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The gate… I opened it. I’m the monster.


If you’re somebody that’s losing hope on their art cuz you think it isn’t good enough, or you think that you’ll never improve, don’t lose hope on your art because of that.

Just remember, You WILL improve on ur art.

Don’t get jealous of others
You WILL be as great as them someday
And also, don’t compare ur art from their art

Just be patient 👌👌👌

Practice everyday or when you have the time 👌👌👌
And after a few months, you will see that you’ve improved

Never lose hope on your skills X33


Elladan and Elrohir [requested by  actualwoodlandprince]

Elladan and Elrohir are the twin sons of Elrond, the Half-elven and Celebrían of Rivendell and were noted for their close friendship and cooperation with the Dúnedain of the North, Rangers of the Northand Men in general, and for their deeds during the War of the Ring.

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🔥Historical AUs

unpopular opinion meme

ooooof so i would legit kill/die for a civil rights era type of AU for pairings with characters of color where racism and homophobia that was written well and with empathy, thoughtfulness, and tact, but i also 100% believe it’s impossible. 

also just in general i want more queer historical fiction of all types, that both shows how painful and brutal and complicated it was to live in [whatever] time period and deal with homophobia on that level, but also shows that people were able to find love and contentedness (because they were!), even if it was within certain restraints and without complete honesty to society (though heck sometimes with complete out-and-proud-ness). 

I think a lot of fanfic and just pro fic too goes too far one way or another: either Everything Was Awful, No Gays Were Ever Happy In The Past, OR hey man we’re all cool here, i’m a small town grandmother in colonial new england but i’m totes cool with y’all being gay as long as you’re not hurting anyone. 

also esp when it comes to internalized homophobia i want….more explorations of that and how it manifests. people like to read about characters who aren’t ashamed of who they are (and i get it – i 100% get and i also don’t need to read three million ‘ugh i’m SO TORTURED by my love for the same gender, i’m DOOMED TO HELL’ types of things) but just…stuff like the exhaustion that comes about from having to be so careful with yourself b/c of the consequences of being found out, the toll it takes on relationships, in general that’s the side of homophobia I wish was dealt with more thoughtfully in fic and esp in historical fic I think it’d be an interesting avenue to explore.

but yeah just generally i want all the happy endings in queer historical fiction, but in like….a #realistic way.

do you think that anyone wants to kill people?!! 
what kind of person would do this for fun?! 
who would want to do this?! with what we did of course you despise us and want to kill us! we can never take any of it back... but we could not come to terms with our sins... when we were pretending to be soldiers, it was a little bit
easier. it's not a lie, connie! jean!!
it's true that we deceived you but it wasn't all lies! we really did think of you as friends!!
i know we don't have the right to apologize.. but someone.. please i'm begging you.. someone find us..
Happy Birthday Bertolt [ 30.12 ]

No, I see the door… I’ll let myself out of the fandom :T

Feeling art block-ish and uncreative with art I’ve been trying to work on, so I took a break to up my artist morale. I wanted to do some Don x Karai art before I feel like I can’t (‘cause I do like Leorai). Though I did figure out how these two could actually work in the current story arch ( >3>);; //send help :T

I can’t promise I won’t draw more Donarai, sorry OTL


“Of course we’ll have soup, roast and ice cream!”

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ ♥♥♥

B.A.P reaction when their gf (you) agree to live in korea

Yongguk: *Happy Yongguk is Happy*

Himchan: “That is the best day of my life”

Daehyun: “Let’s celebrate" 

Youngjae: "Lemme hug you" 

Jongup: "Really?" 

Zelo: "Good choice”

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ok so supposing all the seven had fights, who d'you think would come out on top, and who would be the bottom? like i know it wouldn't happen, but supposing, can you rank them in order of who beats who?? thanksssssssssssssssss

hahaha oKAY let’s see

oh man this is going to be totally random and definitely wrong but uhm okay

Percy would kick everyone’s arses. Let’s be real. He’s literally feared by the gods. He defeated Ares when he was twelve. At this point he knows more about his own powers, has more fighting experience and more technical training. He knows all of Annabeth’s weaknesses; He’s as physically strong as Jason, and (I would say) more magically powerful than him; He’s better trained than all of the rest, and his water powers would make Leo’s fire powers null and void. The boy would win.

I tossed up with putting either Annabeth or Jason next, and I think it comes down to this: Does Annabeth have her invisibility cap? If so, I think that, plus her years of training, her quick thinking and her physical agility would give her the advantage. Sure, Jason’s had a few more years of training, but I feel like Annabeth is more of a natural fighter than he is, and her ability to quickly deduce weaknesses and assess her options and predict the outcomes of her actions would put her in second spot.

Followed by Jason. Years and years and years of training, physical strength, fine form. He’s experienced and a good fighter.

And then.. uh.. okay from here I really don’t know. 

Because Frank could turn into something huge and squash his opponent, or something venomous and bite them? Does that count? Does that even work? I don’t know because his shape shifting powers were so badly explained haha!

And then Hazel and Piper can completely just alter reality. I mean Hazel pre-mist powers I would have put her dead last, but post-mist powers she can literally make her opponent see whatever she wants, which means she could essentially trick or trap them into fighting themselves, or nothing, or walking off the edge of somewhere, or pretty much anything. 

And Piper could do the exact same thing with her charmspeak? She could just be like, “Hey drop your weapons and surrender.” and bam, fight won. So… Unless her opponent put in earplugs or something, anticipating her use of charmspeak?? Then she’d be buggered, because she has very little experience with physical confrontation. 

And Leo. Well. He’s pretty scrawny, by all accounts, and has practically no training at all in the art of swordplay or physical combat. So he’s pretty screwed in that respect. But really he could just set his opponent or their arena on fire. And unless you’re Percy, you’re pretty buggered if you come up against that. 

So. I really don’t know, sorry! Way too many variables for me to be happy at all ranking them.