meh idk

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wow so ezra officially pissed me off

honestly I think I’m in a very minority position here but I just….don’t care

idk like he was in love with this girl and he thought she died and then she’s suddenly rescued after all this time and I don’t think anyone would think rationally in those seconds of reuniting, so I’m not surprised at all that they were clutching at each other and Ezra kissed her bc I imagine the world around him fell away and this was a moment he’d been hoping for since the second she was kidnapped

so yeah idk I know a lot of people are furious at him but….meh idk….I honestly don’t feel a whole lot for ezria anymore so I don’t care that much, I just want Aria to be okay, and honestly I’m sure she’ll be fine. She’s endured way worse grief in this relationship than this minor hiccup