meh i know these gifs are awful


2015 was kinda crazy for me, a lot of things happened, I started this blog on july and switching accounts wasnt easy and my dash was really meh, but in the end i found my place here and I’m so so glad I got to follow and meet so many amazing people! Thank you so so much for always making my dashboard such an enjoyable place for me!! Even if we rarely or never talk seeing you all screaming or fangirling over the tags always makes me feel less lonely. 

Because of this I decided that it was time for me to make my first follow forever, yey!! You are all very precious to me (even if we never talked) and there’s this 101% possibility I treasure you if you are here (and u should totally hmu js). I hope that 2016 will bring you all lots of amazing stuff and that you’ll keep blessing my dash!! If you aren’t here and I follow you, I’m really sorry I’m p lazy and I made this in a rush also some of you changed urls soooo (i’m also p bitter about the gif ahhh soz).

bolded are mutuals!


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