meh i tried lol

Lapidot Week Day 1: Water/Magnetism 

Couldn’t do stuff for the last one so, here have this thing, for once I wanted to draw some “serious” scene.

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How do you think Eren would react of Mikasa dies in front of him ? ( Sorry Ford the bad english :c greetings from France)

salut mon pote! :D ! ton anglais est très bon ne t'inquiète pas!

oh well, I don’t know how to answer this question because what is there to be said?
for two people who shared a home once, shared memories and shared heartaches and were together for years, how would one react to the loss?

instead of saying things and sounding sappy I’ll leave this paragraph by user anorable here:

“He swallows. He tastes: blood. Anger. The salt of unshed tears and the color of her name in his throat. The familiar feel of failure, the same aching pit of loss, only now it is exponentially larger, only now it is less of a void and more of an abyss, an ever-growing presence that is seeping out from within, and he can’t take it. He can’t, not again, not ever. And not Mikasa. Not Mikasa.”

darthstarkiller replied to your post: So who should my first Overwatch hero be I…

Lucio’s fun because he heals without u having to really think about it, its an aura around him, and u can use his boop ability to knock enemies off ledges and into pits + u can skate on walls. But i see u mention healings not for u, so maybe junkrat? U just lob bombs and youll end up with gold damage lol

I tried him out, and meh. And yeah healing isn’t really my thing. I did try Symettra and she was cool, but my favourite is definitely Mei so far lol, and probably Sombra after her. I also liked Widowmaker. There are still a bunch I have yet to try though.