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witchyrouge  asked:

Any advice for drawing Coran?His face seems to beautiful to draw.

well what i did was just kept constantly drawing his face until I got the hang of it and could do it from memory //trips and many many drawings of coran fall out of my jacket// aha that aint surprising

here’s my usual process drawing from memory 

just keep drawing his goshdarn beautiful face!


It’ll be over soon. Gotham and me… we’ll both be free. I was born on its streets to two people who never should have had a child. And I was raised by a man who could only pretend to care about the city’s future. And mine. I have no guilt about my genesis. I dragged myself from death’s door and withstood everything Arkham could throw at me.

30 Days OTP Challenge!!

Day 22:In battle, side-by-side

This was by far the hardest one to draw OTL


“My heart was entwined in a spider web. You’ll always be my Highness, no matter what happens, no matter what you do. I wanted your love, Claude…”

one of my fav parts of “satisfied” is a.ham’s little repetition of “there’s a million things i haven’t done, but just you wait” bc it is not only good for establishing his early character in the scene but in the context of him flirting it also implies that it’s, like, his go-to pick up line

“hey that lady over there is pretty hot imma go pull the old ‘million things i haven’t done’ line”

“alexander no”