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Art School AU Xmas

out of continuity fluff that takes place some time after Bog and Marianne start dating. I wanted to write something nice for you guys but all I could come up with was some fluffy garbage. Sorry

“Marry me, Bog.”

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'One night stand' (newt smut)

(Soooo my friend dared me to do this so why the hell not tbh I’ve never written smut so don’t hate meh)

You ran back into the glade with minho and thomas,laughing and smiling. Usually that wasn’t the case but supplies got shipped up today so that meant Gally made a fresh batch of this special mix.

As your approached the glade you saw newt. Newt was your best friend and you had a major crush on him. It had been that way for a long time ever since you got here that was about three months ago! You walked over to him seeing him eye you.

“Hey slinthead” you smirked and newt rolled his brown eyes

“Yeah yeah, whatever Y/N” he laughed and held out his hand to you. “Shall we join the other shank as they light the fire and act like shuck faces?” He asked laughing softly. You could only as he took your hand and walked over to the other who were drinking and laughing.

“If it isn’t the shanks” thomas laughed as newt grabbed a jar and just started drinking away. You were never a giant fan of the drink but newt was.

After about a good 6 glass newt was slurring words and laughing. He got up and pulled you with him. He was pulling you to his hut, wolf whistles could be heard in the distance as he dragged you into the hut.

He closed the door and pinned you to the wall kissing you and hard. you could only kiss back as you quickly tangled your fingers into his hair.

Newt reached up and pulled off your button down shirt also with your bra. He messed with you jeans as you walked with him to the bed, he fell down with you on top as he got the button on your jeans down. You quickly pulled his hoodie and tank top off showing off his six back. You then kissed down his stomach and pulled his jeans and boxers down slowly as his erection sprung free,he hissed as the cold air hit it

You slowly let your tongue roll over the tip then you Slowly took his member into your mouth, you bobbed your head slowly as newt laid in a fit of small moans and groans, you bobbed your head faster but he pulled you up and flipped you over so you were below him, he moved your jeans off and your panties as he slowly rubbed your clit causing you to moan “see what happens when you tease Y/N” he said as he had lust in his eyes.once he was satisfied with how wet you were he slowly entered you.

He gave you no time to adjust as he thrusted fast and hard. You were moaning out his name and gripping his hard as he pounded into you his Lips traveled to your neck and he sucked on your neck. Your moans then got loud as he hit your g-spot. You were practically screaming out his name. He reached his hand down and rubbed your clit again causing you to moan loudly then you quickly released around his causing him to let out a few glader curses

“Y/N Y/N Y/N” your name fell from his lips as he released inside of you causing you to moan softly, you then noticed his drunkness wore off

“How long were you non drunk?” You asked

“Since I pulled you here it was a act Y/N I like you” he whispered and then laid next to you pulling you close,

“I like you to ” you whispered as you both fell

(Feel free to drop a request smut or not and also it can be maze runner related or ever just the actors them selves!