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Nohrian Festival of Bonds

witchyrouge  asked:

Any advice for drawing Coran?His face seems to beautiful to draw.

well what i did was just kept constantly drawing his face until I got the hang of it and could do it from memory //trips and many many drawings of coran fall out of my jacket// aha that aint surprising

here’s my usual process drawing from memory 

just keep drawing his goshdarn beautiful face!

kiddyshizukajoestar  asked:


Send me a “ 💞 ” and I will talk about a blog that I look up to 

* UHHHHH– could you spare me for this? im afraid they gonna bite meh for stalking their blog There were some blog i always stalked visited ‘em. But, seem like ya send 5 of it while the blog i went are just 3, i guess?

* welp, let started with @gale-the-stand-user- their muse was sooo adorable even their stand too! and also da ship with Jotaro surely out of the fandom but i loves it for somehow- wow- i even thinking to draw ‘em both in dis morning at the time ima doing an exam lmao

* ya might doesnt know this but da Jotaro that being ship with Gale was @king-kujo. I also look up to these both rps and i always repeatedly read their rp! it so amazing and interesting!!~

* next person i had been stalks a lot loves to interact with was @lovers-steel. She was my first person to rp with me tho and it was really fun! I knew that my muse is talked with an asshole who had kicked Jotaro a lot but seeing him with my muse kinda make me ship ‘em both. gud grief

* two more right? i really really hope these person spare me for stalks their blog a lot //morethanlovers-steelblog// @1980s-edgelord and @bdkakyoin— both of you had been my fav since i came here. the way ya rps was so- wow- idk how to explain but its amazing! i loves da way ya rps of ur muse and i hope i can interact with ya both more. although my message never get answer i can wait and hide under potatoes forever for being afraid to talks