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As requested by @thalia-freaking-grace: Lance as Josh Dun from Tøp



Make Me Choose

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-any whoooo …. I’ve wanted to draw the top part for a while now but just was meh- hands couldn’t do it lol but with the newer updates to your comic for “shattered” my inspiration was reborn! MWAH HAH HA XD 

i plan to upload another pic tomorrow (wow what is this my forth drawing for this comic- i just love it so much im sooooooorry!!!-)


      There’s nothing for ye on this side, lass! Nothing save violence and danger. Go!” He pushed me slightly, turning me toward the stone circle. I turned back to him, catching his hands.
       “Is there really nothing for me here, Jamie?” I held his eyes, not letting him turn away from me.
       He pulled himself gently from my grasp without answering and stood back, suddenly a figure from another time, seen in relief upon a background of hazy hills, the life in his face a trick of the shadowing rock, as if flattened beneath layers of paint, an artist’s reminiscence of forgotten places and passions turned to dust.
       I looked into his eyes, filled with pain and yearning, and he was flesh again, real and immediate, lover, husband, man.


Final day for Dorianmance week. And I wanted to do a gift…
So to kill two birds with one stone, here is Dorian offering a dance to So’rem at Halamshiral for @bogatyris whom I love very much, great artist and wonderful friend <3

#no but guys listen : Stormpilot Anastasia AU 

Posting a bit late but meh
┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

My frigging hand is aching but it was worth it. I really liked how this turned out buuut *sqints at Tailgate and Rodimus* I don’t like their clothes. I didn’t put a lot a thought into all of their outfits but Primus do these two need a professional tailor…ಠωಠ’ ←(wtf kinda face did I just make??)

(Also, please ignore their height differences (so frigging inaccurate))

Anywho, other than that everything else seems fine
c: cx

I hope you guys like it ~ ♥(✿ฺ´∀`✿ฺ)ノ


Alycia. Road Test. Fail # 3….BUT THERE’S A REASON!!

….so you went to an easier area to take the test? 

                                            Yeah, isn’t that comforting.