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when you're fucking, you're a whimpering mess, he's above you and pushing hair out of your face. you finally unravel with one big moan and yell of his name. he had already came but over stimulated you to this point, denying you many orgasms. 'there she is, there's my pretty girl." he'd say, pulling out of you. harry lays next to you as you come back to consciousness, your breath coming back to normal. he rolls your limp body over his, kissing your head. "s'it alright love, calm down fo' meh."


You’re in a live stream - Shawn Mendes

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Shawn was sitting with his phone propped up in front of him talking to his fans on a livestream. You didn’t want to be in the video because this was Shawn’s time to interact with his fans on a somewhat personal level but that still didn’t stop you from distracting him.

He kept glancing at you now and then, occasionally laughing at something you did or a weird face you pulled before going back to answering questions from his fans. 

“Who is with me?”, Shawn read out loud. It wasn’t the first time he had gotten that question, he was just avoiding it for some time. “Uh”, he looked up at you for confirmation before telling his fans, “(Y/N) is here, visiting actually”.

His fans went wild. The comments on his live stream flooded with people telling him to bring you on or asking him to say hello to you.

“Guys, I don’t think she want’s to come on”, a little laugh escaped him as he read all the comments. “My fans are more crazy about you than me”, Shawn looked at you for a second to which you shrugged your shoulders.

“I mean I don’t blame them, we can’t all be as awesome as I am”.

You and Shawn couldn’t help your laughter. It was normal for you to be quite sassy towards him and usually he came back with something equally as sassy but not today. He was to blown away by the reaction of his fans.

“Oh come on! Don’t encourage her and her sass!”.

By now you were standing behind Shawn reading the comments over his shoulder. “Hop aside Mendes, this is my time to shine”.

You slightly nudged him aside only to get a playful nudge back from him. The two now sat in front of the camera and talked to the fans, who happened to have a million and one questions for you.

“I can’t keep up with all the questions, damn”, your eyes flew over the comment section trying to read them as quickly as possible. “Is Shawn a good boyfriend?”

You turned around to study your boyfriend, who gave you a warning look. “Meh, he’s alright, I guess… He drives me to get ice cream at two in the morning so I probably shouldn’t complain”

“Oh wow, is that all I get?”, Shawn asked, and pretended to be offended.

“Shut up, you love me”, you replied absently.

“Sadly, I do”. 


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You do realize that Kathryn just does all of the editing right? And Amy actually has a life and a real career

yes. ethan kathryn and mark doeas the editing, but mostly kathryn does all the editing. tyler is there just to hang around being a tyler. amy does have her own job. (frankly i asked her bout it, and yes. i dunno what it is but meh its a job alright.) :)

#47 [Roman Reigns]

Requested, #47: “Dogs don’t wear clothes!” (Prompt from here.)

Author note: This is silly and pointless. That is all.

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That last pretzel shot may have been a bad idea.

“Ya think?” You moved your head from the car window where you’d been resting it, looking over to Roman with wide eyes. He was currently driving your car through the night on the mostly deserted road.

How had he read your mind? When did he get that superpower?

“You said that out loud,” he explained, glancing over and reading your surprised face for what it was, before looking back to the road.

“I regret nothing,” you proudly declared, grinning widely to yourself. “‘Twas a fun, funnnn night.”

“Lemme know if you still feel that way in the mornin’,” Roman replied.

“You’re pretty. Have I told you that today?”

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Next Door Neighbor (Jack Maynard)

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I can’t believe it, my best friend just bailed on me for her boyfriend. I even got us Chinese take out. Some friend she is!

I make my way to the elevator, heading to my flat. On the way there I wait wondering what I’m going to do with all this food. Now don’t get me wrong I love food but this is different, I ordered so much since tonight was a girls night.

I step out of the elevator and find my neighbor, Jack in the process of unlocking his door. He looks at me and smirks.

“Oh what a legend! You shouldn’t have!” He says looking at the takeout. In return I give him a huge grin. 

“You know…” I look down at the takeout. “You could come and join me, my friend bailed for her boyfriend.” I finish with a shrug.

“You know what I’ll take you up on that offer, but first let me go take a quick shower.” He points to his sweaty gym clothes. I give him a nod and head to my flat. Once inside I quickly change from my sweats to a pair of skinny jeans. I go out into the living room and clean up the clutter. What, I don’t what him to think I’m a slob. Jack is a very handsome man and I’d be lying if I said he wasn’t attractive.

When I was moving in so was Jack. We helped each other move into our new flats which then created a small friendship, although I wish it were more but we all can’t have what we want. A knock interrupts my small daydream.

“Come in. It’s unlocked!” I yell. I then walk into the kitchen and prepare our plates. The front door closes and Jack walks into the kitchen. He’s wearing a pair of black jeans and a black t-shirt, not bad. I quickly look up not wanting him to notice me staring, but I think he caught me with that big smirk of his. 

“Water?” I ask holding two glasses.

“Yes, that sounds marvelous.” He says sitting down on the bar stool. I poor us a both our waters and hand him his glass. We then make our way into the living room.

“Oh how’d you know?” He says looking at his plate. 

“What?” I ask confused.

“This is exactly what I get when I order Chinese.” He points at his food.

“Oh this is what I always get. I guess great minds think alike.” I shrug.

“In deed they do.” He cheers with his glass of water.

“So how’s youtube?” I casually ask.

“Meh. It’s alright, just got back from Amsterdam. Got a lot of editing do to.” He sighs.

“Yeah, I feel ya. I’m going to be leaving for Brighton in two weeks, so that’ll be fun.” I say half sarcastically, not looking forward to the packing.

“Oh. What for?” He takes a bite of his rice.

“Well I do photography and this couple asked me to come down and take photographs during their wedding.” I say excitedly. I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures. 

“Wow. I didn’t know you did photography.” He says surprised.

“Yeah, I actually met up with the Dolan twins, last year to take some pictures of them when I went to the states.” I then eat my last crab rangoon.

“Sick!” He replies. After a minute of silence I’ll tell you now I was not ready for what Jack was about to say.

“So are you doing anything this weekend?” I look up to see him looking a bit nervous. Hmm.

“No, why?” I furrow my eyebrows.

“Well I was thinking, if you want of course, you and I could go out to this one new restaurant on Saturday?” He clears his throat. 


“As in a date?” I ask, surprised at how calm I was.

He hesitated for a moment.

“Yes.” He says hopefully.

“I’d love to.” I say looking down.

“Really!?” I look up.

“Yes really.” I say with a laugh.

“I guess it’s a date then.” He smirks.

“It’s a date!” I smirk back.

I guess we can have what we want.

Golden Desire

Summary: Watching Sebastian work on the set of ‘The Bronze’ is giving you a hard time.

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, S M U T ! ! !

Word count: 2583

A/N: well i wrote this 

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After another long exhausting day on set, you were finally able to pack up your things and head off. Your feet were killing you and all you wanted to do was kick off your red heels and take a nice long bath. Working as a production assistant on a movie set had its ups and downs. The ups were the many oppurtunities this job offered as well as meeting new and important people. You wanted to write or direct a movie yourself one day, so getting whatever job on a movie set was the first step. 

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Hello my lovelies!! SO sorry that I haven’t posted in a while! I was finishing up the semester at university and had a lot of papers to write but now I am done school and have moved home and have started a new job so I am BACK! And I am usually bored out of my mind at work which gives me LOTS of time to write :) So please send me prompts ANY time! <3 I love you all and to celebrate you and the fact that I have time to write, I wrote ya’ll this drabble. ENJOY <3 

WARNINGS: fluff; heavy kissing.

You: Remus, shouldn’t we be getting back?

With the stress and busyness of preparing for the upcoming exams, you and Remus hadn’t had much time alone together in the past few weeks and he had demanded a date night. Agreeing, you had allowed him to treat you to a moonlit walk around the lake, ending up lying in a heap of blankets under “your tree” to star gaze. But it was getting late and you felt obligated to go inside and study for your upcoming exams. 

Remus: What for? 

You: Well, we have exams next week and I thought we were going to study.

Remus: *shakes his head* You’ve been studying too much, you’re going to wear yourself out. Date night isn’t over. 

He pulls your body closer to his and wraps both of his arms around you but hesitates when he feels you shiver. 

Remus: Cold love? 

You: Only a little. I’m fine. 

Ignoring your claim, Remus sits up tugs his jumper up and over his head. You sit up as well and smile as he takes your hands and threads them through the sleeves and shimmies the sweater onto your body for you. It’s too big on him and so drowns you but it’s warm and smells like him so you pull your arms against your chest and let him lay you both down again, him holding you close. 

Remus: Better? 

You: Better. Except we really shouldn’t bail on our homework. You know we need to study. 

Remus: No. What you need is sleep, and time alone with your doting boyfriend. Both of which you are going to get tonight if I’ve got anything to do with it. 

You look up at him, a frown settling onto your face, and he smiles widely at you. 

Remus: You and I both know that you’ll crash hard if you don’t get some proper sleep. I’ve been worried and just waiting for it but then I figured, instead of waiting to catch you when you fall, we could do something to prevent the fall in the first place. Tonight, you and I are staying away from homework and basically the world and just relaxing and resting. Together.

You: But—

Remus: No buts! You are taking the night off. End of discussion.

You raise your eyebrows at him but he just grins down at you and you wonder why you’re even surprised. This man is so wonderful and caring of course he would take you on a date just to get you to relax and not work yourself to death stressing over the exams that are a whole week away. You marvel at your boyfriend’s selflessness and nuzzle your face into his chest as he places a kiss to the top of your head. 

As you snuggle closer to him, though, you pause and he hums questioningly at you. You pull away slightly and raise yourself up on one elbow as his brow crinkles in confusion, but you don’t notice because you are staring at his chest. He was wearing a loose, deep V-neck tee shirt that had to be Sirius’ for how baggy it was on Remus. But that’s not what you had suddenly become distracted by.

Because it is too big on him, the neckline had fallen quite a bit to the side, revealing his collarbone and a bit of his shoulder. In the moonlight, you noticed something that you’d somehow never noticed before. 

Remus, whose heart is racing and eyes are darkening from the way you are looking at his collarbone and neck, clears his throat and speaks in a hoarse whisper. 

Remus: Sweetheart? 

Your eyes dart up to meet his, a small smirk playing at the corner of your mouth, before lowering your face down to his collarbone. You place a tender, but lingering kiss there, and then whisper against his skin. 

You: You have freckles. 

Remus shudders at the feeling of your lips on his skin as you place a trail of kisses up his collarbone and across his shoulder, following the splatter of freckles you have found there. When your tongue darts out against a cluster you find particularly endearing, he growls and rolls the both of you over so that he is hovering above you. 

Remus: S'not nice, love. Picking on my freckles like that. 

You smirk at the effect you had on him and reach a hand up, gently dragging you finger tips across the freckles you had just been admiring. His eyes roll back for a minute and his arms almost give out but then he dives forward, crashing his lips against yours. You grin at his reaction and let his tongue invade your mouth, attempting to establish domination in the kiss. His hands trail down to explore your body, mapping out the all-too-familiar terrain, while his teeth pull on your lip. You aren’t quite ready to give up control, though, and so expertly grind your hips up against his in just the right way. He shivers and whines loudly into your mouth and you take advantage of his weak moment to take control back. You push against his chest and use his surprise to roll the two of you over so that you’re laying above him. 

His eyebrows shoot up but before he can say anything you cut him off with your lips pressed against his harshly. He welcomes you and parts his lips immediately to admit your tongue. Your hips begin to move again but he anticipates it this time and his hands fly to your upper thighs and grip them in a desperate attempt to hold you still. You smile into the kiss, allowing him control over that, and remove your lips from his, eliciting a whimper from him that quickly turns into a moan as you latch on to his neck. His Adam’s apple bobs as he swallows hard while your mouth trails across his neck down to his collarbone once again. You suck on where his pulse point meets his neck and his hands slide up and under your shirt to hold onto your hips as his breath hitches.

You don’t really know what’s come over you but you just want more of him. His freckles are driving you crazy and you can’t help it as you continue to lick and suck on that particular spot, knowing that it would leave a mark. When you can feel the little patch of skin under your tongue get hot you know that you’ve marked him as yours and a smug grin graces your face. You nuzzle your nose just under his chin before beginning to nibble along his jawline, especially at the groups of freckles you already had known were there and loved so much. 

Remus’ breathing is shallow and he hisses when you nip at the bottom of his jaw near his ear, his grasp on your hips definitely bruising you. Finally, he manages to get a few breathy words out. 

Remus: Don’t you think….the one on my neck s'enough, love? 

You smile and place a gentle kiss against his cheek before moving to rest your chin on his chest, looking up at him. 

You: Personally, no not really. Can’t get enough. 

He chuckles and the vibrations in his chest make you tingle all over. You move your left hand to gently comb through his hair and the other to soothingly trace over the newly discovered freckles with your finger while he struggles to get his breathing back to normal. Once he’s finally calmed down, he smiles at you lovingly.

Remus: What was that, huh? 

You: *grins* I found some freckles…. 

Remus: *laughs* Ya I noticed. Guess you like em, then? 

You: *shrugs nonchalantly* Meh. They’re alright I suppose. 

Remus rolls his eyes and slides his arms around your back before rolling the both of you to the side so you can curl up into his chest again.

You: We should get back…’s late….

Remus: Not late enough. You in a hurry to get somewhere, love?

You: *sighs contently* Don’t need to be anywhere but right here. 

Remus presses a kiss to your forehead and pulls the blankets up around the both of you. 

Remus: *whispers* Me either….

Some time later, you wake with a start but relax into Remus’ arms as you remember where you are. You glance over his shoulder and can see a faint blueish-pink haze on the horizon and your eyes spring open when you realize that it’s nearly morning. You smile as a soft puff of air from Remus’ lips graces your cheek and you notice the dark reddish purple mark on his neck. Grinning triumphantly, you gently nudge him awake. Groggily, he gives you a boyish grin before mumbling something incoherent and helping you to stand. His arm snakes around your waist and he starts towards the castle but you try to stop him. 

You: The blankets…

Remus: *murmuring tiredly* M'gonna get’m tom'rr'ow…..

You smile as he again begins making his way to the castle, holding you close the whole time and unable to stop smiling. He makes sure you get to bed before dragging himself to his dorm and flopping on to his bed, sighing happily into a few more hours of sleep. 

Just Friends~Jungkook Part 3

Hey there so here is part 3 already omg this is going so fast :’)

I still feel like it’s a mess tho, tell me what you think :D


-2 408 words

prologue, part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10

~ Jungkook comes storming back in your life and messes everything up again~ 

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Jungkook yelled at Yugyeom while agressivly holding him by the collar of his tshirt. All the people in the café stopped and stared. Yugyeom remained calm and just said quietly with a smile:

“Long time no see” 

“Shut the fuck up, I can’t believe you’re doing this.”

“Well I am.” 

Yugyeom was obviously doing that to annoy him. I just stared at them I didn’t know what to do. He continued talking in a completly calm voice and I didn’t understand how he was keeping his cool, Jungkook was almost about to punch him straight in the face but he remained still.

“I think you might want to let me go now people are staring at you…well I mean you’re probably used to that by now aren’t you? With all the scandals in the papers, remind me, how many girls have you slept with?”

That was it I could see Jungkooks face go red, he was mad. He lifted his fist. I rushed up to them in panic, I had to do something. 

“STOP IT JUNGKOOK!” i shouted. 

He was going to hit him but I had managed to catch his wrist before he hit Yugyeom right across the face. Jungkook turned his face towards me. I could see all the anger and hate inside him. I had never seen him like this, it felt like he had become a total stranger. Yugyeom just waited to be put down, but ince I had interfered he seemed  bit anxious,  he was about to say something but Jungkook put him down and before I knew it he had took my arm and was tugging me out the café. 

“Wait Jungkook, leave me alone!!!”

I yelled but in vain he just pulled me behind him without a word. Yugyeom tried to make him let go. But when he took his arm to pull him away from me Jungkook spun around with his fist in the air and hit him so hard he fell to the floor. I gasped and as I was being pulled away I turned around to see if he was ok. He was, well at least eople had come to help him I felt a bit relieved. Jungkook was still gripping on my wrist and he was hurting me, when we were out of the café I tried to make him let go and shook my arm and I was growling and cursing but he was too strong and he ignored whatever I said. In the end I just let him push and pull me around, but I was still worried. I didn’t know how Yugyeom was, and what the hell was going through Jungkook’s mind. He wouldn’t be the sort of person to do that, he was out of control. We climbed into a taxi. The silence was painful, I had no idea what he was doing. The atmosphere was so tense and all the emotions bubbling inside of me made me feel dizzy. 

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