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So many doodles of meh fav toon OCs from my fav artists so sorry they aren’t very good and I might finish them if I have time. Also the last one is JUST FRIENDS(*cough* Child AU *cough*) didn’t mean to make it seem like they were lovers lol

Abel the Rebel Angel @the-vampire-inside-me

Axel the Fallen Angel @askaxelthefallenangel

Mafia Bendy AU @thelostmoongazer

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can i have a prince daichi who sneaks out from the castle every satnight to meet his lover sugawara? this idea stuck up in my mind for a while now haha. thank you!

i watched sleeping beauty again today so have this doodle

EDIT: @rinoa11 wrote a fic “Only In My Dreams !!!

Me @ the Romances of DDADDs in Gif Form Because Reasons

Me @ Joseph:

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Me @ Mat:

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Me @ Brian: 

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Me @ Hugo:

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Me @ Damien:

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Me @ Craig:

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Me @ Robert: 

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Any advice for drawing Coran?His face seems to beautiful to draw.

well what i did was just kept constantly drawing his face until I got the hang of it and could do it from memory //trips and many many drawings of coran fall out of my jacket// aha that aint surprising

here’s my usual process drawing from memory 

just keep drawing his goshdarn beautiful face!