Mina, it is more cute than anything.  Once we see more from her, I think I’ll get a better idea of her vocal skills.  

Interesting Facts:

- Dude, dude, dude.  She reminds me of SNSD’s Seohyun, back in their old days.  Like it’s uncanny!


Please support Gugudan!  If you have any info that I was missing, let me know! I’d love to learn more about these girls!

My Love for Him, His Love for Her (Ch. 9)

It’s been a few days since ‘that night’. Minseo and Jungkook are in good terms now and I can say that because they call and text each other everyday to check on one another. I was happy for them and proud of my accomplishment. Jimin, on the other hand, since that night kept asking me about what was going on between Jungkook and Minseo but I somehow was able to avoid his questions. He just shouldn’t know! First of all, I know Minseo definitely wouldn’t want me to tell him (nor anybody) about her being rejected by Jungkook. And second of all, it might actually hurt Jimin a lot knowing the person he likes, loves someone else and most of all, has been rejected by that person. I just can’t tell him…I can’t…hurt him, because…I know how it feels like.

I sighed and tried to clear my mind from all those useless and day ruining thoughts and started getting ready for the day, throwing on some leggings and a hoodie before grabbing my backpack and heading out to my class. I started walking in the hallways, hearing whispers here and there “have you heard about the new transferee?” “oh yes! I’ve heard that he’s really handsome!” “yes yes! and he’s from America too! aah I can’t wait to see him!” A new transferee from America? well, that’s new. We barely had any tranferees from foreign countries so this was definitely something to look forward to. Before I go to my first class, I went to the cafeteria to get some breakfast and also meet up with Jimin. This was our everyday routine. Meeting each other every morning and helping each other getting ready for the day.

I ordered some croissant with a cup of milk coffee before searching the place to sit down until I saw a familiar face. That face looked up from his phone and caught my eyes before his own eyes disappeared into crescents as he smiled and waved at me. I returned his smile and walked towards his table

“waited for too long?” I smirked as I settled down

“oh yea! I was dying from loneliness” he scoffed and I giggled

“awe my poor little Jiminie was lonely without his love” I pinched his cheeks gently

“yea sure, the most handsome guy in this college would never be lonely” he said smugly

“well, I don’t think you would be the only 'handsome’ guy here from today”

“and why is that?”

“have you heard about the new transferee from America? I’ve heard he’s REALLY handsome”

“well, you 'heard’ he’s handsome, it’s not like you’ve actually seen him. By the way, it’s literally impossible for someone to look handsomer than me” he winked and I scoffed

“will see about that mister” we both started laughing and eating our breakfast. When we were done, Jimin walked me to my class and tapped me on my shoulder

“good luck!” he smiled

“thanks, you too!” I smiled back

“and if you see that new transferee guy, tell him that the number one best-looking male on the campus is already occupied by Park Jimin, he can be the second”

“sure will do mister number one” I giggled and waved him goodbye before walking into my class. I found my seat at the back and after settling down, I pulled out my phone and started playing with it until I heard everyone rose from their seats as the professor walked in. The professor motioned everyone to sit back down and was about to begin the lecture when somebody burst into our class, panting.

“sorry I’m late, I was lost finding my classes” the boy managed between his short breaths

My eyes widened as I looked at the boy. My jaw dropping at the too familiar figure in front of me. I didn’t know how to react. I forgot how to breathe for a minute which caused me to gasp for air.

“I assume you’re new then, please introduce yourself to the class and have a seat” the professor instructed the boy and he bowed

“hello! I’m a new transferee, Jeon Jungkook. please treat me well” J-Jungkook?! what is he doing here?? didn’t he just come here to visit for a while? why did he transfer to our college? what is going on?!?!

Jungkook smiled to the class then found himself a seat, which was in the row in front of me. The professor began the 3-hour lecture, but I didn’t understand a word as my brain was trying to process the whole situation that happened earlier. He didn’t even notice me…or did he? I was watching his back the entire time, trying to figure out what he was doing here, in this college, in this class?? Finally I pulled out my phone and texted him:

“Jungkook what are you doing?”

“good morning to you too”

“good morning, what are you doing?”

“trying to pay attention to the lecture”

“stop playing around! what actually are you doing here??”

“let’s talk after class :)” Ugh, this guy! seriously!

I put away my phone and impatiently waited for the class to end.

“that’s it for today, class. Read the rest of chapter 4, we’ll have an essay in the next class” the professor said as he began to gather his belongings. I quickly wrapped up my own belongings and ran to Jungkook’s desk. He was still busy taking the last notes the professor left on the board. I crossed my arms, tapping my feet while waiting for him to finish up.

“sorry for the wait” Jungkook smiled as he grabbed his bag and walked with me outside the class, but I stopped him midway

“Jeon Jungkook!”


“stop playing around and explain to me..what are you doing here? why did you transfer here? didn’t you only come here to visit?? what happen-”

“wowowo!! calm down! ask me one at the time” he giggled and I breathed deeply, trying to calm myself down a little

“no but seriously, why are you here?”

“I’m feeling so welcomed here right now, thanks” he joked

“no no! that’s not what I meant, really! I’m just shocked to see you here. I thought you only came here to visit Minseo, but now you’ve transferred to our college” I explained as I rubbed the back of my head nervously

“I don’t have any reason to go back” he began “But I do have a reason to stay” My eyes widened at his response

“and what’s your reason?” I asked, only to earn a smile from him. To be honest, I was kinda glad that he’s staying here. Even though I was with Minseo for almost three years, she still had that kind of loneliness in her heart without Jungkook, so I’m glad she wouldn’t feel like that anymore. Also, Jungkook’s a friend of mine now. We managed to grow so close together in the course of one month that he was here and I’m happy that I wouldn’t lose such a close friend.

“so, you’re planning to stay?”

“mhm!” He nodded excitedly “I didn’t know that you would have such a huge campus! I still can’t find some of my classes, mind showing me around?” He asked, changing the topic

“sure.. do you have your class schedule?”

“yea!” He reached in his bag to pull out a piece of folded paper “here” I looked at his schedule and started guiding him to his classes one by one, starting with the closest one.

“and here is your art class” after showing him his classes, I realized that we had two classes together. English in the morning and art in the afternoon, “we’re in the same class” I smiled

“I didn’t know you liked arts” he said, surprised

“’s a requirement to graduate” I shrugged

“but this is an advanced art class!”

“I know, I’ve been taking arts since forever. It’d be weird if I still was in the basic class” I joked and he giggled

“so you actually like arts”

“meh, it’s alright-”


I was disrupted by the sound of both of our stomachs growling in harmony. We looked at each other and burst into laughter “I think it’s time to show you the cafeteria” I giggled and he nodded in agreement “the best part of the campus!” he remarked and I laughed “it sure is!!”

We walked inside the cafeteria and decided on our lunch. After finding a seat to sit down, my phone buzzed


“hey~ I’m on my way, the usual place?”


“yup! c u~”

This was also our everyday routine. After my morning class is over, I would go to the library until Jimin’s and Minseo’s classes were over. Then Jimin would text me to meet them at the cafeteria until our afternoon classes start. Looking at Jungkook’s schedule made me realize that our class and break times were almost similar, so that means another party has just joined our routine. It was exciting!

“who was it?” Jungkook asked which caused me to snap back from my thoughts

“It was Jimin! he’s on his way” Jungkook’s smile suddenly fade away by the mention of Jimin’s name “I didn’t know you liked him that much!” I joked, but he only replied with a bitter smile. I wonder why he dislikes him…Suddenly my vision blacked out as I felt a pair of hands on my eyes.

“what is my girl doing with another guy sitting next to her?” I heard a familiar voice next to my ear and I grabbed his hands to remove them from my eyes

“you don’t even know” I winked and he pinched my cheek rather roughly which made me wince

“owww! what the heck Jimin!” I complained as I rubbed my cheek

“that’s what you get for betraying me!” Jimin said as he pinched my other cheek

“OWW! stooop!!” I whined and he just laughed “Jiminie, you’re so cruel” I started “It’s just Jungkook. He’s the new transferee that everyone was talking about. I showed him around the campus but then we got hungry and here we are” I explained then looked at Jungkook “see.. that’s what I’m dealing with everyday” I shook my head and he giggled before reaching his hand to shake Jimin’s

“so you’re the transferee? everyone was talking about you, man! but lemme tell ya, the first place in being the most handsome on campus is already occupied” Jimin said smugly as he was pointing to himself. Geez, this guy is so full of himself! well… I don’t see a reason why he shouldn’t be either…handsome face, toned abs, thick thighs, muscular arms.. I can’t remember a time girls didn’t stop their tracks and stare at him whenever he walked by. But no matter how manly he looked, he was just a kid inside.

“hahaha” Jungkook laughed, kinda sarcastically

“ya ya ya! why are you laughing? Girls nearly die whenever they see me!” Jimin tried to explain, but Jungkook only nodded in a 'we’ll see’ kind of way. I was just sitting there between the two, watching them as they tried to convince each other who was handsomer. I couldn’t help but to let out small giggles here and there.

The convincing 'thing’ went on until Jungkook got interrupted by his name being called

“Jungkook?!?” we all turned around to see Minseo frozen at her spot, her eyes never leaving Jungkook’s

“Hey, Minseo!” He smiled and waved at her

“w-w-what are you d-doing here??” she stuttered at her words. I could see her figure was shaking as she took small steps towards our table

“I’ve transferred here, I decided to stay” He explained

“you’re staying?!?!?” she squealed


“oh my god!! oh my goddd!!” she screamed while jumping up and down and making her way towards Jungkook and hugging him tightly. Jungkook hugged her back “calm down” he giggled. I was laughing with them until I felt a statue standing next to me. It was the motionless Jimin, his face emotionless as he watched the two.

'this is going to be extra hard on him, now’ I thought to myself


Author’s Note:

Hey everyone~

I know..I know… I’m late! But I do have a reason for being late this time and its college! yes college! it’s keeping me reaaaally busy that I don’t even have time to think of other things…sigh. But a good news! my schedule’s gonna be easier from now on and I hope that I will update on time!

Today I felt really sick but forced myself to update no matter what, so I apologize if it didn’t turn out that good :’(

As always, thank you for reading <3


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Prometheus and Tommy Merlyn... or why I think there are good reasons to believe they could go that way.

So… I know. Tommy is dead. There is also that running joke of everybody on Arrow coming back to life but Tommy Merlyn. Do I believe they are going to erase the death that caused Oliver to really start his path to heroism? A part of me still really doubts it, because… well he is dead. Another part of me sees all these clues and they just tie in so perfectly that it’s hard to not think they might be planning something like that. Why? Well… follow me :) (warning: obviously, mention of spoilers)

Originally posted by merlynqueensgambit

Many things have been said about Prometheus, and I’ll list a lot of those at the end of this fun speculation/theory. But my train of thought went literally like this:

Wendy said that, in season 5, the reason why they killed BC would make even more sense, even to those who were so vehemently opposed to it. And honestly… I was a bit at a loss at that because… if you want to make those agree with you…

Originally posted by mavietresgaie

But then I feel like she probably kinda downplayed it in terms of acceptance from the stans, probably speaking of a much larger audience. And that’s how it all started. 

How was Laurel killed? She was killed by the Green Arrow’s arrow. Even if it was shot by DD… in the end, it was Oliver’s arrow that stabbed her. And I think… this might be more important than we first thought. Prometheus comes from season 1. Now that doesn’t mean it’s someone we saw on screen, but that it’s a result of what happened that season. If Prometheus is TM, maybe he is coming to avenge LL. You know… the woman he loved and died for? If that is what causes him to come and seek revenge… then yes… LL dying makes more sense because it brings everything full circle: TM really became the dark archer, like it was the plan all along, LL really was the one in the middle of everything (even though bye bye love triangle it is now a story of revenge). Any other character dying wouldn’t have had that impact at all. That perfect, perfect villain for season 5 (because honestly it would be perfect in terms of surprise, angst, tying loose ends, mirroring season 1, closing the chapter and so on) tying in with season 4 and LL and OQ. Now… I don’t like LL, I don’t like the way they are pimping her but damn if TM is the Dark Archer and if he comes to avenge her death then all that pimping actually makes sense. And unless you really are a full 100% only BC forever stan… having the classic, iconic Dark Archer fight, mirroring the one from 123, to tie in the fifth season… on the one hand you have the GA, inspired by the BC’s legacy, and on the other the Dark Archer, inspired by his love for LL. To me, yes, even as a non-BC lover, it makes even more sense why she was the one to die because her death finally brings closure to a five-season arc. 

Originally posted by sansa-starkz

(sorry for the LL glimpse you guys I just couldn’t find a gif with just Tommy saying ILY)

Also it got longer, so I had to cut my post.

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