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Figured I would share some wips and sneak peaks of Dioptase that I’ve been posting on twitter not all of them tho and just to let you know that I’‘m really working on it and I hope to post the first 2 pages before Gem Harvest ‘cuz I kinda wrote this whole thing set before that ep and idk how canon will affect my comic now OTL

Ignore Dorulumon there, he ain’t gonna be part of the plot xD

Again, ignore Zero there, he’s just giving me motivation~

welp, that’s all for now, I swear I’m working hard on it, I’m having fun too so I hope you enjoy it once I start posting it UwU

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First off, such an awesome url and set of Inuyasha collections. This is an amazing blog. But if you could write out the conclusion to Inuyasha, such as what happened to the group, or if Sesshomaru became a leading figure like their father, what would you write down as their epilogues for them?

Thank you so much ! :) I think a lot about Inuyasha and Kagome’s future but i haven’t really thought of a “conclusion” for the other characters so this is a really good question :o Let’s see…

  • so Inuyasha and Kagome have their first child around 2 years after Kagome’s return. I imagine them having 2 or 3 kids max, i feel like they would be the kind of parents who prefer having a small but tight-knit family! and inuyasha doesn’t have a lot of patience anyway lmao After a couple years they eventually have to sit down and talk about the fact that Inuyasha’s lifespan might be different than a normal human’s, and they either find a way to solve the problem or they resolve themselves to cherish every moment they spend together while they can :’)
  • Miroku and Sango have a LOT of kids !!! I would see them having like… 6 - 8 kids?? I mean, sango agreed to have “10 or even 20″ children with Miroku so i think they will have a big family :p Eventually, when some of their kids are old enough, they move back to the demon slayers’ village and they will rebuild everything and maybe start the business again, by teaching the art of demon slaying to some of their kids ~ 
  • Kohaku helps Miroku and Sango to rebuild and start the village again, and eventually he proposes to Rin (after asking Sesshomaru’s permission ofc) and they raise their own family there too. 
  • Sesshomaru is a bit of a mystery to me but I imagine he would stay close to Kaede’s village to watch Rin grow and protect her. He would keep watching her as she moves to the demon slayers’ village too and will eventually watch over her children after she dies. I guess he will also wander around looking for some challenges, traveling to find opponents to fight. I’m not sure if he would really like being a “ruler” like his father though, so I don’t really see him living in a castle? (since he barely visits his mother anyway)
  • as for Koga, being the leader of the wolf demon tribe, he encourages his people to respect humans and they learn to work with them when problems arise. He raises a family with Ayame and eventually one of their sons falls in love with Kagome and Inuyasha’s daughter and let’s just say Inuyasha does not approve. 
  • Shippo eventually moves to live with other fox demons. After years of training and moving up in ranks, he eventually becomes a fox demon of the 1st Rank and he becomes a teacher to younger fox demons. 
  • Kagura and Kikyo are chilling in the afterlife together, watching over the people they care about :) 

I also have this headcanon that Kagome is actually Kohaku and Rin’s descendant. Rin and Kagome’s looks and personality are very similar and since Kaede’s village eventually becomes the place where the Higurashi shrine is, it would make sense that Rin’s children might have moved there and eventually became the Higurashi family!

So that’s basically all I have! I imagine they will still go on many adventures and will encounter new enemies to fight along the way but nothing as bad as their fight against Naraku! I like to imagine a happy future for all of them :))

Kagami Taiga x The Little Mermaid

Don’t question it.

Inception book covers series. Re-imagining the characters as tacky paperbacks.

UNO, NESSUNO E CENTOMILA by Eames [Italian, “One, No One, and One Hundred Thousand”]

The Inception Project series (art to come):

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