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I’m pretty sure Mei’s cinematic short made alot of us bawl our eyes out.

And then there’s this lil detail that I saw that I particularly liked but am not too sure on the accuracy of, and that is tea serving.

 In SG, we usually serve either rice wine or tea as a sign of respect to our ancestors during Qing Ming/ Grave sweeping Day to remember our ancestors and loved ones ( by placing three small lil cups of tea/ rice wine at the gravestone). 
At the same time, tea serving or 敬茶  is also a tradition that’s practiced during weddings where the newly weds serve tea to their relatives to acknowledge their new in-laws and new “brothers” and “sisters” and to pay respect to their current blood relatives.
Now I’m half drunk out of my mind and it’s late at night and @pentacass​ is half egging me on and I cannot brain properly right now, and inferring off the photo of Mei and her co-workers; they obviously seem like a close knit group of friends to her. 

I’m secretly half hoping/ imagining that those cups of tea she’s left for them is cause she’s acknowledged them as her brothers and sisters and served the tea to complete the tradition properly. 

Or to put it simply, She considers them as family.


On second thought, now that I’m slightly more sober.
Can you imagine the line interactions between Mei and Angela ingame?
How Angela asks Mei about how she stays looking so young?

Mercy: Mei, you haven’t aged a day. What’s your secret?
Mei: Cryostasis. But I’m not sure if I’d recommend it.

Can you imagine, how Mei must be hurting sooooo much inside, when Angela asks that question? Like she just nyooooms back in her head sifting and recalling memories of when she just came out of the chamber to prep tea and all that shit for her colleagues as if its just another regular day at work? I wonder now, does Angela know what really happened? 

I realize Lance is one of those “glue” friends

You know the ones that tie the whole group together and get everyone talking but when they’re not there it’s more or less awkward and no one talks because you don’t know each other well enough to actually initiate a conversation with that person so you all just sit there and just…stagnate until the glue friend comes back to bring back peace and familiarity.

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Can you pleasee write a fic about daryl gushing about carol to Maggie or Rick. Pretty Pretty Pleaseeeee

Anonymous said:Prompt: Carol secretly hears Daryl confessing his love for her to Rick 

 He couldn’t contain it much longer. Not now she was here and back, back to the woman she once was. Her demons had been laid to rest, and something that lay dormant in Daryl for the past year had decided to awaken in their resting.

They had talked. Talked until they were blue in the face. Tears had been shed for both parties, finding solace in one another, like they always should have to begin with.

And now he was stuck up shit creek without a paddle.

Light being shed on the darkness that both held made room for other thoughts and feelings. Thoughts and feelings Daryl didn’t like, not one damn bit.

And so in an unlikely turn of events he turned to the only person he felt he could trust other than her. Rick.

“Need ta talk ta ya ‘bout sumthin’.” That was it. An ominous opening line. Jesus fucking Christ this was going to be harder than he’d hoped.

Rick looked at him with the concern he’d expected to see. “What’s wrong? Something happen?”

“Nah,” Daryl quickly brushed off, slouching down onto the porch bench, waiting until Rick sat next to him before he continued. “Ain’t nothin’ important, not really.”

Rick could clearly see whatever it was was bothering Daryl more than he was letting on.

“Talk to me.”

Daryl sighed, taking in a deep breath as he figured out what exactly he was supposed to say to Rick.

“How’d ya know Michonne liked ya ‘fore yous got together?” Ease yourself in Dixon.

Rick already knew where this was going, attempting to remain placid as he answered his troubled friend.

“I didn’t, not really, it was just this moment between us, jus’ sorta happened y’know? Felt right.”

Well that didn’t fucking help him at all.

“Right, ‘kay.”

“Why, who’ve you’ve got your eye on?” Rick asked with a waggle of his brows.

“No one,” Daryl almost immediately snapped back, his natural defences kicking in.

Daryl.” Rick wasn’t buying his bullshit and he knew it.

“It ain’t gon’ work out fer me like it did for yous two,” Daryl offered.

“And why the hell not?” Rick asked, faintly aware of the screen door opening behind him.

“’Cause she’s too damn good fer me that’s why.”

“You underestimate your value,” Rick said earnestly, hating that Daryl believed himself lower than anyone in the group.

“Havin’ huntin’ skills don’t make ya the most eligible bachelor Rick,” Daryl grunted, pulling a cigarette and lighter from his pocket. He needed to learn to keep his mouth shut. “I ain’t got no damn experience when it comes ta women. All the fuckin’ horrifyin’ shit in this world and it’s a god damn woman that’s got me shakin’ in my boots.”

Rick couldn’t help but grin at that. “You gon’ tell me which woman we’re talking ‘bout?”

Daryl took a deep drag, his eyes narrowing at his smug companion. “I know yer ass likes ta gossip, no fuckin’ way.”

Rick laughed, shaking his head. “I promise, I won’t tell anyone.” 

Daryl hung his head low, he wasn’t equipped to deal with this sort of shit.

“I love her.”

Rick’s eyebrows raised in surprise at his confession.

“Shit, I’ve loved her fer so damn long, ain’t never been the right time ta tell her.”

Rick stayed quiet, he knew Daryl was on a roll and he was scared his voice would break him out of his confessional speech.

“Thought I’d lost her, so many times over, even that weren’t enough ta make me tell her…I can’t lose her again Rick.”

“Carol,” Rick finally said softly.

“Who else,” Daryl muttered, his head rested in his hands, forgotten smoke burning down between his fingers.

Rick was far more aware of the person stood behind them now than he was before, knowing all too well the only person who would be still enough for Daryl not to detect a mile off.

He clasped a hand down on his friend’s shoulder, deciding to make a hasty retreat before Daryl piped up again. 

“I’m sure y’all work it out,” Rick offered lamely, quickly rising and turning on his heel, his eyes locking with Carol’s wide ones, patting her on the back before he slipped into the house.

Daryl still hadn’t moved from his previous position, unaware of the small steps Carol was taking forward.

“Some fuckin’ help that was,” he sighed, raising his head back up to take a drag, half near jumping out of his skin when he saw Carol by his side.

“Fuckin’ Christ! The hell ya sneakin’ up on me for?” he yelled in shock, shock quickly making way for realisation…realisation that she had heard everything.

“Did you mean what you said?” Carol asked him calmly, although she couldn’t feel further away from calm in that moment if she’d tried.

Daryl’s mouth popped open, words failing to leave him, not knowing exactly what the fuck he was supposed to say.

“D’ya want me to mean it?” Jesus this was some playground romance sorta shit but right now it’s all he had.

“Don’t play with me,” Carol replied, wrapping her arms insecurely around herself.

Daryl realised in that moment that maybe, just maybe, she did want him to mean it.

“Course I did Carol, wouldn’t’ve said it otherwise.”

A small smile graced her lips, taking another few tentative steps towards him, tears shimmering in her eyes.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted you to say those things - some of them anyway. I’m not too good for you, I thought we established you’re every bit, if not better than everyone in this group.”

“Not better than you,” Daryl said determinedly. “Always been reachin’ fer somethin’ that’s outta reach when it comes ta ya. ”

Carol shook her head, taking the last step towards him so their knees were brushing, her hand held out to his. “You’re wrong. I’ll never be out of reach for you Daryl.”


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